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  1. "....the word of a nerd ain't no good cuz OGs run the pen and BGs run the hood. Ain't no where to hide. In the streets or on the yard. So if you ain't a true somebody DUE to pull ya hoe card" LOL Man I STILL bump Kam. Made In America was the favorite album of his. I can't say he delivered the message with NO confusion because if you'll remember he had that beef with Ice Cube when the "nigga" came out of him. And kind of like Cube....but on a milder scale...he also low-key glorified gang banging and dope dealing occasionally in his lyrics. Check out his song: "Down Fa Mine" Man, I remember back in the early 90s I was trying to get his latest album Made In America and I was running in and out of records shops in Detroit asking about him and for a while none of them had his tapes! I finally found one who carried it. It was almost 30 years ago but I STILL remember the scene....lol. There were two bruthaz standing behind the counter staring at me as I came in. I asked did they carry Kam's latest album Made In America. One of them said "Who????" The other said, "Ah nigga you know.....Ice Cube's little boy" He went in the back and got it. Then I almost got into an argument with one of them over criticizing how so few Black record stores carried Kam's material as talented as he was. But the brother is one of the most underrated rappers of the 90s. Powerful lyrics and beats to go with it. I'm CONVINCED his positivity and promotion of the Nation of Islam are the main reasons the music executives did their best to keep his work out of circulation.
  2. This is good news. Not much I can say in terms of criticism of this because the Feds didn't HAVE to get involved despite the pressure the community was putting on them. Perhaps this is an example of how....although I still believe the system is corrupt and needs to be replaced....it CAN work in our favor if we have the will power and persistnce to force it to.
  3. After mentioning them in a post to Troy in another thread, I felt compelled to produce THIS thread in commemoration of my Parents. The SUPREME BEING is my absolute Best Friend, however.... Among human beings, my Parents (so far until someone else comes along who treats me better) were my BEST friends! I didn't realize this until not only after I became an adult but after they passed away. This thread may seem a little selfish or self-centered, so does anyone else feel the same way about their parents or atleast A parent?
  4. Delano Lol... Yeah, "deep" to someone who gets high a lot. Troy And what YOU and Mr. Brown seem to fail to understand is that in some cases "illegitimacy" is a CAUSE of poverty. Many of our cousins who only had their mothers grew up poor but we didn't and a major reason for that is because our parents stayed married, combined their incomes, and eventually moved us out of the city when we got older. Many of our cousins whose fathers had left them not only stayed in the city but turned to selling and using dope and going in and out of jail. Having two parents wasn't the ONLY factor in this but it was a major one because many didn't have fathers to not only contribute that extra income but to discipline them. There are many causes of poverty from racism to substance abuse to broken families. We're (me and the White man....lol) are saying that broken families is just ONE factor. Atleast in SOME cases...remove that factor and you solve the problem of poverty. True. But what does it say about a man who just drops by every now and then or doesn't COMMIT to the mother of his child or even the child him/herself??? Does mean he's a bad man or poor provider? No. But it COULD mean that. Also, it could mean he's immature, can't be counted on, and is ready to leave and abandon them at the drop of a hat....like so many do. Although marriage is no guarantee. It's a SIGN of his commitment to his woman and children. ProfD "The word of a nerd ain't no good because OGs run the pen and BGs run the hood" Kam (Pull Ya Ho' Card) This is true.....unfortunately. And I say "unfortunately" because how many generations of Black men have to SCREW UP their lives only to come to their senses and get it together in order to have the "street cred" to reach the next generation of thugs and gansters? For every Malcolm X or criminal who is reformed and helps clean up others....how many more DIE as criminals and thugs? One of the draws of the Nation of Islam is that it's full of ex-criminals, ex-gangsters, ex-prisoners, ex-drug users who'd been down that road before and knew how to reach those who are still in that lifestyle. They'll listen to them because they can relate to them. But unless we want an "over coming society" that revolves around people who fuck themselves up in the hopes of redemption later, then at what point do we set out to END the dysfunction period? That's certainly how it started off. However one of the problems that I saw even back in the 90s....was that many of the same so-called "conscious" and "positive" artists who claimed they were using their lyrics to reach the downtrodden gangsters still in the ghetto, relate to them, and wake them up also seemed to be PROMOTING the very lifestyle they were criticizing as a problem. Yet again, I'll use one of my favorite rappers as an example: Ice Cube He'd talk about Black unity and stop the violence in one song, then brag about gang banging, selling dope, and robbing people in another! Groups like Public Enemy and X-clan kept it thorough and preached almost 100% positivity; however many of the others talked positivity and unity but sent mixed messages with their gangster laced rhymes. We don't need that type of CONFUSION going on. Either being a gangster and criminal is NOT cool and we shouldn't promote it....or it IS and we should embrace it. But this cognitive dissonance so many of our people have embraced has got to stop if we want to quicker progress.
