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  1. I'm constantly reading books. I believe that's one of the reasons my eyes are so healthy at my age. The interesting things I've noticed through out much of my life is that when I'm reading in public White folks often come up to me and ask me what I'm reading while the Black and Latino people generally don't care. It's little stuff like that that I've noticed that causes me to be so harsh in my critique of AfroAmericans and the intellectual decline of our community. Evidence of it's decline happens to much and over too long a period of time to ignore or be coincidental. I've lived around the U.S. from coast to coast from North to South and the pattern seems to be the same. White folks interested in what I'm reading and ready to strike up a conversation to find out how much I know....most Black and Latino folks not caring.
  2. frankster The Rich do not take Risk.....least the end up in the poor house. Ever heard of the stock market? Ever heard of venture capitalism? Calculated Risk means the Risks have been Calculated out and Accounted for ......it's now a sure thing. NOTHING in the business world is a "sure thing". Some things are more credible and probably than others, but nothing is absolutely guaranteed. The Poor and hungry take Risk........ not when Rich It all depends on the person bro. Some people take risks, others like to play it safe....rich or poor or inbetween. But most SELF MADE rich people are HUGE risk takers. If you don't believe me, study them and ask the ones you know if you know any. As with anything One must learn it's Value in order to Truly Appreciate and Realize its Greatest Potential. I can't say that I disagree. I would add that developing one's own CREATIVITY is probably the biggest factor in realizing the potential of anything. Being able to look at something and see the value and use of it that most others can't. Look at what George Washington Carver's creativity did for him when the peanut was placed in his hand. You have yet to show a Being that cannot learn. You never saw a person who was comatose? You never saw a person who was severely retarded? You need someone to "show" them to you? Yes he or she is definitely not "lazy"..... Their efforts are just misdirected due to lack of knowledge. Some are lazy....some are not. My point is, selling dope during odd hours isn't a sign of good work ethic. Infact, it MAY be a sign of a poor one displaying lack of discipline and organization skills. Furthermore, perhaps the drug dealer is suffering from lack of knowledge....and perhaps they HAVE the knowledge but CHOOSE to continue to engage in their line of business anyway out of desire. It varies from person to person. We don't want to paint all dope dealers as devils but we don't want to paint then all as victims or saints either. Racism is a Social Construct.... of the Ruling Elite. Who gets to play where is arbitrary capricious mercurial and vacilatating...some time and places Ashkenazi jews are white sometimes and places they are Not I agree. That explains the Jews....who are still pretty much White for the most part. But again...I point to the non-White Latinos, Asians, and even Africans who also own businesses and thrive despite the racism they face. It's not racism or the lack of it, it's their WORK ETHIC and ETHICAL VALUES that produces success for them. Values and ethics that a lot of our people no longer have. I have given you my evidence why I do not accept that idea....present me yours why what you say is correct What do you mean, you don't "accept" the idea? Do you mean to tell me you believe ALL people can educated? True......So educate the Man In THAT instance...He doesn't need further education...he needs and understandably wants JUSTICE. During These War..... all able bodied men were used. An "able body" doesn't necessarily guarantee an "able and stable mind". Even the U.S. military began to realize that after WWI and started giving soldiers psychological tests to make sure they didn't put guns in the wrong hands. Don't expect gang bangers and crack heads to be your best soldiers for any revolution. If they are successful in any endeavor...it will only be for their own personal benefit. Yes....Abraham lied in our understanding....in some understanding a female member of your household is also considered a sister or a daughter. Thanks for that direct answer. Sarah is said to be Haran's child.....Not Terah Genesis chapt. 20:12 Abraham says: And yet indeed she is my sister; she is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and she became my wife. Abraham makes it CLEAR that Sarah is his sister by sharing the same father. There is no wiggling out of and trying to 'splain this one, lol. Proverbs 12:23 A prudent man conceals knowledge -Yeah? Well Proverbs 6:16-17 says: These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
  3. I used to be a pretty decent chess player years ago. But I haven't played in about 10 years. I haven't played video games since I was about 11 or 12.
  4. What a beautiful sista! Look at that face. Look at that figure. Look at that smile. .....and intelligent and well educated too! She's WIFE material....lol. I wouldn't mind waking up and looking at HER in the mornings....lol. I wonder how old she is? Yes, she'd make a good POWER COUPLE (or power TRIPLE -if yall know what I mean) with another well educated professional Black man with his head on straight.
