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  1. Wait a minute! "Whachoo talkin' bout Pioneer????" "I thought you said it was better for TRUMP to be President!" "Now don't sit up there and lie about what you said!!!!!!" "For the past few months you've been running around saying that you don't support Trump but you support him being in office and how him being in office is good and was going to lead to a glorious future for AfroAmericans." "So why are you contradicting yourself NOW talking about how glad and wonderful it is that Biden is President?????" I didn't say that it's
  2. Troy but I believe for the song to really resonate, unless you are super empathic, you have to have grown up in a ghetto. What do you think? I think you're right in for the MOST part. However I'll say you don't necessarily have to actually "grow up" there for the song to resonate and you relate to it if you had regular contact with it. We didn't actually "grow up" in the ghetto. We grew up in what rarely exists in America today known as a "Black working class" neighborhood. Unless you grew up in Chicago, or Detroit, or Atlanta, or St. Louis, or some other
  3. When Curtis said: I never learned to shareOr how to careI never had no teachings about being fair I found that interesting..... Because most people of color I know who grew up poor were among the BEST at sharing! The poorer they were, the better they were at it. I remember when I was about 4 or 5 and I was with my older brother who was only a child himself. We were in the projects and somehow got lost from our cousins on our way back from the store. While wandering around from building to building we ran into a bunch of other kids who invited us to go play with them and we
  4. Troy Since FAS isn't registered, I anticipate you're going to have some work cut out for you.....lol.
  5. Something tells me Maurice is going get up from the chair and do a "I just hit the number" dance if he clicks on to this thread....lol. Complete Lyrics to: The Other Side Of Town
  6. FAS And what you said did not address the question, period.... I answered your question....PERIOD. You are positing an "opinion," one based on no verifiable facts. Running around claiming that White people all have the same monolithic "culture"....is the EPITOME of your accusation. The above is why I said the concept of Culture is slippery. Some never get it, so moving on.... No. I can tell by the way you USE the wor
  7. Gibran -I'm 'bout it. -I mean I'm BOUT IT! -Pioneer One - for 7 years -he 'bout it 'bout it! ...LOL. We really need to support Black intellectual institutions like literature proprietors, academies, and Black media outlets. We need to ensure that there remains a strong healthy intellectual class in Black America so that stupidity and ignorance doesn't become a staple trait of the sub-culture. For a hot second people were saying that if you spoke with decent English you were "talking White"....but thankfully we've moved out of that phase. When you
  8. "Holy ravioli Batman, look.... it's a PROJECTION!" .....lol.
  9. FAS The question had nothing to do with 'success.' The question was about intelligence, specifically, which owner is MORE intelligent Which is why I SAID: " however given ONLY the information you provided I would have to say #1. Simply because you say they are SATISFIED and LIVED WELL. That is success as far as I'm concerned. And if you are smart enough to be successful in what you're doing and manage to live a well life, you are very intelligent in my opinion." . Had I known nothing about you at all, I would know y
  10. "Well I can pretty much say with confidence that it doesn't matter who wins the election, at this point. I'm gonna remain beautiful under either Administration." .....lol.
  11. In the immortal words of Master P.... "I'm 'bout it! I BEEN 'bout it!" I've been recommending this site to people for years. I rarely mention this actual discussion board, but the site itself get's much respect. It's actually becoming more and more popular because as time goes on I've ran into more people who already know about AALBC when I bring it up to them. "Oh, you're talking about that Black book site? Yeah, I fuck with them sometimes when I have to order a book I need for class." A LOT of people know about this site. If I had the
  12. Gibran It's like the adage that if, as an entertainer, you can make it at the Apollo, you can make it anywhere Great analogy. This is one of the reasons I wish Showtime AT The Apollo was still on. That rowdy crowd was a REAL litmus test as to how great you are. Besides, I kind of miss Kiki Shepard. That girls was like...70 years old....and still walking out on stage in sexy outfits, lol. We have this thing we like to ponder about if you put a hustler in the jungle and a corporate brother, the stre
  13. I admit I do that a lot. However, I've learned from experiences that if you just let people talk long enough you'll eventually get the answers you want from them AND MORE, lol.
