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  1. That's the problem brother, our people HAVEN'T made more progress since the 60s....it's gotten MUCH WORSE. Before the 60s there was less crime, less broken families, less of our people incarcerated (including percentage wise) and more of us own our own businesses, banks, hotels, ect..... Wnen was the last time you even SAW a Black hotel let alone stayed in one? The only people "integration" helped was White people. Living around us more helped them by teaching them how to cook better, make better music, and dress better by giving them a sense of style. White men were NERDY AS HELL before learning how to act and dress by watching Black men. They benefit by living around us because we have CREATIVITY and they try to steal it and emulate it. That doesn't help US though. Integration made our people LAZY to the point that you no longer have Black banks, Black supermarkets, or hotels....most Black neighborhood do good to have a few Black barbershops and restaurants. Like I said we CAN live together as a nation....as long as Black people keep themselves separate in our own communities and demand that the Federal resources go to those communities instead of trying to "integrate" everything into a White controlled general society. SEPARATION...not SEGREGATION. Under Segregation THEY kept us apart and controlled things, but under SEPARATION we have the power over our own separate communities. We need OUR OWN schools controlled by us with OUR OWN curriculum to teach our children how to operate OUR communities inside America. That's the ONLY way it will work with us living with them. You try it that "melting pot" crap and you're gonna have THEM in charge with a lot of Black folks going to jail, unemployed, getting fired from their jobs for wearing dreads, getting cancer and diabetes, and many other problems that come from TRYING to get along with and live with and imitate them and their poisonous civilization. Western civilization works for WHITE FOLKS and their nature, but their civilization and ways are POISONOUS and DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to our very nature as a people and we need to be able to develop and control our own communities and culture to not only thrive but just survive!
  2. Kenneth It's true that a lot of LGBT are Black....I contend that the REASON you have so many Black LGBT today is because of our proximity and closeness to White people and their strong influence on our community. Especially since so-called Integration. If we weren't so close to them with them constantly influencing our culture so much and introducing different perverse ways and lifestyles to our people, there wouldn't be NEARLY as many LGBT and sexually confused people in our community. You'd have some, but not NEARLY as many. We need to SEPARATE from White people....not get closer to them or unite with them. That will help us much more than trying to get along with them....which most of us can't anyway no matter how hard some of us try. The problem with getting along with White people isn't with us....it's with them. Most Black people (including myself) WANT to get along with White people and try very hard to do so even when it goes against our very nature to do so, but so many White people DO NOT want to live with or get along with or even work with Black people even when they're forced to.....it just doesn't happen. I want a nation that works for us all too. I think America can be that nation and I think all races CAN get along....as long as we have the freedom to express ourselves and our culture without the interference of others. When Black people are ALLOWED to be ourselves without White people trying to dictate and control us, we EXCELL. Most White people instinctively know this, which is why they love to constantly interfere in our development as a people. Forget about trying to unite with White people and even other races for that matter and let them do them. Focus more on uniting BLACK PEOPLE with eachother under a more righteous and progressive agenda by strengthening the families, cutting the crime, and innovating technology and medicines to heal our people from the problems they've encountered living among a poisionous White civilization. Black people are TOO UN-ALIKE White people to call ourselves trying to live under their civilization. The very FOODS that work for them often times don't work for us and gives our people various problems. Let's SEPARATE from them and build OUR OWN.
  3. Kenneth Ok, thank you for answering my question and clarifying.......... Well, I can say that I DON'T WANT TO unite with most Wht people or most of those in the LGBT community. Infact, working class White men are THEE most racist demographic in this society. I can get along with them as long as they stay in their community and away from me and mine, but as far as uniting with them and working with them....I have little desire to do so. Which is why I prefer a SALAD BOWL type of society where we each can keep out separate communities and sub-cultures instead of a melting pot that blends us.
  4. ProfD I'm disappointed to a certain extent....but I understand. We should have KNOWN this was gonna happen once they took out of the leadership.
  5. Well, I was walking down the street....noticed it was out of control and didn't have a conductor...so I hopped aboard and took the steering to save lives, lol.
  6. ProfD Lol...you jokester you. Stop playing man. Stefan And at THIS point in Black History, I would say dis-unity is a GOOD THING! When I look at the behavior and thinking pattern of many of the AfroAmericans I see not only in the media but out on the street in real life...I'm GLAD I'm not joined with those clowns. There is no way we could unite and progress as a people with the mindset so many of them have today. The rampant drug use alone and the instability it produces is a good reason we can't and shouldn't unite with all of our people today. I hope you have a bottle of Pepto Bismol or Maalox sitting by you when you read them....to deal with the upset stomach.
