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  1. ProfD The sad truth is, even if they were on that train a lot of AfroAmerican men simply wouldn't have intervened for many reasons. Some could have cared less what happened to another person, let alone another Black man. Some would have cared but would have been too scared. Others would have actually thought that's what brutha Jordan "deserved" for getting on the train and "acting a fool" But then there are others who probably WOULD have intervened. From what I saw in the video, there was some sort of dude of color.....look like he had some Black in him....helping the White dude to hold Jordan down and some have speculated that he may have been Latino or Caribbean. In New York.....the percentage of FBA is relatively low compared to other Afro-lineaged groups. Another sad truth is.....you see SO MANY of our bruthas acting a fool in public, you get tired of it. Coast to coast you'll see homeless Black men and bruthas from the streets getting on trains and hanging out in malls and other public areas clowning and acting crazy. Begging for money, messing with women, threatening folks, etc....not that other demographics DON'T do this....but you don't see them doing it at the same rate. It gets to the point that the public starts loosing sympathy for a lot of these bruthas, so it feeds the demand for "White vigilantism". When a White man comes along acting like a superhero or Charles Bronson "Death Wish" type.....the public often takes HIS side because they're fed up with savage behavior. I personally blame the City of New York and the United States Government for this because they are responsible for the well being of their citizens and providing decent housing for those who can't provide it for themselves.....and instead they're giving billions away to Ukraine abroad and giving apartments and hotel rooms away to illegal immigrants here!
  2. Meanwhile, while bruthaz like Jordan Neely are being strangled on subway trains.....you got this shit: New York City plans to temporarily house migrants in hotels in other counties. One county is suing to stop it | CNN
  3. richardmurray Excellent point! Don't make an unnecessary target out of yourself. You know they have locker rooms where she could have changed into civilian clothes. Not sure why some officers choose to wear their clothes outside of duty unless they are trying to show the world that they're a cop or maybe just plain laziness and being too tired to take it off. Whatever the reason, perhaps this tragedy can be used as a cautionary tale.
  4. Like you, I don't know if this is the truth or not and I'm skeptical about the "official" story of authorities who weren't at the scene, but IF this is close to the truth.....then it seems to me that our sista didn't really HAVE TIME to call for back-up. If a person has somebody.....especially a group of people....running towards them shooting, besides ducking and looking for something to hide behind the ONLY thing they'll have time to do is shoot back if they have a gat on them. No time to get on the radio----if she even HAD one in her private vehicle---and call for back-up. She'd have to do that by cell phone. It could be that our poor sista did the only thing she could do.
  5. Brutha GoBlack2Africa breaks it down to the simple truth about what's really happening in Sudan: The only difference is I take it a step further and say Black stupidity is the REAL culprit because if so many of our African leaders weren't so stupid and easily manipulated (which can be considered redundant as "easy manipulation" is a symptom of stupidity) then only a fraction of the current conflicts would actually be taking place there. Brutha GoBlack is too nice to say it.....but I'm not.
  6. Troy I don't believe the young man is claiming to have NEAR DEATH experiences at will, but he can often involve MYSTIC experiences without the traumatic prerequisites so many often have prior to theirs. As far as him "proving" what he experienced. Not sure how he can prove what he was and did in an entirely different realm UNLESS he had a way of taking the person who demands the proof into that other realm with him. But indeed, Oprah HAS had many guests on discussing their NDE's, some of them famous: Mystic spiritual experiences happen to all people in all walks of life.
  7. richardmurray My comment wasn't meant to be an OPPOSITION to yours. I agree that is she had the opportunity, she should have called for back up and probably not even engage with that many if it weren't absolutely necessary.....again....I didn't follow the story. Simply establishing my default position when it comes to matters involving conflicts between Black professionals vs Black criminals.
  8. EXCELLENTLY STATED......as usual! I won't add anything to it.
  9. This issue....along with racism and White vigilantism....is at the heart of why our brother Jordan Neely was strangled to death on a train in New York while the other passengers did nothing and some of them even helped. The homeless crisis that is not only happening in New York but all over the nation but especially seen in the major cities and on the coast is fueled by racism because Black male make up the increasing majority of homelessness in this nation today. A lot of these bruthaz are getting out of jail/prison with very little opportunity or knowledge to better themselves and improve their situation.
