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  1. Daniel You can do what you want to do...... But I suggest you strongly resist the temptation to respond any further in this thread....lol. Either that, or choose your words very carefully.
  2. Troy I don't believe I've met Thumper. Why do you say you're not sure if Thumper is still alive? Was she sick or elderly? Daniel The logical reason why I don’t accept the Ancient Mysteries system Another logical reason is because it probably won't accept you. You probably wouldn't be allowed to be initiated....lol. is because they are creation of man. Oh.....but Christmas isn't?
  3. Extremely informative article brother! I've been saying for decades that they have been genetically engineering foods that will benefit THEM and harm our people. Why do you think there are so many White women walking around with wide hips and big butts bouncing and shaking them in your face today? They didn't look like that 30 years ago, why now? And on the flip side, I've seen quite a few AfroAmerican women who seem to have LOST their butts and not have flat butts even when they are fat! But when you look at the sisters from Africa they STILL have the big butts, wide hips, and o
  4. EVERY Black man and woman living in Western society is a "veteran" as well as a P.O.W.
  5. This sister Vickie Dillard REALLY let that disgraceful brother have it! I usually recommend certain parts of a video, but the MAJORITY of her video is so ON POINT on challenging AfroAmerican men to "man up" and stop with all of the crying and emotionalism....that it would be a disservice to her to just point to one or two segments. I suggest you all listen to the entire video, even if you have to while doing other work...... Daniel So you met Van Jones and he practices crying off a
  6. Troy There are probably more informative videos but I don't have any I'd recommend at the moment. Apparently the oldest verified person in Earth is 117. The oldest to have ever lived, lived to be 122. And exactly WHO verified these ages?
  7. Before I can PROPERLY answer your question, I'll need you to specify WHICH "Black Culture" you're refering to. There are literally HUNDREDS of Black cultures around the world with different beliefs and practices. The Black Yoruba culture is different than the Black Zulu culture. The Black Dravidian culture is different than the Black Ormomo culture. The Black Wolof culture is different than the culture that most Black U.S. residents practice. Now, judging by the context of your post I can kind of guess which one you're talking about, but I wouldn't want to assume.
  8. Do you know the difference between PROOF and EVIDENCE? If you did, you'd realize there is plenty of EVIDENCE that much of this killing is being done by White Supremacists.
  9. Troy Yeah lol 117 is just about as long as a human has ever lived and probably makes him the oldest person in Earth. I'm not sure of that. When I was a Bible believer I thought nobody could live past 120. I realized that that was a misinterpretation of scripture and since they accept that plenty of people can live past that age. Black people live a LONG time when we are in our natural environments eating the right foods. You shouldn't be losing young brothers in their late 30s from cancer and AIDS like Chadwick Boseman, Old Dirty, and Eazy E.
  10. Troy Describing Black men being criers as part of our culture is not something I'm familiar with. No. It's not something most AfroAmerican men would ADMIT to. Infact, it's not something a lot of AfroAmerican men probably have even noticed about themselves. But I have because I am an observer. Some people are more observant than others and notice the small details of society that most others over-look. Now ofcourse men of ALL races cry more than the media would lead you to believe. I've seen a lot of white men cry like babies over different thin
  11. Del Man..... Trying to talk with you is like talking to a squirrel in a tree...lol. Pioneer: Hey man! Pioneer: I see you're thinking about coming out for a little sun, huh? "I guess I am........." Pioneer: Well........I'm gonna be on my way now. You take care man! Peace!
  12. Troy but there plenty of emotional engineers. I haven't met any...yet. When I talk to them they just stand there with a drink in their hand looking at me with that "cheerio" look on their faces. And most engineers I've met can't look you in the eyes when they talk to you. They are usually looking at a computer or phone screen.....LOL. I'm not sure if you know who she is but Cynthia G REALLY went in hard on Van Jones for crying over Biden's election.....LOL.
  13. Oh, brother Uhuru.....let me check out that video. ((20 minutes later)) I'm gonna have to agree with Troy in not getting too much out of this video. I'm a little disappointed that when brother Search for Uhuru (forgot his actual name but remember him) was told that the elder was 117 years old that he didn't make THAT the main topic for a minute and spend more time on it. It's like...... Dude just TOLD you that my man was 117!!!!! No amazement.... No emotion..... No further questioning about his age..... Just moved on to talking about a bowl and some horns stuck in a mud b
  14. And apparently your post failed (if that was it's intention) to discredit mine. We just know there is a lot of violence and shooting going on in AfroAmerican neighborhoods, but do we know exactly WHO is doing most of it?
