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  1. This is so sad for our sister. I hope they find a way to get her out. Part of me hopes that the United States will threaten to and ACTUALLY take military action against Russia for this, but.....we know how likely that is.
  2. Well..... It IS Obama's fault that Trump became president in the first place. He had more than enough evidence to prosecute him for his work with the Russians but decided not to do so.....so.
  3. If I were CEO of The Discovery Channel I would focus over 75% of the programming on the ancient civilizations of Africa and the Americas.
  4. Troy I think people are sensitive to things that go against THEIR self interests. While Black men may be sensitive to the lack of adequate representation of straight masculine Black males in the media, Black women tend to be sensitive and observant of the number of Black men they see walking around in public with White women even if we point out that the number of Black men with Black women FAR outweighs the ones with White women....lol. Although I haven't watched the shows I've seen a lot of advertisement about various new drag queen shows that will air and it seems to me the number of Black men are OVER REPRESENTED in that genre. When it comes to "Christian" movies on the Hallmark Channel or adventurers on the Discovery Channel....Black men are conspicuously absent; but in almost every drag queen show you seem to have a good representation of FLAMBOYANT (now we can use the word Cynique) Black men snapping and dancing and sassing for the viewers' entertainment. Drag queen of all races seem to also incorporate a lot of themes and slang from AfroAmerican culture in their routines.
  5. ProfD I think it would have been awesome if the African men had gotten together and found some poison and convinced everyone to go out like Jonestown. Or better yet come up with a weapon more awesome and powerful than the guns Caucasians invented. We certainly had an edge on technology for thousands of years while White men were cave dwelling savages. Infact, what's stopping Africans today from forging some metals and chemicals and making a brand new weapon even more powerful? What is a gun but a more advanced "sling shot" tossing little balls of metal at people at a high velocity. Africans could have come up with a "sound" that stopped the hearts of their enemies. "Did they even LET it get so far that entire generations were born in it?" Yep. 400 years of slavery is at least 20 generations. Millions of folks were born into it. I'm talking about OTHER groups outside of ours. Did THEY let their captivity and enslavement go beyond a single generation? I know the various Native American groups around this Hemisphere were subjected to the oppression of the English and Spanish for centuries generation after generation but forced labor and slavery? I'm not sure. Keep in mind that slavery was a system and big business. It was run like a well-oiled machine. Also, while chattel slavery was horrible, there are accounts that some plantations were better than others. Just like today...n8gglets brag about their time spent in greater confinement. Very true. And it tells you the mindset of a person who brags about how better off HIS incarceration experience is than his fellow prisoners....instead of trying to get free from it all together. Like Neely Fuller Jr. said, slaves at the bottom of the slave-ship bragging about who's chains are the biggest and look the best. The person who has high self esteem and intends on supporting himself and his family DOESN'T CARE how great conditions are on this plantation or that one because he knows he can do a MUCH better job supporting himself and family as a FREE man and not on anyone's plantation. But a man who can't support himself, has no intentions to, and don't know how even if he did...well he has no plans to leave because that's the only home he has and knows and he has no desire to find another one. LIke Malcolm said, he'll stand there looking at you and asking you "what's better than what we got here??" That which did not break us or make us weaker made us stronger. Black folks can endure and overcome more than any other group of people on the planet. But I have to ask is that a GOOD thing? A man and his lady becomes overpowered and enslaved but instead of killing himself and his lady they endure it for DECADES grow stronger and stronger physically from all of the hard work. Yet one of his kids is snatched from his arms and killed in front of him and his wife is routinely raped in front of him. What good is his survival skills?? Surviving for what??? Would he and his wife not have been better off dead and his children not even born than be subjected to that type of torture and humiliation? What was the benefit or virtue of them simply surviving....so that massa can get more work out of them??? Unfortunately, we have yet to get ourselves together and realize our fullest potential instead of being victims of this system. Facts.
  6. Troy Well if little old Black ladies were the ONLY one you had to worry about being arrested, it wouldn't be so bad...lol. But it's strong vibrant YOUNG BLACK MEN who are the primary targets and they are the ones being locked up by the thousands from a combination of so many different laws no one lawyer even knows them all. Whether they have more tricks up their sleave or not, the question is why ALLOW yourself to be subject to fall into their trap? I know money can be tempting but if there's ANY question as to it's legality, does it make a lot of sense to hop into it only to find out the hard way later? Find something else to do like opening up a lawn care business, credit union, coffee shop, etc... Why dance with Satan? "Two steps LEGAL One step ILLEGAL Full twirl STATE LEGALIZED Hop back FEDERALLY ILLEGAL Do ya see me.....do ya not ....the dance is getting tiring, when do we sit down?"
