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  1. There's difference between "nigger" and "nigga". A nigger is a derogatory term for a person of African descent. A nigga is a colloquial term....usually of endearment...that many AfroAmericans use to refer to other males.
  2. Nobody "chooses" to go to prison. They may have chosen to do what they did.....but they didn't put handcuffs on themselves and haul themselves away. They were FORCED into it. But like I said.....Black success has DECLINED and not increased for the collective. That was my main point, and as usual...I've proven it.
  3. Dan Unfortunate your world view blocks you from seeing the advancement of the Black worker, small business owners, middle managers and government workers. You seem to be "blocked" from seeing the COLLECTIVE and can only see individual achievement. Yes, I've seen the advancement of SOME INDIVIDUAL Black workers and businesses. But individuals aren't the COLLECTIVE. Most Black people in America have DECLINED economically. More Black men have went to prison in the past 20 years than in any other time in history. What's successful about that? Don
  4. Ann No society built on FALSEHOOD can last. It eventually MUST collapse under the weight of it's own wickedness. Western civilization was built upon LIES and DECEPTION.....and so it must collapse. But that doesn't mean that WE as AfroAmericans have to collapse with it. This is an opportunity for US to rise and build our own society. But our society must be built upon the principles of TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS and not just a copy of the old Satanic (White Supremacist) world.
  5. Candace Owens Gets Backlash From Harry Styles Fans Over ‘Bring Back Manly Men’ Tweet Celebrities and fans alike rallied to defend Harry Styles on Monday in response to a negative tweet about the artist from conservative author Candace Owens. In her post on Saturday, Owens quote tweeted Vogue Magazine’s photos from Harry Styles’ cover shoot to voice concern over the feminization of men. “There is no society that can survive without strong men,” Owens tweeted. “The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of
  6. Dan I would have been more impressed if you questioned what point is he making. Where in the book is he raising points which are relevant. I don't have to question what point he was making because I know his INTENT. He is a DEVIL....with the intention to cause mischief and division. Just because you are jealous of my Devastatingly good looks You're half-way correct....lol....you look DEVASTATED and DEFEATED. Like a ghetto hustler near the end of the month hoping he can make it to the 1st to get some work..
  7. Daniel I believe that if Blacks continue to gain affluence the more they will migrate to the Republican Party. Right up until this time, AfroAmericans collectively have been LOSING wealth since the mid-80s. You're focusing on a HANDFUL of Black entertainers and a few who have been fortunate enough to be ALLOWED (by White people) make it in the financial/corporate world and have done good for THEMSELVES. I'm looking at the MASSES of AfroAmericans and how many of them are in prison, poverty, and homeless. You haven't seen nearly as many homeless AfroAmeri
  8. Queen X There's nothing wrong with a black man crying because he's elated. Now sis...... You know good and well something is WRONG with a grown man who comes on television snotting and stuttering and crying like that...lol. Especially if nobody died or got hurt. Dan More Blacks voted for President Trump than any other Republican candidates. Even more than Ulysses S. Grant?
  9. It's not in the scripture. That's one of the problems with Christianity......the scriptures say ONE thing while the religion teaches ANOTHER.
  10. Troy You write in the last thread that T.D. Jakes schooled her That wasn't me, that was Gibran. I didn't know exactly WHO taught her...but I could easily see that she was coached by somebody and didn't just pick it up from simply watching. She doesn't seem like the smartest person in the world based on the few videos I've seen of her. She most likely was tutored. I attended a TD Jake's service in Dallas one. The "church" is an arena. I've been there before too. If I remember correctly it's on the south side of Dall
  11. Troy I didn't know that about Langston until you just told me. If I were to only read your posts, no....you don't sound like most people I've met from Harlem (Like Sa Neter and Brother Polight). But in the couple of videos where I've heard you speaking you DO sound like a typical New Yorker. That Bugs Bunny accent so many have.
  12. Daniel You demonstrate you don’t understand the premise of Christianity. It doesn’t matter what you think. Well I know the basic premise of Christianity..... According to it's basic tenets, as long as you say and believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior you are forgiven of your sins and will be saved. That pretty tells people they can kill, rob, rape, and commit all other manner of evil including ENSLAVING OTHER PEOPLE and still be spared from damnation through "the blood". Is there something I'm missing?
  13. From Adam...to Noah....to the Children of Yacub (Israel) in Babylon............ The Old Testament books of the Bible are just a compilation of the early exploits of the Caucasian race....especially in the Middle East. It starts off with a group of Beings (Us/We) making Adam. Adam is not the first man; he's the first Caucasian. And you follow the journey of him and his descendants as they interact with the Original peoples of the planet that they came across for time spans of thousands of years. "Thus we come to CONQUER in the name of our Lord!"