  10. @anonymous50 Hopefully it won't be your VERY last post. Perhaps you'll atleast answer my question......but why did you say it may be your LAST post? Are you having health issues or plan on "going away" for a long time?
  11. frankster It is difficult to help those who do not know you are helping or see any value in what you are doing or how best to avail themselves of that which you have provided. Sometimes it is. Sometimes you have to IMPLEMENT your plan first and let the people see some of the results in order for them to appreciate it. If you're trying to feed a homeless woman, yelling at her and demanding that she comes across the street to meet you will probably be met with skepticism and likely fear as opposed to having a meal already prepared and presented to her first before asking her to indulge. Perhaps these wealthy AfroAmericans should build a financial institution and ensure that it's active in the community FIRST before expecting the rest of Black America to fully understand and support their ideas. Matthew 7:6 Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. Thank you for providing this verse that support the assertion I've been making through out this thread. That we shouldn't waste too much time on helping those who don't want nor appreciate it. I believe one should render help to all according to the limitations of your own resources and their ability to receive it. Before Galileo, most Europeans BELIEVED the Sun revolved around the Earth....lol. So much for belief. Then You are Jaded and haughty. Or observant and wise. What will get you jaded is constantly doing the same things over and over again that clearly don't work. If seeing to help "everybody" and unite "everybody" in the community is your goal....as was the goal of those before you....and THEY weren't able to accomplish it and YOU haven't been able to accomplish it, what do you think your activities will ultimately lead to? 6.4% of Black youth are involved in Drug dealing.....thats not a fraction.... Not to mention involvement in Gangs.... Those are clearly false/inaccurate statistics. Marijuana is a drug and far more than "6.4%" of Black youth smoke weed. If they are buying it or selling it they are DEALING it. I have recognize the ills of the Community - Food Justice Issues and lack of Proper Education are a major reasons for all those symptoms I agree. I simply don't LIMIT the major reasons to those you mentioned. That Swim instructor you mention believes in Curing.....I believing in Prevention where possible. Ok. How do you "prevent" STUPID? How do you "prevent" someone of low intelligence from constantly making poor life choices? They do not know better.....teach them. Some people CAN'T be taught. Some people DON'T WANT to be taught. We should make the information freely available and easily accessible to all who are interested, but we're not going to shove it down their throats if they don't want it. I have never met a stupid person just miseducated or sick individuals. Then you've never left your home...lol. They do not Know....To know denotes Understanding. They have the information.. This is a contradiction. If they have the information....they know. Whether they fully understand or not is a different story. Who doesn't know that smoking cigarettes are bad for you? Who doesn't know that smoking crack or doing heroin is bad for you? Who doesn't know that drinking too much is bad for you? At this point we can't blame it on a lack of knowledge but on DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE. They simply are more interested in having fun than in doing what they KNOW is "right. Racism. Racism is a CONCEPT. Concepts don't target people. They may FOCUS on people, but to target someone is a deliberate act involving will and concepts don't have will. Maybe you have heard of the many attempts we have successfully made and the many more that have failed....Racism is real - COINTELPRO Yes racism is real. And so are the successes of the UNIA and Nation of Islam and the many many other AfroAmerican organizations who thrived and prospered during the heights of racial segregation in this nation where even the LAW supported the oppression of AfroAmericans outright. They didn't let racism stop them....the persevered and continued towards success. Why? Because they DESIRED to. They had a desire to succeed and make a successful future for themselves and their children....not lay on the couch and smoke weed all day; which is the desire of much of the youth today. There are many reasons WHY this is their desire...including racism, but it is still a desire none the less. The Enemy is Racism....Not ourselves Racism will take some of us and TURN them into an enemy. Tell the man who had his house broken into and his wife and child killed by a neighborhood drug addict....that the perpetrator isn't HIS enemy! To say we are our brothers enemy is to buy into the Psyop. Bob Marley says it best in his song: Ambush Its Call Agent Provocateur Subterfuge and Sabotage thru Infiltration. Espionage is a tactic that is ancient and used in most major conflicts. The racism practiced by White Americans against AfroAmericans is only one example. But not only were agents used