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  1. Really....... A person should be raised doing physical work from childhood so that they'd be used to that type of labor. You don't take a 40 year old dude from the streets who's used to hanging out drinking and smoking all night and waking up at 1pm for 30 years and try to make him a Master Electrician or Plumber.
  2. That was the answer to which nation you think is better. I asked you what other nations have you LIVED in or atleast VISISTED?
  3. Terrible story. The young brutha looked like he was having mental issues. He should have gotten the help he needed BEFORE he even ended up incarcerated. Too often AfroAmericans (including AfroLatinos) with mental problems are ignored because the behavior they exhibit is often considered "normal" not only by most White folks but even by most AfroAmericans! You see a young brutha walking down the street sweating and tossing his hands and rapping to himself with a crazy look on his face and you think it's just "normal" now. If a White woman was doing the same thing....you'd stop and see if she needs some sort of help or call the cops to come get her. But for a Black man.....let him keep going. Then again.................. The police will usually come out to help a crazy White woman. They'll calm her down, put her in the squad car, and take her to get some help. But who's fault is that? Society...including us...has trained a lot of people to VALUE the life and health of White people more. We need to hold ourselves and our conditions to higher standards. How can others love us if we don't love eachother enough to help those of us who need help the most?
  4. It's ya boy checking in..... I was there and witnessed the eclipse. Here in West Michigan we had about 93% eclipse. It still didn't get very dark. I'd like to see what this new "era" brings.
  5. Excellent advice my brutha. I'd say there should be MORE Black men...and men in general...going to trade school than college because we need more BUILDERS in this world. But don't get it twisted, trade school isn't as easy as a lot of people think. Not only is it PHYSICAL and a lot of people don't like to do dirty and physical work today. But to be a MASTER electrician/carpenter/plumber, you have to be smart enough to pass various courses and levels of training and especially in mathematics. Many people don't make it pass being a "helper" or "laborer" where you just hang around construction sites sweeping up the dust and carrying tools that you don't know how to use -around, lol.
  6. Lol..... Were there some nations mentioned in your statement that I might have missed?
  7. Make no mistake.... They are STILL hanging a few Black folks from trees down South, as quiet as it's being kept in the MSM.
  8. I was trying to see how you arrived at your conclusion. Perhaps you've compared various nations. What other countries have you lived in or visited....whether you liked them or not?
  9. ProfD I wish our brother hadn't gotten found guilty at all, but since he did...I'm glad he only got probation. Yeah, he lost potentially millions.....but atleast he still has his relative "freedom" to find more sponsors, make more money, and rebuild his reputation. BTW..... I wouldn't call White women the "forbidden fruit". They should no more be forbidden to us than Black women are forbidden to White men. The problem isn't Black men screwing White women. The problem is the lack of retaliation on the part of Black men who get harassed and punished for screwing White women by racist non-Blacks and confused Black folks. In the deep South, Black men weren't lynched because they were accused of messing with White women. They were lynched because they COULD be. That was just an excuse.
  10. richardmurray What nation have you lived in or visited that you feel is better...for you atleast...than the United States?
  11. richardmurray Yes, I suspect this is where much of the confusion comes from. Things that I consider problematic...you may not. And vice versa. What YOU may consider a serious problem in our community, may not bother me one bit. For example.... I have absolutely NO problem with a Black person who wants to call themselves a U.S. citizen and embrace that identity.
  12. Cynique Lol....woman, it took you 2 HOURS to come up with that weak shit??? Is that a promise? Don't make promises you don't intend to keep.
  13. I was going to ask YOU the very same thing, since this is MY thread....and your exotic juice drinking azz is all UP in it, trying to get my attention....lol.
  14. We need to learn a lesson from the Hasidic Jews in New York and form our own little gated communities complete with schools, hospitals, and private security. And when I say "we" I'm talking about INTELLIGENT and RIGHTEOUS AfroAmericans....not the thugs, fools, and clowns. They are almost as big of a threat as the Racists.
  15. Well, apparently Mel finds some of my jokes funny, so........ Not sure what YOUR problem(s) is(are). Well forget about the Acid and Weed and the Boy Toys. Sounds like that liquor you can't wait to get ahold of and guzzle down every morning, is enough to satisfy YOUR appetite.....lol
  16. I've noticed this on the various jobs I've been on. When the jobs were mostly White people. You could take a lunch when you want, wear what you want, even leave the job and eat where you want. A wide range of freedom. As soon more White people quit and they start hiring more Black and Latino employees.....but especially Black....the more rules they start adding. -can't leave the job site for lunch anymore. -sick days are limited. -can't use your cell phone during company time -gotta have dress code -no more personal music at your desk. One rule after another.
