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  1. Man, good video. I want to comment on it but why did you post it HERE instead of the Culture/Race section??
  2. Come on @daniellegfny, everybody is waiting for your answer to Del's question. Do you believe that the Coronavirus was a hoax or not?????
  3. Do yall hear something buzzing or flying around???? Where's my fly swatter at??? ....must not be TOO much of a loser if I can't seem to lose YOU, lol.
  4. Coggins Flat-Earthers tend to be Trump supporting Conservatives...lol. Many of them take the Bible literally and think the Earth is flat and covered with a large clear dome over it and water on the other side of the dome instead of outer space.
  5. ProfD And whatever THOSE LIARS tell us, I wouldn't believe it anyway. If they came on television tonight and confessed that Covid19 was a man made disease designed to thin the population......I'd STOP believing that, lol. I'd say if THEY are claiming it, it can't be true. It must have came from nature. It must have been some sort of Divine Punishment they can't control. It couldn't have been man-made if THESE demons are admitting to it....lol.
  6. What I find interesting is how deeply ingrained Wall Street futures and projections are in economics. It's one thing to bet whether or not someone will win, but it's a higher level to narrow it down to exactly by how much.
  7. Cynique Oh, puleeze. With 5 kids, 8 grandkids, 8 great-grandkids, hundreds of FaceBook friends, and the luxurious option of solitude, I'm a winner- looking forward to celebrating my 89th birthday in August. Not to mention that I consider all the regulars on this board my pals - with one dank exception. . Now, go back to doing what keeps your world from collapsing; believing that you are infallible. Yada, yada, yada.... Anyway...... Troy I don't think opposites ALWAYS attract because every man and woman is different. Hell some women don't even like MEN and are Lesbian. So obviously these rules don't apply to everybody. However MOST of the time opposite demeanors of behavior tend to attract the opposite sex. Not grossly opposite but within the range of "normal"...they tend to attract the opposite sex because a contrasting attitude tends to compliment one's personality. Also, many women like trying to "change" a man into her way of thinking. They love the challenge. So that's how it's often attractive.
  8. Everybody but you....lol. You obviously don't think YOUR race is superior. .....unless you're actually White, lol.
  9. That's right.....GO Herschel...go! Get the hell out of the way so that Warnock can keep his seat and atleast maintain the prosperity of Black Georgia. GO Herschel! Go on and sit your funny ass down somewhere....lol.
  10. Can I please have the scriptures in their exact context so that I may examine them and see how accurate they supposedly are?
  11. Coggins Large numbers are black. That's true in the New York/New Jersey area but when you leave that region and go through out most of the country, the majority of the Latinos are NON-Black. Infact, most of the Latinos in Florida are White.
  12. Coggins The Universal laws are NOT synonymous with the laws of most nations, especially Western nations. In nature, you stock up on as much food as you can. In this society, if you go to the store and stock up on food without paying you may end up arrested and in jail because the "laws" don't allow it.
  13. The Bible doesn't teach sex. It barely even mentions it except for using vague terms like "went into" and "knew"; but it certainly doesn't teach you HOW to have sex. I think REAL sex education should be taught where people are actually taught HOW to properly and safely have great sex. It shouldn't be forced, but the option should be available for those who want to learn.
  14. Problem is....that's not ALL he said. The nigga said their "bad air" is floating over here to the United States while our "good air" is floating over there to China. That's not how weather patterns work and you don't have to be a meteorologist to figure that out. He has a HISTORY of saying ridiculously stupid and simple minded things.
  15. Yeah, but something tells me it's not hard to "amaze" you. You're amazed by a Chia Pet...... cha cha cha Chia I'm actually curious as to your answer to Delano's question about the virus being a "hoax". I know you saw it.
  16. If your ONLY friend is some part-time astrologist who lives way down in Australia, you should be the LAST person to call somebody else a "loser"....LOL
  17. @KENNETH Yeah, you need to post more often. You can help clear the "bad air" that sometimes accumulates around here....lol. Dank, musty air that give off "funny vibes" when you walk through it. ((shivers)). Your insightful input is MUCH appreciated.