  5. Troy Would you pass the brown bag test? It depends on what was in the bag before they used it. You know how those greasy chicken wings from the 'hood will change a paper bag from light brown to dark....lol. Mel Yes he would! In my mind’s eye he has those freckles too Girl you crazy....lol. No "freckles" this way. Biological evidence indicates all modern humans originated out of Ancient Africa Western scientists claim humanity came OUT of Africa. My research points to human beings originating in Middle and South Asia and branching into different directions including down INTO Africa. richardmurray Frederick Douglass had an overwhelming majority in the black community, over ninety percent, that was truly monoracial in many racial ways Are you sure this was the case? I'd be willing to wager that back in the 1800s most AfroAmericans were so rural and illiterate that the majority probably didn't even KNOW who Frederick Douglass even WAS at the time. Some educated ones did....but most of the ones working in the fields didn't. And probably didn't know who Lincoln was either. Outside of the liberal White class, I'm guessing most of Douglass' human support came from EDUCATED Black society. But not the Black masses in general who were largely local and uneducated.
  6. In some cases, REASON and LOGICAL CONCLUSION can show people where they are in error without being shown through experience.
  7. Do some of you SERIOUSLY not see the GAME these wicked devils are playing and have BEEN playing in Washington D.C. for years???? Do you SERIOUSLY believe they were going to let their own economy "crash and burn" out of some petty disagreement? No....I told you guys the other day that this so-called "debt ceiling/ default crisis" was just some STUNT that the leaders of BOTH parties were pulling in order to trick the American people into accepting more austerity. They've BEEN planning to take away from Social Security, Health Care, Education, and other benefits but had to come up with a crafty and sneaky way to do it and more importantly JUSTIFY it. They can't just come right out and say, "Hey guys. Sorry but we're cutting the social safety net programs in order to force you to work harder and for more years. This is needed to bolster the private sector with more desperate workers" No. People would have a fit. Not all, but most. They have to come up with a SNEAKY way to do it to where you believe they "didn't have a choice" but to cut your benefits but had to to "save" the economy. They have BILLIONS of dollars to give away to the Ukraine...just like they had BILLIONS to give away in Iraq and Afghanistan....yet mysteriously the word "Ukraine" doesn't even APPEAR in the so-called "deal" they came up with to target for cuts in spending. Plenty of money for them....no interruption in sending money for them....but can't afford YOUR social security, medicaid, or erase your student loan debt and don't even TALK about money for our Reparations...lol. Infact, they aren't even TALKING about erasing student loan debt anymore.....notice that? Come on yall.....lol. No more falling for the old "banana in the tail pipe". Wake the hell up and recognize that BOTH the Republicans AND Democrats...at the top...are working together to fuck the American people. Especially AfroAmericans. Which is why WE as AfroAmericans need to focus on attaining as much power as we can in this land and change things for ourselves instead of waiting on White folks to do it. They won't. -I'll give you guys another bit of political wisdom...... Ron DeSantis KNOWS he's not going to be President and doesn't plan on it. He's actually working WITH Trump and the Republican Party to be so ridiculously extreme and to the right of Trump that the only "reasonable choice" would be for all Republicans to just go ahead and support Trump. It's a GAME they're playing.
  8. frankster When you get a chance, check out this video of Paul Wallis discussing much of the information I found out about the Bible and the beliefs of the ancient Hebrews: I don't agree with everything he says but he does hit on a lot of good points that I've discovered when I did my research on the Bible and ancient Sumerian/Canaanite studies.