  5. Not sure about Russian law but her "guilty plea" was a bit deceptive to those not familiar with law in general. An admission of guilt doesn't always mean you acknowledge you did something WRONG. It's an acknowledgement that you did something that was ILLEGAL.....but perhaps you didn't know it was illegal at the time you did it. For her to plead innocent MAY have gotten her in more trouble because that would have been saying she DIDN'T do what she obviously did regardless of her intent behind it.
  6. Yeah, they say laughter is one of the best forms of medicine...lol.
  7. At this point, China is nothing more than a BIG PLANTATION full of docile well trained SLAVES for Western corporations. The Western elite and corporate CEOs are the slave masters and the Chinese people under the Communist Party are the slaves. The Communist Party acts as the overseers to keep the people working and producing for the Western Corporations. This is why so many Chinese are going crazy committing suicide and jumping off buildings and stabbing their own little children up in the schools. They're going crazy under the stress of an oppressive society that has made slaves out of them.
  8. Stefan This is true. Hispanic refer strictly to those who are from or have immediate ancestors from SPANISH SPEAKING nations in the Americas. Like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.... While Latino refers to anyone who is from or has immediate ancestors from Latin America in general....NOT JUST Spanish speaking nations. Chiefly Brazil and Haiti. So Brazilians are Latinos but not Hispanic. Haitians too are Latinos but not Hispanic.
  9. Troy and Del I'm commenting on the TITLE of the thread....regardless of the contents in it or the article. I don't care if the article supports or refutes what I said, the assertion of the TITLE was wrong...period....and that was what I was addressing. Genius doesn't equate to pattern recognition. Troy Exactly. It's not my fault if Delano is trying to click-bait people into reading an article by posting an obviously inaccurate title for attention. ....it is what it is. Cynique went back and forth with Stefan and some fool over the SECRET MEANING behind the title of her "superior race" thread and how it was a pun and play on words etc...((shakes head)) Look. I can't waste time getting caught up in the psychological games these people play or their MOTIVATION behind them....I respond to what's written and keep it pushing, lol ProfD ...and that's why I said earlier that pattern recognition was one of the SIGNS of intelligence. But as you pointed out, genius is much much more than mere pattern recognition. Hell, a SQUIRREL can recognize patterns...which is why they come to the same park over and over again where humans feed them, lol. Doesn't make them geniuses.
  10. Kenneth Perhaps the closest we've come to something like that so far is the interview between Mark Lamont HIll and Candace Owens....lol. I don't know if they fell "in love" with each other but based on the suppressed body language between the two...the chemistry was definitely there.