  18. Man, I don't know HOW my computer brought me way back to posts from 2010. Not sure what button I hit, but I found this topic quite interesting. Especially given my current stance of not belonging to any man-made religion. I would say YES.....they should. They don't have to promote sex outside of marriage or homosexuality. They can continue to preach that both are sins......those churchs who STILL preach this; because traditional Christianity as well as the Bible itself clearly says both are sins. However nothing says they can't show videos of people having sex or even give live demonstrations with MARRIED couples up on stage having sex infront of the congregation. How likely is that to happen? Not sure. Most Christians will balk at the idea. However in an ideal world where people aren't hypocrites and recognize that sex is life giving, beautiful, and one of the greatest physical desires of this world the prevailing attitude should be: Why not? In ancient African and Native American societies, not only was public sex common but TEACHING people how to properly have sex was also very common. The original people didn't have sexual hang-ups and weird pervsions like the Caucasians and their culture so sex was viewed differntly.
  19. ProfD Problem is, you can't get on code with a damn FOOL. And a lot of our people are straight up FOOLS. Stupid as hell. You call yourself trying to get on code with some of them and as soon as the meeting is over they sneak off to a backroom somewhere and tell some White man everything you talked about. "Well uhhhhh..... I don't know what all they was talking about but I told you I'd tell ya when they met. Uh huh.....uh huh.....ok." You can't expect a real code out of some of these niggas. They don't have that type of honor. Even on the streets there is no honor among most of them. They'll snitch on eachother, lie, cheat, get lazy, announce everything he plans to do on Twitter or facebook. Dumb ass nigga all up on facebook live with a stack of $5 bills to his ear rapping about all the dope he sold today before the police kick his door in and snatch his ass up. I'm telling you the best thing for us to do right NOW is for the most intelligent and righteous among us to get together and forget about the dead weight. Let the zombies feed off of eachother.
  20. ProfD Actually, I'm hearing a lot of chatter about them reducing it to under a BILLION either by 2025 or 2030, depending on the theory.
  21. ProfD I personally believe that the Willie Lynch letter was real. For decades we accepted it real and authentic and then someone comes along and calls it into question and all of a sudden we're supposed to reject it? Not so fast. I need more evidence that it was "made up" because the contents of it sounds mightly similar to what you can observe among many AfroAmericans today. Too similar for there to be just some casual coincidence. As a result, many AfroAmericans operate on the belief that the white man's ice is colder. That, and personal experience dealing with a lot of AfroAmericans where often the White man's ice actually IS colder...lol. Nigga got a store but use cheap ass worn out refrigerators where much of the ice is already half melted when you pick up the bag...lol. If/when AfroAmericans wake up and realize their supremely given gifts, talent, intelligence, knowledge, skills and abilities, I believe they will come together to pool resources and build wealth for future generations. Personally, I may not live long enough to see it come to fruition. But, the cool thing is that that we live in advanced society technologically that it it can happen very fast and exponentially Not sure when AfroAmericans collectively will wake up but there are plenty of work INDIVIDUALS. I think the solution you speak of will manifest itself once we stop waiting on the collective to come together and those few of us who ARE ready to build a new world just come together and DO IT. Stop waiting on the masses. Many of whom may never come. Let's take what we got and use what we have and build where we stand.
  22. Something tells me this lady was "set in her ways" looooooong before THIS stage in her life. Infact....something tells me her "ways were set" probably before reaching adulthood, lol.
  23. Like Neely Fuller Jr. calls, Population TAYLORING. They don't want to eliminate the population. Just reduce it to more "manageable" levels.
  24. Del Not sure about the other times you attempted to "explain" it (as if it needs explaination); however I recall you relating an incident in Europe where you were walking down the street and some cops stopped you and questioned you. But you said it had nothing to do with race....lol.
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