  9. frankster True...that's also risky, many people with money are risk averse - in other words they are looking for as sure a thing as is possible " show me the money" It depends on how they GOT their money. Most self-made wealthy people are HUGE risk takers. They realized that if they wanted wealth, they had to take huge calculated risks in order to achieve and secure it. Risks that the average person would be too afraid to take. And that too have been done Ofcourse. But the question is, is it being doing on a scale LARGE ENOUGH to have a meaningful impact on our community? Here's a recent list that Forbes has compiled of Black owned banks in the U.S. Note than a great deal of them are actually credit unions: https://www.forbes.com/advisor/banking/black-owned-banks/ This list should be MUCH longer than it is. And why does Illinois....with about 2 million Black folks in that state..have only ONE Black owned bank? What does that tell you about the state of the people? The Above quotes simply means if you give swines or dogs pearls and they have no way of knowing how to unlocking there Value hence it will be a waste. Now it is different if they are trained and know to take the pearls to the store in exchange for goods and or services...then you can give it to them. Lol....so can you "train" dogs and swine to appreciate pearls? I believe the person who came up with this parable was wise enough to know that not only shouldn't use waste time giving your pearls to them.....but you shouldn't even waste time trying to TRAIN them to appreciate that which they don't have the capacity to do anyway. Before he had evidence that the earth revolve around the sun.....Galileo believed - Hypothesis/theory. Galileo's beliefs were later confirmed with truth. Your belief that you can help "everybody" will not be, because TRUTH has already proven you wrong. We all must start somewhere....all have their role to play - some as leaders and others as followers. And some should be denied ANY role and kept out of the play all together. Because they are drunk, smell like weed, and do nothing but cause trouble on the set....lol. -SECURITY!!!! ...lol. The 6.4% are dealers not users and most have some type of organizational affiliation. Whether they are "dealing it" or "using it" they are still DEALING WITH IT or INVOLVED with it. I am not talking about users or abusers...just individual who primarily sell as a means of earnings income or lifestyle. Usually on a corner day in night out for hours at a time with life limb and liberty on the line... I know and understand what you're talking about. But still that doesn't translate into NOT being lazy. Being willing to sell dope all day and all night doesn't mean you have a good work ethic. It's a sign you want money. It's a sign you probably have nothing else better you want to do. But it doesn't necessarily mean you are a "good worker". There is one Major Reason - Racism All other reasons are minor in comparison. If racism is the ONE MAJOR reason....how do you explain other Non-Whites like most Latinos and Asians being able to build grocery stores and restaurants and other businesses in dense population in their respective communities? They aren't White. And they are often victims of racism also from Whites. Yet it doesn't seem to stop THEM from doing it...just like it didn't stop US in the past. Education. Education doesn't prevent stupid any more than opening a bank account will prevent poverty. Just like a bank account is FOR people who already have money, education is FOR people who already are intelligent and have the capacity to learn. It won't help someone who is truly stupid. A stupid person doesn't have the CAPACITY to be educated. To Know and to Understand is two different thing. Everybody knows that cigarette smoking is unhealthy.....few understand/realize its implications and even less has the wherewithal or know how to resist. True Yes....And they will not stop the struggle from continuing. If you don't get enough youth onboard with this movement....it's be JUST THAT.....a "struggle". And for a long time. If enough of our people had enough sense, it wouldn't be a struggle....it would be an easy accomplishment. The reason why it's called a struggle is because it's constantly meeting resistance not only from the enemy but from within. Until he realizes that drugs is the main cause...he will continue to struggle against murders until they are of his own household. Yes, but "drugs" didn't murder his wife and child...a MAN addicted to drugs did. It worked for the American Russian and Chinese revolution I beg your pardon sir but I don't recall reading where pimps, prostitutes, and drug addicts helped form the footsoldiers let alone the leaders and orchestrators of the American, Russian OR Chinese revolution! I know that a lot of drug addicts existed in China DURING the Chinese Revolution...but many of them were killed off. They didn't PARTICIPATE...they were VICTIMS of the Revolution and killed off as their nation was being cleanses and renewed. No....they were fleeing peonage. Call it what you want, but at any rate...most weren't being "dispossessed" as you say but voluntarily LEAVING the rural life and their farms behind to head north. Are we talking about the God of the flood???? There wasn't just one Deity involved in the flood but multiple Deities. The word used for Who decided to rid the land of mankind was the Elohim. Multiple Deities were involved in the decision to bring the flood but Yahweh...the particular Deity worshipped by Israel...was said to have found favor with Noah. It Was ruse.. Genesis 12-13 Say, I pray thee, thou art my sister: that it may be well with me for thy sake; and my soul shall live because of thee. So 2 questions: 1. Are you saying that Sarah was NOT Abraham's sister and 2. Are you saying that Abraham....a prophet...was LYING? Repurpose the prisons....today they are instruments of Racism and Greed I agree You always start where the individual is and proceed at their pace..... Yes some will be faster and further along than others ... work with each at their level and speed. But at the end of the day you must understand and accept that SOME will not move at all and yet others will actually move BACKWARDS and not only retard progress but REVERSE any progress made. Those people must be cut loose. You must pull them OUT of our communities for them to remain strong and healthy.
  10. One of the best things you can do is try your best to find OTHER Black folks who think like you and try to live around and network with them as much as you can not only for prosperity but for protection. Like @richardmurray often says, this Western society has made a lot of Black folks selfish and individualistic to the point that they ONLY care about themselves. They could care less what happens to another Black person, even if it's right next door. You have a lot of Black folks who actually SUPPORTED the January 6th Insurrection and a lot more Black folks who didn't know it happened and could care less about it. They are focused on themselves and copping the next sack of weed or getting liquor to drink over Memorial Day weekened. As long as THEY got a little money in their pockets...."everything" is fine as far as they're concerned.