  15. Troy told "you" to be the change, he did not say anything about him being the change It certainly SEEMS like that's where he's going with it. Of course this too is a broad generalization, but I hate to say I've seen too many parallels in life to completely discount it. It goes back to the "white man's ice is colder" cliché." The biggest goal in the lives of MOST AfroAmericans is to be accepted and loved by Caucasians. That's all that counts for most of them. As far as the average negro is concerned you can:
  16. Troy It seems like I remember reading that you were also an engineer or had an engineering degree. If so that's usually a sign of a person who's brain is "tilted" more towards LOGIC than emotion. Perhaps you're too cold blooded and logical to shed a tear for Biden or anyone else....lol. Any record of him crying with Obama won too, or are his tears reserved for the great white savior? All Van Jones DOES is cry. Like many Black men. I understand that crying among Black men isn't necessarily a sign of weakness because I've seen br
  17. This happened all over the nation. And it CONTINUES...............
  18. Can't do it by myself. It takes more than only ONE person being nice for a society to get along. People quote that "be the change you want to see" cliche a lot but it's hard in real life for ANYONE to change themselves if their society and environment hasn't because most people's behavior is heavily influenced BY their environment. You can talk about quitting a gang and dropping out of it all you want, but if all you got going on around you is GANGBANGING and killing and you're the only one talking about peace......the killing will continue and you may even end up a victim yourse
  19. Troy At any rate there was a Brother (apparently, because it was just audio) on the YouTube channel espousing the same rhetoric Pioneer has about. The video was from the summer and the Brother was warning of the listener about an eminent assault being planned by white supremacists. This was based upon an "increase in chatter" on the various white supremacist's platforms. The speaker felt that a massacre would occur on the 4th of July. Obviously nothing happened Actually brother, it DID happen....and it's still happening. It just didn't happen in the way so many p
  20. I said it in THIS thread: I said that if Trump stays in office you're going to get a revolution which COULD mean your slaughter or it COULD mean that you might actually end up doing BETTER and come out more successful from the breaking up of an old oppressive system. Then I said, but if Biden gets in office ALL you're gonna get is more of the same....which includes MORE Black men crying on CNN.
  21. I don't hate to say it, because I LOVE being right...... A couple months ago I said something along the lines of the only thing you'll get out of a Biden Presidency is MORE Black men on CNN crying! I said this. The REASONS I said this were slightly different from the reason Mr. Jones (who's very sensitive in real life...I met him a few times when I was out on the Westcoast) was crying over, but my prediction is based on the same logic. I'm gonna try to go dig up the post where I said it but there's a REASON I made that prediction..... As an AfroAmerican man, I know the hyper-emo
  22. On a more serious note...... It's a damn shame so many AfroAmericans have such a hard time having basic conversations with eachother let alone debates and intellectual arguments WITHOUT them devolving into name calling, hostility, vicious insults, and too often eventual threats. These observations aren't a result of my recent exchanges with FAS or anyone else on this site but from what I've observed AROUND THE INTERNET as well as what I've observed in real life among AfroAmericans for decades! Caucasians and East Asians can disagree with eachother for WEEKS about a particul
  23. It's hard to describe it but their is a certain type of tension and hostility that exists in the United States that most AfroAmericans don't notice until they LEAVE the United States for other Western nations and then come back home...then it's readily noticeable. I used to go to Canada a lot and as soon as I crossed the border I immediately sensed a diff I believe AfroAmericans (most humans but AfroAmericans especially) are very sensitive and highly tuned to the emotions of those around us. It's what helps us survive. And much of the tension and our behavior is in RESPONSE to the h
  24. FAS (Full-A-Shit) Now I know what FAS stands for....lol. This is what I meant about dishonesty in debate. Problem is....YOU'RE not "debating". A debate is when both sides challenge eachother's points with counter-points and more points of their own. YOU aren't doing that. YOU are throwing a hissy fit...lol. Your reliable refusal to concede on ANY point I or anyone else makes when in the middle of even the mildest of disagreements with you is a CLEAR sign of your mal-adjusted and hyper-emotional disposition. You n
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