  11. Stefan But Marijuana HASN'T been legalized. It's STILL illegal. True And speaking of that, I believe much of it is attributed to the massive increase in "Marijuana" smoking among Black youth in the past 30 years or so. And I put Marijuana in quotes because I don't believe what they're smoking is REAL or pure Marijuana. I believe it's been altered or contaminated. It used to be something only a small PERCENTAGE of Black youth did in the major cities. Less than 10%. Now MOST Black youth smoke weed. Which is a side effective from frequent Marijuana abuse. You see this reckless behavior, irritability, and lack of patience increasing among the general population and it's parallel with the increase of Marijuana use. I agree. Before we put the blame on the citizen...whether they deserve it or not...the government must first do IT'S part. Before we blame the student, we must examine the teacher and make sure they're doing THEIR job properly. ProfD One of the FIRST things people need to learn is something we learned in Social Studies class back in middle schoool....FEDERAL LAW supersedes STATE LAW. Anyone familiar with basic law knows that. One of the problems with most U.S. citizens in general is MASS IGNORANCE. Ignorance when it comes to race, culture, food, history, and the law itself. If they KNEW basic law then once it has been established at the Federal level that Marijuana is illegal...who cares what the state laws are? VERY REAL! With very real causes. Laziness is another symptom of rampant weed smoking and you see this has increased manifold among Black youth over the past 30 years to the point many of them can't hold a job more than 3 weeks because they can't stop lighting up or pass the piss test. Another thing I noticed is it seems that after the government pulled back most of it's Covid relief programs that people were relying on for months to get by and make ends meet...many people got so used to that extra money that when it got cut off many of them went crazy in acts of desperation and now you see a massive increase in car jackings, robberies, etc... Another cause of lack of desire to work is being UNABLE to do most of the jobs that are out there today. Jobs tend to demand far more responsibilities today than they did in the past, even simple fast food jobs. Just CLOCKING IN is more complicated than it used to be. It would have been too much for the average non-drug abusing youth to keep up with a lot of these jobs and what they demand...let alone a chronic weed smoker who can't even remember their work schedule let alone what to do when/if they actually get there. "What day it is? I forgot, was I supposed to work today? And if this mask is yours...can I borrow it just for today???"
  12. Coggins Lol...those grapes aren't "sour"...they're FERMENTED. And eating them obviously has gotten you DRUNK if you think Trump would have been a better President. ??? Uhh...he was the ONLY man in the race. Stefan GOOD I hope the next time we hear from him is while he's UNDER OATH during his trial. Which...at the margin SHE won the popular vote by...doesn't make a lot of sense to me. There is no way you can win the popular vote by nearly 3 million and LEGITIMATELY lose the electoral vote, because the electoral vote in each state is GOVERNED by those who won the popular vote. While it's possible at a millon, it's still HIGHLY unlikely. The fact is, the Republican officials in most of these states...especially states like Florida and Texas...conspired and orchestrated to manipulate votes district by district to get Trump in office. Just like they did the same thing with Al Gore. The biggest problem isn't the Republicans cheating. We're used to that. The BIGGEST problem is the unwillingness of the Democrat party to even CALL THEM OUT on it, let alone put up a good fight. That was a FACTOR as to why she didn't win by a LARGER margin, but the facts is again....the lady got over 3 millon more popular votes. At that point Bernie becomes a non-factor. You would have gotten the same results if she had won the popular vote by 5 MILLION. They would have still cheated, gotten Trump in office...and goofballs would be on television "explaining" how Trump still won the electorate without the popular vote. Again, the biggest problem isn't Bernie or these other people pushed by the Republicans to siphon votes away...the biggest problem with the Democrats as a party is a lack of back-bone or fighting spirit. You saw this with Bill Clinton and you was it with Obama. CLINTON AND OBAMA are the reasons we ended up with Bush and Trump. A most people don't support the Democrat party...not out of ideology...but as an aversion to wimps and cowards who refuse to fight even when they are obviously being screwed over.
  13. Stefan That's true. I hadn't noticed how "ungrateful" the public was that things had somewhat stabilized until you pointed out that people were complaining so much about the price of gas and food and then all of a sudden stopped without giving a clear explanation as to why. I supposed it's human nature for most people to only raise their voices when things are wrong, not so much when they are right or are corrected. I have a theory..... I think most "regular" folks or grassroot supporters of Trump are suffering so much from poverty and general dysfunction in their lives that they take delight seeing that "others" may have it worse off than them. Kind of like a person who smiles and loves reading the gory details of incidents that produce mass casualties.
  14. He looked belligerent and he made it look like "the negroes" didn't want to take responsibility for much of their predicament. We know the truth is there was (just like there is) a racist system out there that has disadvantaged AfroAmericans for centuries and is largely responsible for the conditions so many find themselves in, but the least a Black person can do is not FEED INTO IT by engaging in and bragging and glorifying their criminality, recklessness, and irresponsibility.