  11. Mel While I await your great responses...lol............. I too have noticed that among AfroAmericans it's usually the lightest skinned people who tend to shout the loudest about Black power and Black pride and promote Black consciousness. Not only do you have Malcolm but look at Minister Farrakhan. There are many reasons for this but I believe among them are: 1. As I already pointed out, because of the subconscious conditioning of our people....light skinned people often tend to be liked more not just in their families but in the community in general. They grow up being called "cute" and get more attention than the dark skinned children and this high esteem often carries over in life. So they learn they have more power and influence.....if they choose to use it....to get things done. 2. Althought most White folks treat AfroAmericans the same, I've noticed that many Latinos and Asians will treat a light skinned AfroAmerican a little better than the dark skinned ones too! Just adds more to the self esteem. 3. Most light skinned...and especially mixed....people seem to have a constant need to PROVE their "Blackness" so I guess you can say we often go out of our way to show how "Black" we are. I'm not VERY light by the way....more like T.I. or Redd Foxx's color. But I'm light enough to be considered light skinned by most. Today, neanderthals are allegedly extinct. They didn't go extinct....they just got KILLED off or BRED out by the more civilized generation of White folks after them. Neanderthals are just DEGENERATED White folks who turned savage while they were stuck up in the caves and mountains of the Caucasus. When we drove them up into the Caucasus and trapped them in with walls (like the Wall of Derbent and Great Wall of China) and they were deprived of access to civilization they went savage. Started eating a lot of raw meat, lived naked in the elements, and started having sex with their own family members. CENTURIES of this produced a DEVOLVED and malformed people whom we call "cavemen" and "neanderthal" today. Nothing but degenerate White folks who went wild. That's why you can't find traces of neanderthals in the Americas or Africa....only in Europe and central Asia.
  12. frankster In the KJV of the Bible that is the spelling used... Yes the letter "j" is said to be a young letter....but is the sound it represent also young???? I don't believe so. I believe all of the SOUNDS that exist today, existed in the past, you that could be a good point. However the question is WAS the name YHWH pronounced with a "J" or "Y" sound? Most Jewish scholars claim the "Y" sound. While some Christian scholars decided to go with the "J" sound and most have since backed away from it. The majority of those what I've encountered so far insisting on still using the "J" sound are BLACK people like Jamaicans and some Hebrew Israelites who haven't really studied the Bible in it's original translations or haven't done much scholarly work and are basing their beliefs on corrupted and mistranslated and long abandoned references from White authorities. Evidence points to THEM being the ones who started this business about YHWH being called "Jehovah" and have now realized their mistake and walked away from it for the most part....but some Black folks still want to hold on to it. I have yet to ascertain the nature of the Hybridism....Mixing You are saying it is a mixture of black and white peoples We are Spiritually Immortal but physically mortal.... Yes, exactly. Which lends more credibility to my assertion that this "mixing" wasn't between Spiritual Beings and humans...but between flesh and blood humans of different races. ALL humans are Spirits housed in flesh and blood bodies...not just Gilgamesh and a few in ancient times. So if the Spirit/Flesh mix is what they were referring too...he would be no different than any other human being. Like I said, in my opinion the "mix" is between two different groups of PHYSICAL BEINGS. Races....in my opinion. The quest is physical immortal....only achieved by a relative few More achieved immortality through either Transmigration/Avatar or Remembering Self/Personality throughout rebirths/incarnations. I'm not sure. However my question is, do you really WANT to remain in the same body forever? Who wants to be stuck with the same car for 20 years when NEW more improved models are coming out every year? In this world, there is always room for improvement. No matter how wonderful you think your body is now...perhaps you may see or even develop one much more superior to the one you currently possess and transport your Soul into that one. It is believed most hominids were hairy. This entire business about hominids and cavemen and neanderthals is just different names and titles for White men who DEVOLVED and turned savage while they were stuck up in the mountains of the Caucasus. There is no history of Native Americans, Asians, or Africans of PURE BLOOD being "hairy". The only time they get hairy is if they're mixed with Caucasians somewhere down the line. They may grow beards, but as far as having hairy chests, bellies, backs, arms, and legs....it's very very rare to find PURE Africans, Native Americans, and Asians who are hairy. If you find them, chances are it comes from some White genetics. White people used to be smooth also UNTIL they were banished to the caves and mountains of the Caucasus where they went wild and grew hair all over their bodies from thousands of years of being exposed to the elements, as well as eating raw meat, having sex with family and animals, and engaging in a lot of other savage and gross behavior. They DE-VOLVED instead of E-VOLVED....another reason for the term "devil". DEVILUTION.....lol. If you haven't....I suggest you watch the movie QUEST FOR FIRE to give you some insight on how White folks really lived in the past.