  14. Daniel The Gospel is simple and was spread by word of mouth. Most lies are. Until those responsible for it figure out a better way to deceive the people. The necessary components are recognition and repentance. Says who? Did JESUS say that, or did those who intended to corrupt his message and use that corruption to exploit the masses, say it? When you go before people and say that their behavior doesn't matter....all they have to do is repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.....you're basically giving th
  15. When I was in the Church I used to believe that also. I used to wonder WHY did a person have to go to Seminary school and get "man's education" in order to become a minister or priest. But when I realized that the Bible was translated from Latin and Greek and has a history of being re-interpreted, mis-interpreted, having books added and taken out and that Christianity itself has a long history of going through revolutions and reforms.....I realized why this was necessary. Most Christians are just READING the Bible and assuming it means one thing.....not realizing it means something tot
  16. Dan, before we get into your questions I would like to point out that THIS is Tom Reiss: Tom Reiss This is the elitist, snobbish looking, devil....going around stirring up trouble and conflict between the Africans of the United States (ADOS) and the Africans of the Continent. Why should we pay attention to ANYTHING this mischief making DEVIL has to say? That said............ Just because someone is a devil, doesn't mean ALL of the information they offer is invalid.
  17. Most people don't know that Dr. Sebi was actually LATINO. He was born and raised in Honduras and spoke fluent Spanish. I notice that the actual AUTHOR of the book is Beverly Oliver....not Dr. Sebi himself. So I wonder how much of it will be HIS actual perspective as opposed to her interpretation.
  18. White people are NOTORIOUS for that. They are well known for being from the suburbs but CLAIMING to be from some tough hard urban area. I believe they do it for street credibility. What bothers me is when no one CALLS them on it, but are quick to call another Black person over the slightest fib.
  19. I think where you're actually from matters IF YOU'RE LYING about it. If you aren't from Detroit, why claim it? What's the purpose...unless you're deliberately trying to deceive the public. I'm not from New York. What do I look like running around telling everybody I'm from St. Albans or Soundview.....doesn't make any sense. The purpose is to CONFUSE and DECEIVE the people by making you think he's something that he's not. Just like that Pastor Paula White.....White Supremacists know how to carefully CRAFT an image in order to deceive the masses. It's like adding a particular
  20. Del I have no doubt that he loves Rap....most Caucasians love and worship our creativity even if they don't love where it came from! More often than not, they don't love it as much as they want to INCORPORATE it and take it over! That's why you often find Caucasians who know the lyrics to certain songs and the entire background behind it better than the Black folks who jam and dance to it. We just love the music...but the Caucasian wants to ANALYZE it so he can MASTER it! As far as money and power........... Black rappers usually start off in poverty so they see rap as a means
  21. Eminem is a great MC....I can't take that away from him. They looked and looked and searched and searched until they FOUND a good White rapper. My problem is that he CLAIMS the city of Detroit....where he's NOT from. He's from Kansas. I grew up around nothing BUT Black people and noticed how the media went out of their way to make Michigan and especially Detroit look like some haven for White people. Growing up seeing New York and Los Angeles getting so much attention for their Black populations and music while Detroit's was ignored was already a sore spot...and to promote Eminem a
  22. This is a "spin off" of the thread that our brother Gibran started about Paster Paula White......one of the more well known interlopers who is getting rich off of imitating the style of AfroAmericans. I want you all to take a look at her style of preaching and her body language Look at how she sways from side to side and bounces while preaching. Look at the white tennis shoes with the tight jeans and color contrasts. She's clearly trying to ATTRACT and CHARM the mostly Black audience and get them under her spell as she preaches in
  23. I'm not surprised for a number of reasons............. For one thing, she's a White woman born and raised in Mississippi but chose a WHITE husband to marry. I've noticed that almost every time you find a White woman born and raised in a predominately Black or Brown community but ends up choosing and marrying a White man she most likely is racist. But just like it's easy to pull the wool over the eyes of a fool, it's easy to pull the wool over the eyes of a FOOLISH PEOPLE. Nothing surprising about it. People take advantage of marks. And the AfroAmerican community has PLENTY of
  24. Dan You are completely white washing and diminishing the history of Africa. No Daniel, what I'm attempting to do is FOCUS YOU on one point or subject at a time instead of creating strawmen to argue against or being all over the map with subjects that are totally irrelevant to the discussion itself. "You're totally ignoring the fact that Africa is not a country but a continent that is almost entirely surrounded by salt water! See, that's your problem!" It comes from using 1492 as ground zero. You comple
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