  17. Mel Yeah, I didn't ask you because I've asked so many Lucid Dreamers how they did it and tried different things but much of it didn't seem to work. Right now, I'm happy to know it's real and that others experience it. That knowledge is enough to sustain me until I get my own experience. I'm not religious but as I get older and wiser the more and more I understand that scripture that says "blessed are those who believe without having to see". Based on what I've researched and just talking to people, my faith in the Spiritual World is so strong that I believe in it more than I believe in the existence of China. So perhaps an "experience" isn't necessary for me like it may be for others. But I feel deep sleep is for healing. Healing yourself AND others. I've read that during deep sleep, many people from this Reality practice healing and other Spiritual work in other Realities but wake up knowing nothing about it besides the feeling that they've been very busy during their sleep. ProfD Brush your teeth and tongue really well before bedtime. Do not let halitosis come between a lucid dream and a funky nightmare. Sounds like preparing for a WET dream...not a LUCID dream, lol. BTW...anything YOU add is constructive bro. Never be shy.
  18. I've been trying to learn how to Lucid Dream for years. I know quite a few people who....like you...said it comes natural to them. One dude I know who is in his 60s says that he's been doing it since he was a kid. You describe the 1st stage of Lucid Dreaming which is being aware that you are dreaming but in more advanced stages you can actually manipulate the dream itself. Me and the other poster frankster agree that dreams often are gateways to other Realities. So Lucid Dreaming is a Spiritual gift.
  19. I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or applaud your efforts! Probably both. Being a caregiver is one of the hardest jobs. Harder than raising children. .... because atleast with children you usually see progress as they age and it makes you feel proud of your work. I honestly don't know what to say besides thank you.
  20. ProfD That's against the law. Threatening to do physical harm to ANY innocent person should be illegal, not just public officials. And it may very well be, I'm no law expert. But if you go on social media, that's what you'll see all day...people threatening eachother and eachother's children and families. Law enforcement sees this. They pick and choose when to get involved. Those codes were written based on laws and statutes originated from that outdated document. Somewhat. The FDA and EPA have entire libraries of laws and codes that the authors of the U.S. Constitution hadn't even dreamed off, lol. Not that they are unnecessary. I like the fact that this nation supposedly insures a higher standard for our food, water, and air. Originally the U.S. was designed to be a "free" country with ONLY the Constitution as the law of the land. They supposedly wanted to see themselves separate from an overly oppressive and dictatorial Europe by having very few laws and limited government. These different penal codes and various law only came into effect AFTER the Civil War when our people were freed from Chattel Slavery. They wanted a free and independent state as long as the only ones who could enjoy that freedom were White men. When others started getting a taste of it....then came more rules and regulations.
  21. Absolutely. The conditions in the hood ghetto (some hoods are nice....lol) are manufactured and designed to be oppressive and aggressive. A pressure valve allowed by the local governments to keep crime and violence contained instead of eliminated. However my point was that simply being willing to kill in mass numbers or even die to achieve wealth and power isn't the only reason White folks achieved power, because if that were the case a lot of AfroAmericans would have it too instead of being confined in a cell. You can be an extremely violent and criminal minded FOOL.
  22. richardmurray Shirley chisholm spoke before she died on government in the usa , she disagreed with you. What EXACTLY did sister Shirley say that disagreed with me? Do you have a video or quote? You and I 100% have a dissimilar opinion on the usa. The difference is my beliefs and actions line up and yours don't...lol. You complain about the USA and see little good in it ...yet continue to live here. ProfD That police officer has to follow rules which means limited power. ALL power in the hands of humans is "limited" power...lol. No human being has "unlimited" power. White folks have proven over and over again that they're willing to kill and die to maintain their power. The prisons have a lot of BLACK folks who have proven they're willing to kill and even die to try to get some money and power, lol. They may have went about it the wrong way, but the intention was there.
  23. ProfD There is no "Freedom of speech". That's a myth. There are a whole lot of people IN AMERICA who are locked up over what they said. One person just went to jail the other day for threatening a judge. If you threaten someone or slander them you could be arrested or sued or both. You don't have freedom of assembly either. They've made all types of laws that keep felons from riding in the same car or walking together. The U.S. Constitution....for most practical purposes is out dated. The U.S. and State Penal codes run the show and is what most lawyers go by. I try to tell some of these "Sovereign Citizen" brothers this, but they don't believe me and think they can still drive around without a state issued driver's license.
  24. Mel I took a puff when I was a teen - and never took another puff. Sounds about right. Just from our limited interactions I figured you weren't a weed smoker...lol. Honestly, except for a few people who have posted on this site in the past...nobody on here seems like typical weed smokers to me. You can't always tell on the internet, but offline I usually can EASILY tell those who smoke weed from those who don't. Not only that..... I can nail it down to whether they smoke weed that's home grown naturally or they like smoking the shit they get from the dispensaries....lol. Extremely accurate. I've always been able to naturally leave this dimension Can you Lucid Dream?
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