  14. FAS The question was not about the employees being satisfied or not. By "they" being satisfied I was referring to owner #1. You said they were satisfied and lived well off of their profits. Anyway....I gave MY answer. Troy FAS I can't tell which owner is more intelligent, but I can tell you I would like to be the owner of and work for company #1. That's what I'm saying...... It's hard to make an ACCURATE assessment of which is more intelligent with such a limited amount of information about them. If the
  15. I said he stabbed them, but he didn't kill either one......as far as I know. But even at his age, he was still a physically firm dude so he still had the strength to do it! But according to those who knew about it, no.....it wasn't necessarily self defense it was an argument over business and somebody lying. He got locked up (again....he was locked up in his early youth but was free for OVER 60 years) so I wasn't able to hear from him what actually happened.
  16. Agent Orange is going to cry foul and dispute the election anyway. Del, be glad you're in Australia right about now.....lol.
  17. Gibran Now don't get me wrong. I know there are a lot of strong, intelligent, and thorogh brothers out in the streets as well as on the yard. I realize that. I just caution our people not to put TOO much faith in the gangstaz, thugs, and hustlers to protect them or stand up to authority and fight back if our community was ever attacked. You're expecting the brother on the corner with an Uzi to help you fight back...and he's somewhere hiding under a car! Look at Breonna Taylor and all of the killing of our innocent brothers and sisters that have been g
  18. Troy As far as I'm concerned, things are going just fine. Trump is crying foul and saying that the election is a fraud. He's probably going to dispute the election result. He's stirring up his racist red-neck base to cause chaos. Yes sir, things are going EXACTLY in the direction I like them to...so far.
  19. Actually...... I misspoke when I said Caucasians tend to be more self-disciplined. What I actually meant to say was they tend to be emotionally weaker and are less rebellious and strong willed than people of color. They are more RECESSIVE and although not always usually tend to be WEAKER physically and mentally (excluding intelligence). Which means they usually put up LESS RESISTENCE to leadership and following orders. People of color on the other hand....especially those of African and Native American descent...tend to be very emotional and emotionally strong willed and
  20. Gibran lack folks simply crave a sense of normalcy, however that is perceived. I don't know why. What's so good about "normal" in THIS society for most AfroAmericans that they have such a desire to get back to it? I can understand why most Caucasians want to get back to normal....because normal is GREAT for most of them! They'd rather get Covid 19 and keel over dead, than be forced to wear a mask and put their money making on hold. "Jeez Loueez.... Come on guys, let's open back up! Fer' cryin' out loud.... What's the hold up?" Whit
  21. Mel When the colonists fought the british for their independence - they didn't change their way of life. There was no complete overthrow of government. They just broke free of their 'mother' and continued much of the same. So although they called it a 'revolution' it wasn't that at all. The U.S. constitution replaced the monarchy with a sovereign state. Ofcourse..... This is why Neely Fuller Jr. says that the System of White Supremacy is the only REAL government on the planet. All of the other so-called governments are just "branches" or extensions of it who may change up th
  22. Daniel What are you saying I changed from and to? From: Trump Worshipping Children's Books Author To: Wood Chopper, Ditch Digger, and Field Hand "Man..... Wish I woulda saw THIS coming!" .....lol.
  23. This might sound good to some, but this will not happen Not only that..... But a more morally based question that I have is SHOULD it happen? Should private Caucasian individuals and their companies be FORCED to support AfroAmerican "competition"????? .....as opposed to that support coming from FEDERAL funding, which is usually how reparations funding is distributed. In other words... Why would the Federal government who has all of the money in the world at IT'S disposal ask private White individuals to give THEIR money to Black folks? It see
  24. Troy Yes, I am who do you think was smarter? Let's see...... One man started off as child in poverty and ended up a well polished politician and national leader who single handedly built a short-lived empire and demanded the love, respect, and even loyalty of millions. The other was good at math and could scribble on a black-board all day but was a social eccentric who had trouble making friends, used to make all types of inappropriate gestures in public, and didn't even have enough sense to comb his nappy head before walking out the front door....lol.
  25. Troy are you telling me that of the people you grew up with you can not determine who will act the fool on a job you hooked them up with? Some, I know for sure. Others....I'm not sure of and I didn't really know how they would act UNTIL they were placed in a situation that brought the "street nigga" in them out. Most AfroAmericans have it IN them, all it takes is the right situation or circumstance or the wrong exchange to bring it out. See, it's more than JUST the job performance itself. Almost all Black men I know can peform the ACTUAL JOB they are given. It's th
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