  13. Another example...................... An obviously NON-BLACK woman being chosen and lauded to represent Black women.
  14. Well the first thing that comes to mind... Who defines what is "pseudo-science" versus presumably "REAL science"? Is it a consensus among scientists? Is there a governing body who decides this? Lol....or is there a big book high up on a mountain somewhere that clearly and neatly separates and categorizes all of the real from the pseudo? The second thing is how OBVIOUSLY flawed the old classification of White people into 3 races of: ....actually is. First of all the Mediterranean peoples are obviously a MIXURE of various races. Not just one. And so are the people of the Alpine to a certain extent. Both of these so-called "races" are simply White folks MIXED with various African and Arab ancestry from centuries of being conquered and occupied. They are NOT races unto themselves. I forgot the name of it...not exactly what I'd call a strawman argument....but her presentation is built off of erroneous and faulty information used to support her assertion that race or atleast the White race was someone "contrived" and has no merit to it's existence. Saying White folks weren't around until the WORD "White" was invented is like saying MEN didn't exist until the word "man" was invented. And as I've said numerous times before.....while RACIAL CLASSIFICATION is man-made and subject to error - RACE ITSELF isn't. RACE is BIOLOGICAL and exists regardless as to how it's classified or categorized. The biological difference between these two men is OBVIOUS....not some man-made "construct". You can name it or label it whatever you like, but the differences exist none the less. Names and titles doesn't decide whether something or someone EXISTS or not. Whether they are called "White people" today, or "Europeans" 300 years ago, or "Aryans" three thousand years ago....we're all talking about the same pinkish people who came out of the Caucasus mountains to dominate the world.
  15. richardmurray @richardmurray To me the question going forward is, how do you get majority consensus in the black community in the usa when individualism is so beloved and uttered in the black community in the usa. You may not get a consensus among the COMMUNITY as a whole, but you can definitely get a consensus or a definite majority around certain issues. For example.... Among Generation Xer's...support for Tupac is pretty much a consensus. Among Millennials and Generation Zer's....support of Marijuana is pretty much a consensus. You develop unity around certain IDEAS and POLICIES instead of around racial identity or racial loyalty. Mel @Mel Hopkins Or people are labeling themselves. I identify as an American belonging to the African diaspora. It makes more sense to describe myself based on ethnicity, cultural traits, tribe, and even geographical homeland than to say I'm black or white. Black people aren't black any more than white people are white. And the more we identify each other that way, the dumber it sounds. I support people having the right to label themselves if they are PROPERLY EDUCATED on race and ethnicity. However in the U.S....as in much of the world..they are NOT. Most people confuse race with ethnicity with nationality to the point that you have Black Latinos who are heavily discriminated against and mistreated claiming "Latino" as a race instead of Black simply because they don't identify with us culturally. Or Nigerians and Somalis who will tell you they aren't "Black" but African. Race, ethnicity, and nationality are clearly defined and even scientific. The confusion comes from the purposeful MIS-education of the population. So maybe that's the uptick in multi-ethnic people identifying as black. Well as a relatively light skinned man, I can tell you that ONE of the upticks in multi-ethnic and light skinned people in general claiming to be Black and enjoining themselves with the greater Black community of America is the enjoying the PRIVILEDGES that come from being lighter and "whiter" among people where lightness and Whiteness is often revered and sought after on a subconscious and often conscious level. Many if not most AfroAmericans see light skin as superior in not only beauty but also strangely enough in intelligence and morality. Why? Because many subconsciously see WHITE people as superior in beautify, intellect, and morality....and because light/mixed people are closer to them....they see them as one step closer to that ideal. Most light/mixed people pick up on and understand this at an early age as they are often treated better by other AfroAmerican children and even AfroAmerican adults because of their complexion. A treatment they usually DON'T get from White folks. No law says you can't identify yourself as any ethnicity you choose. No, and the interesting thing about U.S. law is that while they allow YOU to call yourself whatever you like, those in authority reserve the right and EXERCISE the right to describe and label you as they please without your consent or even knowledge. When police are looking for a suspect they'll say, "White male, 5 foot 8 inches, wearing a green jacket running southbound on....." They don't stop and trying to find out what race or culture the suspect identifies as or what gender/sex they identify as...they ASSIGN ONE to them. The FBI and other government agencies do the same thing in legal documents. So while they ALLOW identify politics and games to be played among the general population and even in the media....among the government authorities themselves....clear distinctions and differences are not only acknowledged but used. Chev @Chevdove White German women that had married Black men were forced to divorce their husbands and etc. I'm glad you pointed this out! A lot of foolish among our people actually