  7. People like Cynique is keeping the nation from moving forward. Kenneth I have a couple points and questions about your topic. 1. When you ask what's keeping "us" from moving forward, who is the "us" you are referring too specifically? 2. Whether you're talking about the nation in general or the Black American community in specific....you should know that many are ALREADY going forward and will continue to go forward as individuals. They aren't relying on or waiting on the group.
  8. ProfD I give actors like Denzel more of a pass for playing "bad guy" roles because it's CLEARLY understood that he's acting. In other words, he doesn't come on the screen and says "this is an account of my life and what I saw and did growing up" before the movie starts. I don't like it when TOO MANY Black people play the "bad guy" roles but I see it as a bit different. When it comes to Hiphop though...... These dudes are pretty much making it clear that this is what they've either done or seen growing up in thier community and they make it seem much more like real life. Ofcourse they too use poetic license. Ice Cube didn't grow up in the hood and was never a gangster.....he was just good at rapping about it. But many if not most Gangsta and Trap rap artists have and do.
  9. People are already busy enough ....now they gotta STOP and take time to.....-hmmm.... figure out what some idiot or schizophrenic "reeeeaaally" means when he/she babbles on the keyboard. -Hey, snow turns green and catches fire as soon as it makes contact with the sidewalk! But some of yall wouldn't understand that because you don't know how to think abstractly...see what I'm saying?? Go on somewhere with that mess.
  10. Does anyone else hear something buzzing around here??? .....where's my swatter at???
  11. Cynique If responding to what Delano ACTUALLY WROTE (as opposed to trying to decipher some esoteric meaning behind his words or using a secret decoder ring to figure out what the hell he "really" means ) is "jumping to conclusions" then it is what it is. When you know how to READ....you tend to do things like that, lol.
  12. ....ain't got time to go back and forth with emotional little girls with nothing better to do than throw emotional tantrums on a Sunday afternoon.
  13. ProfD One of my criticisms of Obama was that despite his intelligence and articulation he didn't seem to know how to talk to the average person Black or White. He's so smart and academic and like most highly educated people, he makes the mistake of assuming everyone can or should understand the points he's trying to make. He underestimates how STUPID the average American is....lol. But the Republicans DON'T. They KNOW a large (and growing) percentage of Americans are STUPID and gullible and all they have to do is tell a lie bold enough for long enough and they'll believe it. They know how to talk plainly and reach the masses of their TARGET audience.....poor White folks. Say what you want about Trump but when he gives a speech you know EXACTLY what he's saying and what he means when he says it, even if it's a straight up lie. There is little CONFUSION over what Trump is saying and means, even if you don't believe it.
  14. ProfD Well that would lead to another question...lol. Does anyone CARE what Cynique's opinion is??? Well, yeah fear is a factor. However I believe the main reason is that Black people collectively simply just weren't smart enough to come up with one. Like I asked before, what's stopping us from coming up with one NOW? Even in Africa today there are vast areas where White men or no other race except our people have been. What's stopping them from coming up with weapons and defense systems to protect and defend themselves from racial aggression? Perhaps they have and are and we just don't know it...yet. However like Wakanda...if they DO exist we certainly could use their help now. I agree. Most Black people who are violent aren't that way by nature but by circumstance. However when it comes to the intelligence factor, I'm not sure if that's entirely the fault of White racists. I'm more inclined to believe that many of our people were naturally less intelligent and evil White folks saw it and took advantage of it.
  15. Official: Gang kills, burns former Haitian senator, nephew A Haitian official says a former senator who worked for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has been killed in an upscale neighborhood near Haiti’s capital and his body set on fire along with his nephew ByEVENS SANON Associated Press August 07, 2022, 6:44 AM Share PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- A former senator who worked for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor was killed in an upscale neighborhood near Haiti's capital and his body set on fire along with his nephew, Government Commissioner Jacques Lafontant told The Associated Press on Sunday. The bodies of Yvon Buissereth and his unidentified nephew were found Saturday afternoon in the community of Laboule. That is near Pelerin, where President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in his private home in July last year. Buissereth, director of Haiti’s Public Company for the Promotion of Social Housing, and his nephew were traveling in a government-issued vehicle and were found inside the charred car, Lafontant said. He said a gang trying to control the area is likely to blame. “It was a terrible incident,” he said. The Ti Makak gang, which means “Little Macaques,” is fighting with the Toto gang over control of that area. Gangs in the capital of Port-au-Prince and beyond have become more powerful and waged violent turf wars since Moïse was assassinated. Buissereth and his nephew were killed while driving on a road that a growing number of Haitians are using to avoid the Martissant area, which connects the Port-au-Prince with Haiti's southern region and is controlled by warring gangs that have killed or injured dozens of civilians in that area. Prime Minister Ariel Henry condemned Buissereth's killing as a “barbaric act” by armed gangs in Laboule. “His assassins, as well as all the other criminals who sow mourning in the country, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and must respond for their ignominious acts before justice,” he wrote Sunday in a social media post. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Official: Gang kills, burns former Haitian senator, nephew - ABC News (go.com)
  16. The terrorists that Black and poor citizens of the United States need to be most concerned about is the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Islamic extremists may pose a threat to those in various parts of the Middle East and Africa, but here in the United States it's these right-wingers who are primarily responsible for keeping up chaos and dysfunction in both the political and legal systems as well as in law enforcement, schools, etc...