  7. Troy Ignoring the generalization about African women, men traditionally paid all the bills giving women the time to play their “traditional” role like minding the kids and maintain the household. Those days are over, as in many households everybody has to work including the kids. Kinda hard to be “mild and meek” when you are providing, often most, of the family’s financial support. Things are changing with most African women as well as all over the planet, however there are still HEAVY TRACES of traditional masculinity and femininity among African men and women respectively that haven't been erased with modern Westernization. Yeah both sexes may have to work but that is only ONE aspect of the traditional roles of men and women, while some are disrupted many others have remained. The man is still the head, the disciplinarian, even the one who drives the family around in most cases....lol. Most of the women are still mild mannered compared to most American women of any race and are less confrontational. At my job there are quite a few Africans and I can tell most African women to come over and sit down or leave something alone and they actually do it without looking at me like "You ain't my Daddy". I generally don't even try it with an American woman, but most African women readily comply with the directives of most men on the jobs and we've noticed this and found it attractive. Cynique I see plenty - WAIT! --YOU see-- You may SEE some Black men in those roles but: 1. Your PERCEPTION isn't necessarily congruent with REALITY. Showing SOME Black men in traditional tough guy roles while showing MOST of them as sissies, weirdos, and babbling buffoons and criminals is far worse than showing no Black men at all. 2. Also, when we talk about "tough guy" roles....are we also including convicts and prison movies? Because that's where a lot of Black male actors are featured in. Hollywood allows Black men to express their toughness in a NEGATIVE fashion in roles like thugs, gangsters, criminals, prison inmates, and other negative images. It helps promote racism and racial stereotypes. It tells the White woman "Yeah, he may be more masculine but he's also demonic and no good for you either." The only positive traditional tough guy role that a Black man is playing on television that I'm thinking of right now is the character "Morgan" on Fear The Walking Dead.
  8. Another problem with starting a Marijuana business is getting a BANK to work with you and your business. Most banks are governed and bound by FEDERAL laws and technically speaking when you grow and distribute a drug that the Federal government deems illegal, that puts you in the category of drug trafficking and banks don't want to be tied to that.
  9. ProfD I'm not 100% sure of Kanye's mental health status or diagnosis but I know he hasn't been the same since his mother died some years back. Acting erractic in public (perhaps it's just an act) and joining the MAGA crowd after initially claiming Bush doesn't like Black people. I've also heard that he received electroshock treatment after his emergency admission in the hospital some years ago when he was confined against his will. Something has definitely happened to him. Hundreds of thousands of black folks committed suicide during the transatlantic slave trade whether it was jumping overboard or shortly after showing up on plantations and realizing the life ahead of them. Hundreds of thousands black folks tried to escape slavery. Once caught, beat into submission or killed as an example to others, fear kept the rest of them in check. Folks born into slavery were conditioned from the cradle. They didn't know any other way of life. Thousands of Black folks participated in Slave Rebellions, left the South to come up North and join the army to go back South and fight for their people, and committed suicide rather than subject themselves and their children to the horrors of what they knew lied ahead for them. However what PERCENTAGE of the population did these make up, would be my question? If THOUSANDS of Black folks did this but many more MILLIONS submitted and took a more docile approach then...... MILLIONS of Black people were enslaved and born into it and died in it so it's hard to really compare them to other people because nothing like the Trans-Atlantic slave trade has happened in history, however other groups WERE enslaved for shorter periods of time at various levels of intensity. So my question is also what PERCENTAGE of other communities fought back or committed suicide rather than allow themselves and their children be subjected to the horrors of slavery....COMPARED to the percentage of our people and who did this among us? Did they even LET it get so far that entire generations were born in it? The reasons I ask these questions is because I'm not sure how true it is but the common belief is that most Black people are more EASILY enslaved for one reason or another whether it's through lack of collective effort to fight back, lack of intelligence to put up a good resistance, more of a willingness to sell eachother into it and betray eachother, ect.... No matter how cruel and inhumane the conditions, human beings naturally have a desire to live. It appears most Black people do atleast. And they PROVE it by the conditions they tolerate not only as a community but even in their personal lives. Putting up with things that many others would have BEEN killed themselves over. Atleast most of the Black people I've talked to. I've seen Black people die suffering from diseases where it was nothing but downhill and more suffering for months until they died but didn't talk about suicide to end the suffering. Maybe they thought it but didn't discuss it. Most White people I've talked to say that they'd rather kill themselves than be subjected to certain treaments or suffer from certain illnesses. So perhaps there's an innate difference inside the majority of people in the races where one group would rather die than be subject to certain circumstances. Or atleast a higher percentage among some than others.