to break up the Panther Party but internal conflicts, internal struggles for power, atheism, and rampant drug use were also major reasons the Panther Party broke up. They had a strong political foundation but a not so strong MORAL/ETHICAL foundation....which is a key adhesive in any lasting organization. You can't simply pull a bunch of pimps, prosititutes, drug addicts, and dope dealers off the street and give them guns and Mao books and expect them to liberate your community. There must be a PROCESSING first to remove the draught and grime that one accumulates from living a savage life on the streets. Inner city Youths are exposed to food poisoning and psyops from birth and pre birth. Truth! However this is true BECAUSE the inncer city ELDERS failed to provide a safe healthy environment for them to develp and grow in. After a 400 year record, one should come to expect the enemy to do what they are doing....but where is the COUNTER to their aggression? Many black farmers were dispossess of their farms Facts. However in the majority of the cases most Black farmers died without their children taking over and continuing their legacy of farming. Many of their children sought to leave the farm and rural life and travel to the cities where they thought more opportunity and fun awaited them. It was called The Great Migration When Racist resort to overt naked Violence it is usually because all else has failed....All the other blackwall st esque communities where already being successfully undermined covertly. Excellent point! Moses The allege founder of Judaism was a prince of Egypt Yes Moses likely was a prince of Egypt...or atleast a high ranking priest. But he wasn't the founder of Judaism. Judaism was founded many many years later in Babylon. Harag means to Kill or Killing.....Ratzach means Murder All Murder is a Killing ...... not all Killing is Murder. Ok, so when the Children of Israel were instructed to "kill" every man, woman, and child in 1st Samuel....you believe this instruction to slaughter came from God? Sarah was his Cousin....his Uncle Haran's daughter. According to Genesis Ch.20 vs 12, Abraham makes it CLEAR that Sarah is indeed his sister or atleast half-sister: The words are as plain as day. The direction depends on the perspective. True However still....direction and perspective are distinct concepts Then you must also realize that in considering a transition there will always be uncertainties Ofcourse. Which is why you go with the BETTER alternative. Is it better to have prison that only reform a fraction of the inmates? Or is it better to have NO prisons so that NO people are reformed or are they restrained from wreaking more havoc and harm on society? Most people can learn and be taught....though I was not thinking of the mentally and or intellectually challenge And I agree that MOST people can learn and be taught. Just not everyone. So we shouldn't waste time trying to teach EVERYONE but focus on those who are able (and in my opinion "willing") to be taught. I contend that one of the major reasons....infact one of the top 5....that our community hasn't progressed much further than it has is because we're wasting too much time and energy trying to uplift those whom it would only take a MIRACLE to uplift. And I do believe in miracles! However I recognize that as humans we have very little control over them and without Divine assistance can only do what's in OUR power to do. When trying to come up with VIABLE solutions for problems, ALL known factors.....including ones that some may be uncomfortable discussing....must be considered. The thought that some people are too stupid or slow to learn is a FACT that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Primarily because they or a loved one may fit into that category. However it must be acknowledged and accommodations made for it if we want to come up with solutions that will effectively improve our community.
  12. frankster Never Read the book... Do you know of any of his source materials? I'm sure he has a bibliography in his book and I do remember seeing multiple books he referenced to in the book. Some of which were: Quran Bible Book of Enoch Babylonian Talmud Book of Adam and Eve Message To The Black Man I am not saying I am Right and you Wrong on this point....but I have been led to think the following. The Anunnaki are Physical biological Beings... As do I. There is no disagreement here. The Neteru are Principles that Operate in our Existence. Not sure about this. It's my understanding that "Neter" is simply the Kemetic term for the same superior advanced Beings known by other names such as Anunnaki, Giants, Titans, etc...in other cultures. Some of the Neteru will be ATTRIBUTED to certain principles and concepts....kind of like a Specialist Doctor will specialize in certain conditions. But that doesn't mean they ARE the condition they specialize in, it just means they are an expert in it. The Anunnaki will have color can you say that they were Human and black Provide links. I can provide evidence of them being advanced humans, but at this time I can not provide evidence that they were Black. These are the sculptures and pictures done by the ancient Sumerians depicting the