  15. Pattern recognition is one of the signs of intelligence but genius is FAR beyond mere pattern recognition.
  16. Hillary won the election...plain and simple. And she was CHEATED out of it and she didn't fight hard enough to get in that office. The same with Al Gore. He won....but didn't want to fight and take it far enough and the Democrats in leadership didn't obey the wishes of the grassroots who DID want to fight and demand justice be served. We see this time and time again with the Democrats which is one of the reasons I no longer support the Democrats as a Party. No one WANTS to lose unless they are being bribed and paid off to take a dive. Black people should wise up to BOTH of these parties, realize they are no good for us, and form out own political parties and action committees
  17. Let us not forget that in the Bible Solomon was described by one of his women/lovers as a White man. In Songs of Solomon chapter 5: 10-11 we read: Stephan At Jeremiah 13:23, it reads: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots?" Judging from the color of a leopard's spots, it is easy to discern that the skin color Jeremiah is referring to is Black. And then the question would have to be what skin color was JEREMIAH to make a statement like that? He obviously didn't see HIMSELF or HIS PEOPLE as the same skin color as the Ethiopians or he would have simply used his own people as an example instead of the Ethiopian. Also, when you talk about Noah and his sons....your dealing with an ALLEGORY. Allegories are SYMBOLIC STORIES that are coded in a way that those in secret societies with the codes can understand the truth of them while they just look like simple stories to the untrained reader. Noah and his sons didn't happen in history but they SYMBOLIZE the Caucasian/White race as they came down out of the mountains of the Caucasus (Ararat) and spread into the lands of the Middle East and parts of Africa. So there was no actual Ham, Shem, or Japheth... Just different brances of the Caucausian race as they spread out taking over lands.
  18. I actually don't think the interviewer SHOWED condescendance....whether he actually FELT himself superior or not. He simply carried himself in a way he thought would be more appreciated by the community. What I found more concerning was Brown's frank admission that he and his friends WANTED to be bad, break the law, get in trouble, etc....as an act of rebellion against their parents and the older generation. Also I didn't care too much for how emotional and contrary he was getting when the interviewer tried to get him to see the link between "illegitimacy" and poverty. Brown kept trying to brush it off as it not mattering. If I were a middle class White man this would be ammunition to justify why I wouldn't invest waste more money into the ghetto. ....and NO this ain't Greg talking, lol.
  19. This is so sad for our sister. I hope they find a way to get her out. Part of me hopes that the United States will threaten to and ACTUALLY take military action against Russia for this, but.....we know how likely that is.
  20. Well..... It IS Obama's fault that Trump became president in the first place. He had more than enough evidence to prosecute him for his work with the Russians but decided not to do so.....so.
  21. If I were CEO of The Discovery Channel I would focus over 75% of the programming on the ancient civilizations of Africa and the Americas.
  22. Troy I think people are sensitive to things that go against THEIR self interests. While Black men may be sensitive to the lack of adequate representation of straight masculine Black males in the media, Black women tend to be sensitive and observant of the number of Black men they see walking around in public with White women even if we point out that the number of Black men with Black women FAR outweighs the ones with White women....lol. Although I haven't watched the shows I've seen a lot of advertisement about various new drag queen shows that will air and it seems to me the number of Black men are OVER REPRESENTED in that genre. When it comes to "Christian" movies on the Hallmark Channel or adventurers on the Discovery Channel....Black men are conspicuously absent; but in almost every drag queen show you seem to have a good representation of FLAMBOYANT (now we can use the word Cynique) Black men snapping and dancing and sassing for the viewers' entertainment. Drag queen of all races seem to also incorporate a lot of themes and slang from AfroAmerican culture in their routines.