support Hitler and think that the Holocaust and the actions of the Nazis were only against the Jews....and not Black people. You even have some Muslims who believe the Hitler wasn't such a bad person because he went after the Jews without understanding that Hitler and the Nazis were HARD CORE RACISTS who hated Jews BECAUSE of the non-White blood many of them had. It wasn't the religious differences that caused the other White Germans to hate the Jews. It was the fact that many of them had Black and Middle-Eastern ancestry from long long ago that crept up in their physical features like darker skin, bigger nose, and kinkier hair, bigger penis, etc.. You never know where or how the African genetics may display itself in the Jewish population. The Nazi ideology was you must get rid of the entire community to eliminate the risk of the Black/Arab genes from popping up among the White German people. This also brings to my mind another thread where the terms GROWTH RATE and REPLACEMENT THEORY was mentioned. I think that we as Black people need to be careful and not play into these phrases because I think it is White Supremacist people that are playing into an unnatural fear. This REPLACEMENT THEORY of them becoming extinct is the same thing that led to the attempted Black Genocide tha has been blotted out of our educational systems that occurred before slavery. And this REPLACEMENT THEORY is the fear, IMO, that led up to the Halocaust and the killing of many European Jews. And white people are so slick.... They'll sit up and claim that OTHER PEOPLE are trying to "replace" them all the while THEY are the ones practicing GENTFIFICATION and going into Black neighborhoods trying to replace the population. They'll sit up and cry about THEIR population numbers declining as an excuse to lock up Black men and spread AIDS and WAR in Africa to reduce the Black population. Despite all of their talk of declining numbers, when I go outside I see just as many White folks with blonde hair jogging up and down the street and walking their dogs TODAY as I saw 10 and 15 years ago. Old White men all up in the hood walking their dogs and winking at you as they walk by........ "Hey there buddy! Ya think those Celtics are gonna do it this year???" Where's the population decline they speak so much about?
  16. richardmurray In NYC you learn to see Black as a phenotypical group, based on how one perceives the range of appearance, but all else is open game. In NYC you have Black lgbtq+/Nation of Islam/Black Democrats/Black Republics/Rastafarians/Black Trinidadians/Black South Africans/DOSers/ et cetera. Their culture /history/heritage/geography/language isn't the same, But how are they ALL...as a community...treated why White New Yorkers? We acknowledge differences among ourselves, but do Whites acknowledge our differences as far as their treatment of us? I am not nor do I concur to the complete view of rastafarians or black baptists or black republicans or black democrats BUT those groups always complain about what other black people are not doing, ad rarely judge their tribe functionally. How many rastafarians know where Rastafarians live in ethiopia today, I do? How many rastafarians who have millions spend most of their money in the usa with real estate deals or living in the usa giving the usa their tex money and have no financial investment in africa, but then talk about rastafarianism? How many Black baptist complain about so few interested in their place of worship but don't say how their place of worship is closed most of the week. How it is open for the black rich to come and hob nob on sunday for? I am not christian but didn't jesus speak about the universality in humanity, then why can't Black churches make their churches active to the multiracial needs of the black community ? why don't black churches open up their churches to black muslims, nation of islam or other? why don't they all regale black elected officials to set them up for non profit situations, like food pantry and delivery for homeless? Black republicans continuosuly complain that the majority of black voters or the majority of black people are mentally wrong in some way but I can't recall a black republican as an elected officials with a set of policies that aided black people in their municipality, gave favor. One of the reasons for this is, unlike most White people who CLAIM to be different politically and religiously....Black people actually ARE different and are SINCERE about their differences. White people may CLAIM to be Jewish or Christian but at the end of the day they both share the same values and ethics. A few ritualistic differences but they pretty much dress and talk the same. Black people who differ between Christian and Muslim SINCERELY believe their religion is the right one and comes from God. And when you SINCERELY believe your religion comes from God....how can you intelligently compromise and get along with people whom you believe believe in the wrong or "satanic" religion? Same with politics. White people really know both the Republicans and Democrats are the SAME with different titles....which is why they can CLAIM different parties but at the end of the day get along with eachother. Black people on the other hand SINCERELY believe there is a difference between the two parties. Both the Black Republicans and Black Democrats want to see a positive change in their communities and both believe that THEIR party is the only party that can deliver that change and that the other party is wrong....so how can they SINCERELY get along? Only when Black folks wake up to the fact that these RELIGIONS and POLTICIAL PARTIES are actually made up by White folks to trick and divide them...will they be able to get along together and work with eachother in unity WITHOUT the various titles of division.
