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  1. .....and? Nigeria, The Gold Coast, The Gambia, and South Africa WERE created by the White Supremacists. These nations were created by the White Supremacist and their artificial borders were drawn to enclose several opposing ethnic groups who didn't get along with eachother. The colonizers did this DELIBERATELY to make sure they would continue to fight eachother and keep up conflict so that they could easily control them and steal the resources of the land.
  2. This is a recent example of Black Stupidity in action: This is an example of the STUPIDITY of too many of our people. 1. What good is a "march to the polls"??? What were these people trying to accomplish? How effective has that tactic EVER been and what is the purpose of it that Negroes KEEP DOING IT.....besides wearing out your shoes and making a lot of noise getting on people's nerves. 2. Why would you go out in the streets making a lot of noise and drawing atte
  3. Dan You are denying African Nation States. Also there is no African race. You are trying to justify a faulty premise. No, YOU just didn't pay close enough attention and ignored half of my post. I named 2 of them when I said: "Igbo and Ewe are ethnic groups (tribes) and can be of Nigerian or Ghanaian nationality." For reasons why you may have missed this, see my thread on Black Intelligence: Black Intelligence VS Black Stupidity ....lol. Besides, the only one trying to justify a "faulty premise" is YOU when you try to legitimize these so-called
  4. My bad..... For some reason the name "Thumper" sounds like it would be a woman. Probably because it reminds me of the deer in Bambi rather than the "thumping" that goes on in the hood.
  5. Daniel African is the equivalent of calling someone Asian or European. That's true TRADITIONALLY. However Neely Fuller Jr. says that sometimes we need to give words OUR OWN definitions for accuracy. Therefore Africa has 2 definitions: 1. A person who comes from the continent of Africa or 2. A person of the so-called "Black" race. You need to review the argument on labeling. Igbo culture is Igbo. Ewe culture is Ewe, German culture is German. In America we are finding our believed National ident
  6. For me it's about ACCURACY. Neely Fuller Jr. teaches that the main tool of White Supremacy is CONFUSION. When you confuse people about who and what they are you cause division among them and make them easier to control. Calling us "Black" and "Negro" (which is basically the same thing in different languages) adds to the CONFUSION because technically speaking we are not "Black" in color but various shades of brown. This is one of the reasons so many of our people object to the term "Black" and choose to call themselves by other names and terms. I use the term "African" and "AfroAme
  7. Daniel You confirmed my statement. There is not “A” Black Culture. Technically speaking....... If there are MULTIPLE Black cultures, then there actually IS "a" Black culture. It's just not the only one. Most African cultures weren’t based on color. That may be true, however they don't need to be BASED on Black skin color in order to be considered "Black culture" any more than Hiphop has to be performed by Black artists only in order for it to still be considered a Black form of music.
  8. Daniel Thus says the Lord, “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him” What kind of "Lord" do you believe in Who calls His own children "fools"??? If your "Lord" recognizes a man as a fool, why doesn't He help that man and give him wisdom like Solomon?
  9. Ann B. You appear to be a genuinely sweet person, but if you're rewarding my posts AND Daniel's, that's offensive....lol. That's like a woman saying: "You're so handsome!" Then she looks down at a GREMLIN and says to him: "Oh, and you're so handsome too!" Somehow the compliment doesn't feel quite as good as it did before...lol. Daniel However I believe that there is no such thing as a Black culture. I believe Blacks are living out different cultural experiences based on their asso
  10. What's the argument? I'm not saying one way or the other because I'm not sure.
  11. Dan What do you think Master Farad Muhammed was. Good question. I won't speak on that.
  12. Dan Secondly anyone who has a connection to the Black Christian Church knows that Jeremiah is known as the Weeping Prophet. That knowledge isn’t limited solely to Black Christians. Like most AfroAmericans, I was partially raised in the "Black Church" both Methodist and Baptist and don't recall hearing the term that Jeremiah was a "weeping prophet". As I said to @Delanoyou can’t apply logic to dealing with God. Your arguments may seem to make sense but they don’t point to the Truth. Why not? The fact that there is The SUPREME
  13. After decades and decades of experiencing and observing this society, I've come to the conclusion that AfroAmericans have 2 major problems that we MUST overcome and try to solve: 1. White Supremacy 2. Black stupidity I focus a lot of my time talking about White Supremacy, but not AS much discussing Black stupidity. First, what IS "stupidity"? Being stupid is more than just lacking education or knowledge. That's simply being IGNORANT and it can be corrected by being provided with proper information if your intelligence is NORMAL. Stupidity is LOW INTELLIGENCE.....meaning yo
  14. Israel = Jacob = Yacub According to Genesis, he wrestled with "God". Now if a man is wrestling with "God", then that means he's in OPPOSITION to God. And if he is in opposition to God, then what force is behind him other than Evil?