Anunnaki: They look human to me. Perhaps I'm mistaken and rather than being human, humans were made to look like THEM Outside of that possibility, they look like human beings to me. It would have to be deductive reasoning that they were Black as White people didn't exist at that time (prior to 6000 years ago) and what other color/race of people existed in that region? Native Americans and East Asians (yellow man) are the only other actual races that are older than 6000 years (not by much though....lol), however there is little evidence of them dwelling in the Iraq, Iran, Egypt area. I see Adam as the First man of our Kind (not just of White men)- Homo sapien sapien...yes Other Men existed. I'm glad you acknowledge that other men existed before Adam. What KIND or RACE do you believe these "other men" were who existed before Adam? If Ham is a Descendant of Adam the I am a Descendant of Adam. So you believe that you are a descendant of Ham? Yes information is key..... provide any links you have to support your claims Alright, let's take a look at the Hebraic text as well as the transliteration of Genesis Chapter 6, shall we? Here you have the famous verses describing how the "Sons of God" mixed with the "daughters of man"; but when you read the original text for itself...you actually find a slightly different understanding. As I said before, "Elohim" doesn't mean "god"......but "gods" PLURAL. So why did the English translators translate it singularly? Because this FALSE translation lines up more neatly with their idea of monotheism. But in truth it should read the sons of the Elohim chose the daughters of Adam (ha adam). And took them as "wives"......spirits don't mix with humans for sex....let alone MARRY them. These would have to be flesh and blood beings to do this. It should also be noted that "Adam" is a symbolic word that actually represents a GROUP of people, not just one individual. Take a look at the original Hebraic Text along with the Transliteration and how the English translation mis-translates it: It says He blessed THEM and called THEIR name "Adam".....not just one person but the entire group. So when you read the original translation you realize that this is referencing an entire GROUP of people, not just one or two. This is one of the reasons why the Bible can't be taken literally or as God's word. Too much confusion and symbolism in it's language and translation. Now what does ADAM mean and why was this term ascribed to an entire group of people? Let's look at Strongs Biblical Lexicon : Strongs's #119: 'adam - Greek/Hebrew Definitions - Bible Tools Adam means to show blood in the face....or to "blush" taken from the root word "DM" meaning "red/blood". A-dam SHOW-BLOOD / BLUSH The only people who show blood or blush in the face are Caucasians or those MIXED with Caucasians. Adam represents the first White people on our planet and their initial interactions with US....the original people. Ahhhhh let's get into it brutha.............
  13. May our dear and beloved brother rest in peace and power! Long live his Spirit and his Wisdom!
  14. Ofcourse immigrants will put an enormous economic strain on AfroAmericans as a community. .....not necessarily all Blacks because Africans and Caribbeans will still thrive because of their ethics and cultural codes. However most of the fault of this economic strain lays at the feet of AfroAmericans themselves and I'll give you two major reasons: 1. The AfroAmerican community is married to the Democrat party, but have little control over it and it's policies and agendas. Right now the Democrats have been designated as the "pro immigration" party....atleast publicly because the Republicans are pro-immigration also but don't admit to it in public. So most AfroAmerican Democrats are forced to vote against SOME of their own interests by supporting a party that undermines their economic and social interests. 2. AfroAmericans have been in this nation long enough to have established such a strong and resilient economic and political base that NO immigrant would come close to being a threat to us economically, politically, socially, or otherwise. Part of the reason these immigrants put a strain on AfroAmericans is because we're often competing for the same "bottom of the barrel" resources that were designed to assist the destitute and downtrodden. Not well established wealthy citizens. Medicaid, food stamps, low wage service jobs.....AfroAmericans as a community should be BEYOND that stage by now. Not only should we as a community have top notch health insurance but we should have our own hopsitals.....not fighting with Mexicans over beds in raggedy inner city hospitals. Not only should we have our own businesses where we no longer have to compete with recently arrived immigrants, but we should have skyscrapers and mega-plexes lining the freeways and avenues of most major cities in this nation by now! At the time they should be retired.... too many are stumbling into Burger King and Target with a head full of grey hair and half their teeth missing begging for entry level jobs and being turned down because some 19 year old illegal immigrant is willing to work twice as fast and twice as hard for the same money.