  17. Happy belated birthday queen! Beautiful woman. I admired her beauty and sexiness since first seeing her in a low budget flick called The Arena, as a kid when I was up late at night watching television. I had to be no more than 8 or 9 but I said WHO IS THAT???? Her, Nichelle Nichols, and Diahann Carroll were tearing it up back in the 60s and 70s.
  18. I haven't sat down to play a video game in YEARS. Maybe I should get into gaming. Especially as I get older and don't do as much physical things as I did when I was in my 20s for fun. I was talking to a White associate of mine and we're around the same age. He is an avid "gamer" and said he got into it about 10 years ago as a form of fun and relaxation. I asked him what decided to make a 40 something year old man all of a sudden get into playing video games? He said something to the effect of as he got older sex became less "fun" and more physically demanding for him....lol....but when it comes to video games as long as you have a couch, television, and can see....you can have all the fun you want as old as you get. I could see an 85 year old man with a bad heart choosing video games over viagara-assisted sex as a healthier alternative for fun.....LOL
  19. Now wait a minute man..... Calm down. Don't get all panicky eyed and go crazy over a bunch of FEAR INDUCING RHETORIC White folks are generating over this so-called "default" Do you really think White folks are going to let their economy collapse....so that Black and Brown people have a serious shot at taking over the world? They may CLAIM the world is coming to an end. And it will...and the economy WILL collapse eventually...but it won't be because White folks want it to! Outside Entities will take this system down. Don't expect for White folks...who are benefitting from it....to do it themselves out of neglect. This is nothing more than another game they're playing to try and create mass hysteria in order to manipulate the people into either doing or accepting more draconian AUSTERITY measures that: 1. Take away more safety net programs like social security, healthcare, housing. 2. Give police more power to control the population I used to work for a company that when the employees asked for raises -the company would claim to be broke and would even threaten to move to Mexico where it was cheaper if they kept on asking. Lol...until I got there! I saw right through their bullshit and said, "If you want to go to Mexico then GO! Get the fuck on and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! But as long as you operate HERE...you're gonna pay us what we deserve!" And guess what...they DID. They even changed management. I say LET the damn "default" occur and let's see what happens. Maybe that's what we need! Maybe we NEED a great reset in the global econony! But something tells me the White folks in power really don't want that and are just using this as a scare tactic to have the power to manipulate society to their liking. Expect for Biden and the boys to come on at the last minute and announce a "deal" with the Republicans to prevent the collapse....a "deal" that involves cuts to education, Social security, more policing measures, ect....and more austerity policies. Which was the plan all along.
  20. What happened to our brother Rasheem Carter down in Mississippi is a CRYING shame. To know that Black men are still being lynched the old fashioned way by mobs of White racists is so sad and angering. They said they found his skull with half of it sewn off! So it seems to me if they were trying to remove his brain, or atleast part of it. Sounds like something out of "Get Out".
  21. I've been telling folks for over 10 years now......the entire "crypto currency" thing is a SCAM. Just a big money making game White boys sat on their ass and conjured up to make THEM more money and get people of color in trouble. It's biggest selling point was that it was "internet based" and couldn't be traced by the government and you could make all the money you wanted without having to pay taxes. Anybody with GOOD SENSE could listen to that and see the holes in it a mile away. Now look at all of the legal issues surrounding crypto currency and it's handling. Just like the internet. It was initially billed as a center of "free speech" and alternative to other forms of media because you supposedly could express yourself freely however you wanted to. Now look how many people have gotten in trouble and are sitting in jail right now because of crimes involving the internet. So another Black person has gotten in trouble fucking with that crypto-mess. What else is new? Anything to avoid the OLD FASHIONED way of making money and establishing wealth: Buying some land and DEVELOPING it.