  23. ProfD I think it would have been awesome if the African men had gotten together and found some poison and convinced everyone to go out like Jonestown. Or better yet come up with a weapon more awesome and powerful than the guns Caucasians invented. We certainly had an edge on technology for thousands of years while White men were cave dwelling savages. Infact, what's stopping Africans today from forging some metals and chemicals and making a brand new weapon even more powerful? What is a gun but a more advanced "sling shot" tossing little balls of metal at people at a high velocity. Africans could have come up with a "sound" that stopped the hearts of their enemies. "Did they even LET it get so far that entire generations were born in it?" Yep. 400 years of slavery is at least 20 generations. Millions of folks were born into it. I'm talking about OTHER groups outside of ours. Did THEY let their captivity and enslavement go beyond a single generation? I know the various Native American groups around this Hemisphere were subjected to the oppression of the English and Spanish for centuries generation after generation but forced labor and slavery? I'm not sure. Keep in mind that slavery was a system and big business. It was run like a well-oiled machine. Also, while chattel slavery was horrible, there are accounts that some plantations were better than others. Just like today...n8gglets brag about their time spent in greater confinement. Very true. And it tells you the mindset of a person who brags about how better off HIS incarceration experience is than his fellow prisoners....instead of trying to get free from it all together. Like Neely Fuller Jr. said, slaves at the bottom of the slave-ship bragging about who's chains are the biggest and look the best. The person who has high self esteem and intends on supporting himself and his family DOESN'T CARE how great conditions are on this plantation or that one because he knows he can do a MUCH better job supporting himself and family as a FREE man and not on anyone's plantation. But a man who can't support himself, has no intentions to, and don't know how even if he did...well he has no plans to leave because that's the only home he has and knows and he has no desire to find another one. LIke Malcolm said, he'll stand there looking at you and asking you "what's better than what we got here??" That which did not break us or make us weaker made us stronger. Black folks can endure and overcome more than any other group of people on the planet. But I have to ask is that a GOOD thing? A man and his lady becomes overpowered and enslaved but instead of killing himself and his lady they endure it for DECADES grow stronger and stronger physically from all of the hard work. Yet one of his kids is snatched from his arms and killed in front of him and his wife is routinely raped in front of him. What good is his survival skills?? Surviving for what??? Would he and his wife not have been better off dead and his children not even born than be subjected to that type of torture and humiliation? What was the benefit or virtue of them simply surviving....so that massa can get more work out of them??? Unfortunately, we have yet to get ourselves together and realize our fullest potential instead of being victims of this system. Facts.
  24. Troy Well if little old Black ladies were the ONLY one you had to worry about being arrested, it wouldn't be so bad...lol. But it's strong vibrant YOUNG BLACK MEN who are the primary targets and they are the ones being locked up by the thousands from a combination of so many different laws no one lawyer even knows them all. Whether they have more tricks up their sleave or not, the question is why ALLOW yourself to be subject to fall into their trap? I know money can be tempting but if there's ANY question as to it's legality, does it make a lot of sense to hop into it only to find out the hard way later? Find something else to do like opening up a lawn care business, credit union, coffee shop, etc... Why dance with Satan? "Two steps LEGAL One step ILLEGAL Full twirl STATE LEGALIZED Hop back FEDERALLY ILLEGAL Do ya see me.....do ya not ....the dance is getting tiring, when do we sit down?"
  25. Troy Ignoring the generalization about African women, men traditionally paid all the bills giving women the time to play their “traditional” role like minding the kids and maintain the household. Those days are over, as in many households everybody has to work including the kids. Kinda hard to be “mild and meek” when you are providing, often most, of the family’s financial support. Things are changing with most African women as well as all over the planet, however there are still HEAVY TRACES of traditional masculinity and femininity among African men and women respectively that haven't been erased with modern Westernization. Yeah both sexes may have to work but that is only ONE aspect of the traditional roles of men and women, while some are disrupted many others have remained. The man is still the head, the disciplinarian, even the one who drives the family around in most cases....lol. Most of the women are still mild mannered compared to most American women of any race and are less confrontational. At my job there are quite a few Africans and I can tell most African women to come over and sit down or leave something alone and they actually do it without looking at me like "You ain't my Daddy". I generally don't even try it with an American woman, but most African women readily comply with the directives of most men on the jobs and we've noticed this and found it attractive. Cynique I see plenty - WAIT! --YOU see-- You may SEE some Black men in those roles but: 1. Your PERCEPTION isn't necessarily congruent with REALITY. Showing SOME Black men in traditional tough guy roles while showing MOST of them as sissies, weirdos, and babbling buffoons and criminals is far worse than showing no Black men at all. 2. Also, when we talk about "tough guy" roles....are we also including convicts and prison movies? Because that's where a lot of Black male actors are featured in. Hollywood allows Black men to express their toughness in a NEGATIVE fashion in roles like thugs, gangsters, criminals, prison inmates, and other negative images. It helps promote racism and racial stereotypes. It tells the White woman "Yeah, he may be more masculine but he's also demonic and no good for you either." The only positive traditional tough guy role that a Black man is playing on television that I'm thinking of right now is the character "Morgan" on Fear The Walking Dead.
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