  15. frankster We are are Spiritual Beings Have a Physical Experience....For many of Us their is a veil of Forgetfulness/Separation from our Spiritual Self done so in order for us to fully experience physicality. That's EXACTLY why humans usually are made to forget. It makes the experience more "real" and more of a challenge. We are put here on this plane not just to gain knowledge but experience to go WITH that knowledge = wisdom. There are as many ways/paths to reach/remember Spirit as their are human beings Hence my divestment from organized religion. Physicality and Spirituality are two ends of One Continuum....the difference is in Perspective and Perception not in Actuality I would agree with only one exception and I think we mentioned this before in our extended discourse in the other thread. In my opinion....in most cases, perception IS actuality/reality. As a straight man I find Denzel Washington UN-attractive, but most women find him attractive. So he IS attractive in the reality of most women even if he's unattractive in mine. Troy Physicality and Spirituality are indeed different, otherwise they would not be on different ends of a continuum. I agree with him so I can chime in on the answer as well.... Yes they are different....as in not the same. But not necessarily OPPOSITE of eachother. In truth....and I'm sure Delano would agree....much of the Spirit world is simple a different VIBRATION than this world we live in which we call physicality. But if you were vibing at the same level...IT would seem must as physical to you as this one. Most people who have had deep spiritual experiences like Near Death Experiences will tell you that the Reality and Physicality of the Spiritual world is FAR more solid and intense than this one. They often feel that the SPIRITUAL WORLD is the "real" world while this world is the fake or non-physical one.
  16. I agree that the only reasons they mother is being charged is because both her and her son are AfroAmerican so they can essentially get two birds with one stone. I figured the child was Black because they kept talking about it in the news over and over again and since they couldn't show the kid.....being so young.....they had to let the world know they were Black somehow; so they decide to show the mother as much as possible to let you know the child was Black. Not just in cases like this, but even in cases where mothers have suffered from the loss of their children these racist prosecutors often STILL end up charging them. Look at all of the cases where a space heater is accidentally knocked over and starts a fire killing nearly all of the children. They could care less about the guilt and depression and grief the mother is going through after just losing all of her children. Their focus is on getting the mother snatched up off the street so they can confiscate her belongings and even the house if she owned it.
  17. ProfD Welcome back from vacation. From what I've heard, mental institutions are no "vacation"...lol. "Calm down my friend... Nobody will know where you've been unless you open your mouth. And even if they find out.....being committed is nothing to be ashamed of." richardmurray I suspect most AfroAmerican leaders or Black leaders in the U.S. are so busy focused on trying to solve or atleast manage the problems in our communties here in the U.S. that they don't have enough time and focus for international crisis like Sudan and Ethiopia.....even if they are in Africa and involve other Black people.
  18. I'm not sure of the full circumstances of the encounter but perhaps she had no choice. I didn't research the story. Was she on duty at the time? Was she in uniform or plain clothes? Cop or not, I'm inclined to take the side of this sista over a group of teenagers who probably shouldn't have been armed in the first place. You can almost always find me on the side of the RIGHTEOUS Black men and women instead of the thugs, criminals, and gangsters.
  19. Lol...Troy, back then did anyone tell you that you looked a little like Martin Luther Da' King????
  20. This video breaks down in simplistic terms why as much as they complain about Black people, can't stand to live any considerable distance apart from us: Do any of you remember me making the same points as in this video, over the years?
  21. Well this is what Neely Fuller Jr. has to say about Black folks seeking an education from Whites: https://api.yttrim.com/return-files/eQS3U4lZ-qk_144_1035_1145.mp4 @frankster this clip also touches a little bit on what we've been talking about. Del Accreditation is both a pedigree and a way of putting people in categories. A major component of school is about making you a productive worker. Lol...you could have ended it right there, because that's the truth. It also is about making contacts which is more important than a diploma. In addition I met people I wouldn't have otherwise met. You get the chance to meet 30 people every class. While this is true to a certain extent, it only benefits you if you UNDERSTAND the value of making connections....which most students don't at 18, 19, or 20. Especially if they come from poor and working class backgrounds. For wealthy students with well connected parents who go to prestigious Universities.....YES...it's about the connections. For poor students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds who go to community colleges and public/state universities....not so much.
  22. Now just think about this........... The SUPREME BEING Knows everything and Sees everything. The SUPREMBE BEING doesn't need to send Angels or Cherubim or any other Beings down to Earth on top of some mountains to stand around staring at humans and keeping an eye on them. Even human beings today have technology advanced enough that they can sit in some office in Bethesda Maryland looking up at a flat screen and monitor what's going on around the planet through satellites and drones! "Now what the hell are those Black fuckers up to down there? Hey Jared, why don't ya' zoom in and let's take a look at what's happening down in Haiti". Now come on, if White folks have that kind of technology... Surely The SUPREME BEING is Infinitely more Powerful!!! Listen brutha...... You're reading corrupted versions of the truth! They are forgeries and myths collected from around that area that were based on true stories thousands of years old. When you read the Book of Enoch and these other books and they talk about Mt Harmon and Mt Carmel and Mt Ararat and mount this and mount that....they're talking about PHYSICAL BEINGS who are on top of these mountains watching OTHER physical beings. These were Black HUMANS who were stationed on the tops of the Caucasus and other mountain ranges in the Middle East to watch and guard Caucasian human beings who were placed in the Caucasus for punishment! Just like when you read about the Devil and his angels being kicked out of heaven as punishment; it's a mythical version of the White folks being kicked out of the peaceful lands of the Original people and banished up into the Caucasus mountains as punishement.