  22. Chev It is amazing to me in how this was able to happen. I am still in the learning process though but, it is amazing. Lol...well it no longer amazes ME. Infact, the stupidity of many of our people CEASES to amaze me after accepting the fact that many of them are almost to the point of being hopelessly foolish. Only a Miracle can save them from their own foolishness and stupidity. You've been around for THOUSANDS of years worshipping The GOD and your Gods and getting along just fine, and a group of strangers show up out of nowhere with a NEW religion and tell you it's better than your....and you BELIEVE them???? Give your women to them as gifts? Give them your land, your gold? Give them some of your young men to be in their armies and fight with them? Even give them some of your people as slaves? Neither Arabs nor Europeans gave Africans ANY of their women or young men to be soldiers. If Africans got White women or men for fighting....they were captured in war....not just GIVEN to them. If Africans got any European land as their own....it was captured in war such as what the Moors did...but the Europeans didn't voluntarily just GIVE it away to us. But look how willing Africans were to just GIVE these Europeans and Arabs some of their most valuable resources even BEFORE having them taken by force. That tells me a lot about the thinking of many of our people. . Somehow, the ancient MONOTHEISTIC RELIGION of Black AFrican kings has been erased and they are defined as worshiping idols and somehow, the Arabs religion is become supreme. But historically, it was the Black kings that were monotheistic because that is what 'A KING' means anyway. The terms "monotheism" vs "polytheism" is very tricky, especially how the White/Western scholars have translated and interpreted it. They use TRICKY language to make Africans look like godless savages who worship sticks and stones while making the White and lighter races look more civilized. Let me give you an example......... In the Bible you have: Yahweh, Arch Angels, Angels, Satan, Demons, Baal, Moloch, ect.. But except for Yahweh, the White translators don't call them "gods". They are given their own respective titles. These are all NON-HUMAN entities. Some of them are worshiped and prayed to by Jews and Christians alike. Jews may pray to Yahweh or the Archangel Michael. Christians may pray to Yahweh, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, or Gabriel. Yet THEY aren't accused of "polytheism" and worshipping many "gods" But when the African or Native American who ALSO acknowledges that their is A SUPREME BEING as well as lesser Beings Who are non-human and very powerful and often pray to these lesser Beings....THEY are accused of being "polytheist" and beleiving in "mulitple gods" When it comes to the African religion and Beings....they try to lump all of Them in together regardless of title and call them "polytheists". So it's a word game they play. Black African people eventually became inundated with Arab people intertwining their version of ancient history into the Black AFrican scripts and this kind of religion is now part of Africa especially in Sudan. I believe that the Arab presence is a vital aspect of what is going on right now in Sudan and the Ethiopians, Eritreans, Tygrayans, etc. are being stalked. Absolutely Just like the European mixed their blood in with the West and South Africans and introduced self-hatred and rivalry between who has the most European blood....the Arabs did the same thing in North and East Africa. Who ever looks more Arab and is closest to African culture is seen as better or superior to the darker more African looking person. They even ENSLAVE eachother over this. Study the history of Somalia and how the "curly hair" people fight with and enslave the "hard hair" (nappy hair) people of darker skin. But some of the friction actually comes from our transformation from Asiatic to African. Before moving down into Africa....I believe our hair was naturally straighter and features keener....but that's a different story for a different time, lol. The Greeks brought their form of government into AFrica hundreds of years even before Rome formed and tried to get all of those AFrican men to drop monotheism and that is a failed mission eventhough they still constantly bagger those Black African men about it and about homosexuality. It's just not going to happen. Homosexuality and idolatry has caused a lot of problems in Africa, but it will never be completely accepted. No, because it's not in the nature of African people to accept either. Our very NATURE rebels against perversion and we immediately recognize it when we see it. But the Caucasian is slick enough to establish conditions and circumstances....like in prison...where homosexuality is often forced on the people against their will and eventually becomes part of their way of life. If he can't TRICK you into it, they he'll try to FORCE you into it.
  23. That's EXACTLY what's going on.....not just in Sudan, but in Ethiopia and the Congo as well to various degrees. What must be understood is that although the U.S. and Russia are ACTING like they are preparing for war with eachother.....and I say "acting" like it because they really MIGHT be or it MIGHT be a game they're playing together on the world....both nations are smart enough to stick together when it comes to the darker nations such as those in Africa. The U.S. and Russia may be rivals, but the leaders of both nations believe in keeping White folks on top and keeping Black nations in a state of chaos and disorder. So the game is for U.S. and Russia to both send representatives to a particular nation to fund them with weapons and training.....not to fight Russia or America...but to fight EACHOTHER INSIDE THE NATION or ANOTHER AFRICAN NATION. In other words, get Black folks to fighting and killing eachother and keep their nations in a state of instability and weakness....that's the objective. It's the same trick over and over again. Whether it's Europeans and Arabs using RELIGION to divide Africans; or the U.S. and Russia using Communism vs. Capitalism to divide Africans...same thing....get them to fight eachother and reduce their populations. When we recognize and realize this game they play, we can never be fooled. No matter what the excuse....be it politics, religion, economics.....whenever White people come to us trying to get us to fight eachother, we MUST reject the reasons.
  24. richardmurray Yes. I voted near bottom. I don't consider Tupac much of a Revolutionary. A talented Rap Artist...yes. But not a Revolutionary.
  25. frankster I was searching the videos you posted......... Can you direct me to the minute-marks where it is confirmed that Reparations are here and ready to be mailed out or passed out to Black Americans or atleast Black Californians?
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