  17. What in the WORLD are you talking about???? This thread was STARTED as an insult to Black women and the Black men who entered it changed the focus to the larger problem of racism in the media and racists attempts to destroy Black male/female relationships!
  18. Herschel Walker....like Trump....is charismatic. He's stupid, but he has an element of charisma; as charisma and intelligence don't always coincide with each other. George W. Bush proved that over and over again. He may have been an imbecile with a stupidity so profound that even people in other countries could immediate notice; not to mention a psychopath who ordered the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in both Iraq and Afghanistan. -but because of how he carried himself you just "liked" the guy when you heard him talk or spent some time with him.
  19. ProfD Facts Now... The question I would have is why haven't WE developed a defense system even more powerful? I think I know the answer, although you probably wont accept it..lol. Lol...they were taught that murder and adultery were sins too but that didn't stop so many of our people from killing each other and banging each others wives. Perhaps. Although I maintain...though many find it offensive...that LOW INTELLIGENCE is the MAIN reason so many of our people are where they are today regardless of the historical factors. With the mentality so many of our people exhibit today, even if slavery never happened they would be a walking text-book of dysfunction. To prove my point, right after slavery during Reconstruction most Black folks had solid families, work skills, and were building and maintaining cities. We maintained much of these skills until about the 1960s and after so-called "Integration" things started going downhill. So slavery in and of itself couldn't have been the only factor and probably wasn't the major factor in the condition of Black people today
  20. Stefan If you're dealing with the Bible, you ARE dealing with a book FILLED with allegories. Most biblical scholars KNOW that most of the Bible isn't historical fact, but multiple allegories tied together and presented as a solid book. The girl's focus is on SOLOMON. That's who the lyrics are being sung to. Chapter 3 makes this abundantly clear: "Behold his bed, which is Solomon's; threescore valiant men are about it, of the valiant of Israel. They all hold swords, being expert in war: every man hath his sword upon his thigh because of fear in the night. King Solomon made himself a chariot of the wood of Lebanon. He made the pillars thereof of silver, the bottom thereof of gold, the covering of it of purple, the midst thereof being paved with love, for the daughters of Jerusalem. Go forth, O ye daughters of Zion, and behold king Solomon with the crown wherewith his mother crowned him in the day of his espousals, and in the day of the gladness of his heart." No, that's not what I'm saying. The Old Testament actually mentions skin color quite a bit when it speaks of what is translated as "Leprosy" in the Old Testmant. A condition that turns the skin very white and in some cases scaley. Many Caucasians (as they still do today) suffer from this disease. Most White people don't have "lily white" skin so that's not saying much. Hell, there are plenty of White folks (Caucasian is a better term) whose skin has BROWNED for one reason or another. Especially those who live in climates with a lot of sun like Florida or the Middle East. All they have to do is raise their shirt up and you'll see a reddish white skin under there. I didn't comment with the intent to offend you or insult your beliefs, but to offer information you probably weren't aware of in the hopes that it may change your mind ABOUT your beliefs. Because that's what changed me....more information (facts especially) that made me question and eventually change how I viewed the Bible and religion in general.
  21. ProfD Despite the passion and grittiness so many grassroots supporters of the Democrat party show....the lack of resistance and fighting shown by the Democrat LEADERSHIP shows me that they are in cahoots with the Republicans. They are just "Republican light" or a FAKE opposition party designed to trick people into thinking the right-wing agenda has actual resistance to it when infact, they are both working on the same team. A good example is this so-called "Obamacare" or the Affordable Care Act. This was originally a REPUBLICAN PLAN...tying healthcare to the markets. It was first enacted by Mitt Romney and the Republicans supported it because it made the insurance companies richer. Next thing you know OBAMA is embracing the shit and promoting it as some sort of grand benefit when it really forces you to give more of your money to these rich insurance companies and penalizes if you fail to cooperate with it.
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