  10. It's EASY for someone who is living comfortably in an ALREADY ESTABLISHED society that was built and is being protected primarily by men who DO hold those traditional masculine values like most construction workers, firemen, police officers, ect.... You don't DIRECTLY see the need for traditionally masculine men. But if society was to break down and you needed people to build immediate shelter and defend the community against wild animals and wild people....THEN you will immediately wish for as many traditionally masculine men as you can and side-eye most men who don't fit that role regulating them as useless and in the way.
  11. Troy Whether they ARE busting people or not....they CAN bust you for it or add it on as an additional charge among others and be justified because it's clearly illegal. Personal use = POSSESSION.
  12. Well you know Kanye is an artist Like most artists he has mental/psychological problems. However ALSO like most artists, those mental/psychological problems are one of the keys to him being able to manifest his creativity like a Shakespear or Coltrane or Van Gogh. Having studied psychology and spirituality, I know that sometimes when there are problems with the brain it allows spiritual insights to flow through that ordinarily would be HALTED by a higher rational mind. Crazy people often say and do things that sane people don't....but often times they turn out to be successful and correct because their lack of logical and rational thinking didn't limit them. What Kanye said was insensitive and I'll give you "ignorant" but it may not have all been HIM making that statement but perhaps it was made THROUGH him to get us thinking about the conditions our people have been enduring and consider the alternatives. For example.... Was 400 years TOTALLY involuntary for ALL slaves? Were there NO other options for our people collectively? OR would DEATH have been an option or perhaps even a better alternative than seeing our people endure centuries of slavery, suffering, and humiliation? ...that HASN'T ended for many of them by the way. Slavery STILL exists in the form of the prison system and it targets Black youth.
  13. Troy I got into plenty of fights in school....and out...lol....when I was a kid. As did most boys in our neighborhood. I can't lie and say it was the "old days" when guns didn't come into the picture because kids were bringing guns to school and killing eachother even back then, but no where on the level of today. I don't remember the last time I saw two boys fighting outside of a school or anywhere else. I see more GIRLS fighting and running in and out of conflict than anything else. It seems as if the boys go from 0 to 60 in a couple seconds with no build up in between. Women, on the other hand, don't seem to mind making men the same as women. This may be another manifestation of our differences. More likely women see these changes as getting the same benefits, rights, opportunities men get, something they deserve. And this is one of the reasons I find myself drawn more and more to FOREIGN women from places like Africa and Asia. Not only do THEY act mild and meek like traditional women, which I find attractive...but they seem to still like traditionally masculine men. Men who look and act like men and don't wish to have a man who wants to be a woman. Cynique Television is saturated with white gay men in both sit-coms and talk shows and as the other half of an interracial gay couples in commercials. But unlike Black men...there are enough images of TRADITIONAL MASCULINE White men to offset any weak and effeminate images being put out. Sissy acting gay White men are still considered FRINGES and FREAKS who dwell on the outskirts of mainstream White society, while homosexuality and effeminate men are being pushed today as a normal part of AfroAmerican culture. Dating back to the days of the Cake Walk and minstrels and the Zoot suits during the 1940s black men have been peacocks. I guess you had your eyes closed during the bellbottoms and platform shoes and huge afros era or the colorful hip hop garb and the flashy disco attire, not to mention the grills and bling rappers sported. Your image of black men is over-rated wishful thinking. Black men have always been STYLISTIC and up on the latest fashions and endowed with creativity. I remember going to the barbershop and seeing Black pimps getting their nails done and shellacked along with their haircuts and facials...and they were among the most masculine of men. We've NEVER had a problem or saw a conflict in expressing our sense of style. But when you use the word "flamboyant" to describe a man TODAY...althought technically it means stylish and loud...in the ears of most people it suggests an effeminate homosexual quality. Today that word is almost exclusively used to describe an open and bragging effeminate homosexual man. Which is why I didn't say it was wrong, but simply a poor CHOICE of words.