  15. ABS Thank you for all of the great work you have done and are doing in the community Queen! And to answer your question, YES....AfroAmerican culture is shifting. Or to be more specific being MANIPULATED into a particular direction. But this is nothing new. Since our people didn't control the culture to begin with, we don't control the direction it moves in. It is primarily controled by the White Supremacists. Where are the solutions and why aren't we ready to solve these problems In order to SOLVE a problem, you must first acknowledge that you actually HAVE o
  16. "Your behaviors are consistent with my perception of who I believe you are. Therefore you are intelligent enough to know exactly what I am implying in my post (because it amused you enough to reply). But to amuse you let me clarify, I am speaking of American population solely. However, wherever we reside in this big ole world, whatever race or culture we identify with, I am certain that these issues run parallel. " Translation: "Don't ACT like you don't know what I'm talking about." ....lol.
  17. There is a difference between: -Jews -Hebrews -Children of Israel Although these groups overlap eachother at times, they are 3 different groups. The Hebrews (Ibru) were indeed African people. Infact they STILL ARE African people and they reside primarily in West Africa now. This is the group/tribe that Musa and his men were from (they were from Kemet but ancient Egypt was made up of different tribes) when they went up to the caves to civilize the savages. The Jews....on the other hand....were and are primarily Caucasians. I say "primarily" because
  18. Dan Don’t believe the hype. Lisha Mohamed basically promoted the concept that a white man was the prophet who led him to Islam Huh? Who the hell is "Lisha Mohamed"? Lol.....man, where are you getting these strange beliefs from? Trying to have a conversation with Del is like trying to have one with a squirrel...... And trying to have one with YOU is like trying to have a conversation with a gopher: Pioneer: You know, Elijah Muhammad taught Malcolm X "No he didn't....a White man taught Malcolm" Pioneer: What?
  19. Dan You just lack associating with the Black Christian Church. “the Weeping Prophet “. There really is no "Black Christian Church". It's just the WHITE Christian Church that Black folks were indoctrinated into and trained to maintain....lol. Besides, you talk about Jeremiah weeping but according to the Bible JESUS WEPT. The verse about Jesus crying for his friend Lazarus was one of the shortest verses in the Bible. I'm sure you remember it like most men around our age because it was usually the verse little Black boys were taught as a form of saying grace over f
  20. Dan so why do you think that tune meeting Elijah Mohammed will move them closer to that philosophy Because Elijah Muhammad probably exposed him to secret teachings and histories that he wasn't taught in the traditional academic schools or even Seminary School; like the origin of Christianity, the origin of the Caucasian race, and the origins of the Bible. Most Christian preachers at that time....or this time....weren't taught this and STILL don't know it. But there are some who manage to find out on their own by being told (like MLK was) or through intense
  21. Dan King needs to interpreted through the lens of Christian Theology and Western Philosophy and History. It wasn't Christian Theology that convinced MLK that he was making a mistake by trying to integrate his people with the seed of Satan, it was his meeting with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. 1966 If you follow Dr. King's work..... All of his speeches AFTER that meeting were of a different tone than before it.
  22. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, lol. Besides being a name, please explain to me exactly what a "Jeremiah" is.
  23. Delano I KNOW what "de nada" means. I was asking WHY you said it?
  24. Del For variety try talking to the tree. I'm concerned that the tree MIGHT start talking back to me. Once you open THAT door, it may be kinda hard to close....lol. Jeffrey Ok, the little picture of the squirrel got me! hahahaha Lol, that was the purpose of it. I knew SOMEONE would find it entertaining! What I see in not an individual making a choice, but rather, his logic having been shaped by generational experiences telling him not to screw up his current fortunes. When we look even deeper wh
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