  23. richardmurray You say that the black community in the usa isn't nonviolent, so it is violent. And you imply, though i can be wrong, No, you're right. The Black community in the U.S.A collectively IS violent; as are the White and Latino communities of the U.S. But the AfroAmerican community tends to be MORE violent toward eachother than the White community. that the violence internally in the black community in the usa is at the least equal to any other group, regardless of population size or scale or circumstance. But the question is, why has black leadership not guided this violence? Not sure if they can. Not only is the AfroAmerican community violent but largely UNDISCIPLINED and don't obey their so-called "leaders"....and in many cases today no longer even ACKNOWLEDGE having any. Many AfroAmericans today will tell you they don't HAVE a "leader" to tell them what to do. If the Black community in the usa is so violent then the black leadership in the usa has not guided or made more functional the violence of the black community in the usa to the benefit of the black community in the usa. My question, why is that? As stated before, lot of our people are hard-headed and won't listen to their so-called leadership. If the leadership was very strict and used violence and the threat of violence...like the Panthers and Nation of Islam used to do....to ENFORCE the laws and codes among our people, then we'd be more obedient to the leadership. But they don't. It's like what me and frankster were discussing in another thread. People today are choosing LOVE over discipline. While we need both....when dealing with a BARBARIAN and in some cases SAVAGE people like a lot of our people in the U.S. today, you need to instill DISCIPLINE in them first so that they don't end up killing eachother and will appreciate the love you show them later. ProfD America would resemble Great Britain if AfroAmericans had gone to war and lost a race war. I'm not sure if that would be a worse alternative than what the U.S. looks like now....even for Black folks. Black British people seem to be smarter and more educated than AfroAmericans....collectively speaking. On a sad note...... I had an uncle who was born in the 1800s and lived to be old enough to witness the Crack era, Gangsta Rap, and the violence that resulted. He used to say (back in the 90's) that in a few years niggaz would get so far out of control with the not working, robbing and killing that they'll be BEGGING White folks to put them back in slavery.....and they'll do it. And after a while the killing will stop and the niggaz will be happy because they are working, eating, and got somebody telling them what to do and keeping them out of trouble. I look at the behavior in our community and every now and then think about what he said.
  24. Troy College teaches you how to work for someone else, to be an effective corporate tool. Learning to change the system, or even understanding why it needs to be changed is not part of the program. Exactly! It teaches you how to organize information, meet deadlines, and follow directions. It doesn't teach you how to develop your creativity or resourcefulness -which are usually required to be TRULY successful in this society. This is why if you notice not only through out history but even today, most of the self-made millionaires and billionaires had little or no college. As long as you know how to talk to people and count money...lol. @Pioneer1 your comparison between the past and today's opportunities resonates. I also believe there is some grade inflation going on: Someone who graduated from high school in the 50's is as well "educated" as someone with a college degree in the humanities today. Don't ask me to cite a study or prove what I just wrote; it just seems that way. Look who's using the anecdotes to prove his point NOW..lol. Not only that, they seem to have much better handwritting and write neater and in a more linear fashion than those who went to school after 1970. Look at the handwritting of those over 80 years old and how neat and orderly it is. The teachers also CORRECTED you on your poor English if they heard you speaking it; something they don't do anymore. Kids today running around talking like slaves who just staggard off some plantation. "Aye nigga....Aye daawwwg. Whatcho' name is? I know you! I seent' you befoe' but I forgot yo' name doe' . But fa' real fa' real....whatcho' name is ??" You'd think schools didn't even exist. The government just maintains them for day care centers.
  25. This reminds me of that movie by Spike Lee "Red Hook Summer"; about the preacher who molested children down in Georgia and ran up to New York to escape and start over and ended up getting found out and beat up. Man, there's only one Spike Lee. He should have started a film school to teach other Black filmmakers how to make films that deliver the impact his does.
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