  14. This entire issue of opening up dispensaries to sell and distribute Marijuana is a big TRAP in my opinion. The Federal government still regards Marijuana as ILLEGAL regardless as to what the various states says, so the feds can still bust you and prosecute you for selling and even possessing a certain amount of it. Just one more trap put out by the racists to snag unsuspecting and naive Black people who THINK they have more rights than they actually have. Some people never learn.
  15. You have two major groups of Trump supporters............ 1. Those who sincerely believe in him and see him and his presidency as an answer to all of their problems and 2. Those who KNOW better and know he's a demagogue but find his charisma useful to promote their nefarious agendas.
  16. As Troy pointed out in another thread, they said the same thing about Donald Trump. That he was such a character and that him being President was too ridiculous to even consider or entertain.....until November 2016 arrived.
  17. As I've said before, Greg's presence doesn't make one bit of difference to me one way or another. If I DID have a "choice of racists" to troll the site I'd prefer one who could present more powerful arguments I could actually go back and forth with like Jared Taylor.
  18. .....and fear is more powerful than money.
  19. ProfD The pussification of men started in the 70s after the major riots and rebellions of the 60s. The powers that be recognized that young men were the fuel that fed the revolution and potential to overturn the system so they immediately worked on effeminizing and castrating as many males as possible. They did this not only through the educational institutions but along with the vaccination programs and chemicals in the foods that lower the testosterone rate and sperm count. Dr. Tyrone Hayes and Dr. Wesley Muhammad have done extensive research on this. One point I would say is that it IS natural and common for Black men to CRY more than White men, simply because as a race we have stronger emotions and crying is simply a display of EXTREME emotion. People cry when they're HAPPY and ANGRY as well, not just when they're feeling sad or helpless. We used to warn White boys who came to our mostly Black schools that when they got into it with a Black boy and he started crying and shedding tears...be careful, lol. That's not always a sign that he's gonna run away....LOL. I've seen bruthas start crying right BEFORE opening fire on some other people. Cynique "Flamboyance" is a poor choice of words. Extreme confidence, swag, or even arrogance would have been better to describe the natural personality of most Black males.
  20. Something tells me as long as she's lived, she apparently hasn't learned TOO much or she wouldn't continue talking shit, lol. As long as she's lived, she should KNOW better by now...lol But I guess some people never learn....lol. Guess her and her "alter ego" gotta be put in their place. ...back in that dark dank closet.
  21. ProfD Well then THAT begs the question......... Why aren't WE promoting more inteligent Hiphop artists than the racists? In other words, if we know the racists are focusing on the negative and the clownish of our community (and many of us do) and they've BEEN doing it for decades now, then why haven't AfroAmerican producers, labels, and agents launched a COUNTER offensive and promote the positive Rappers in the media, online, on tours, etc.... Kanye West said 400 years of slavery was a CHOICE. Although I don't agree entirely with that statement nor his intentions behind it, I'm understanding it more and more. Once you REALIZE you are a victim and have been targeted but then continue to do little or nothing about it, what does that say?
  22. ProfD Absolutely it's raising an entire generation of sissified overly emotional men. I'm seeing so many young men who are petty and hyper-emotional like women. Rolling their eyes and being "catty" over the most mild of things like who didn't speak to them in the morning. They are obviously learning this mess from their mothers and don't have any (or enough) real men in their childhood to serve as proper role models. Niggaz all on television CRYING and snotting. All on CNN and other news channels crying and bawling over being mistreated in Target or Walmart or at an amusement park. And one of the worse things about this is no matter how much a man ACTS like a woman...most men will STILL treat him like another man, including most cops. They think if they start acting catty and hyper emotional like women do the cop will treat THEM the same way they treat his mother or sister and let him scream and yell and slap all over him and just ignore it..... and end up finding out the hard way.
  23. Atleast Greene KNOWS what and who she's performing for. This fool is a pawn and although he probably knows it he doesn't know HOW much of a buffoon he's being made of. MTG isn't stupid. She may not be the smartest but she's far from being stupid and she knows what she's saying, what she's doing, and why she's doing it. She has a strategy behind her rhetoric. This fool just gets up and says whatever is on his bird brain without thinking about it.
  24. Compare how articulately Ice Cube handles this interview back in 1991 with how most rappers of that age and older conduct themselves today! You can't TELL me a DE-volution isn't going on where the intelligence and articulation of so many of these young men have declined so much over the past 30 years. The stark contrasts are obvious.
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