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    Website Feedback

    @Maurice the site's traffic is simply back to normal. The site is still not on the faster server. More later...
  2. You don't have to believe in some to know a lot about it. No I don't believe a lot of stuff in the bible. @Pioneer1 do You believe stuff like parting the Red Sea, rising from the dead, and Noah's ark?
  3. “Knowledge alone is not an antidote to lies, but it is a necessary tool to combat bigotry and, by definition, ignorance.” If knowledge alone is not enought @Damani (a notion I agree with), then what else is needed?
  4. Someone (I dont know who was singing) was off key in the early part of the video posted.
  5. @Kalexander2 the article you cited, is a biased (strongly left leaning) blog full of unvetted content, not exactly a journlistic source worthy of you referencing.
  6. @Pioneer1 this sounds wrong, historically inaccurate, on its face. Perhaps a Biblical historical scholar like @Chevdove can lend a hand. I'm not familiar with the Freud's "Moses and Monotheism," but help me understand why we should care about what Freud has to say about the origins of Christianity?
  7. OK I see we are not going to on racism. Even a cursory view of history tells us that people did not see race the way you do -- even just a few hundred years ago. There were Black popes and white people went to Africa to learn. White supremacy is a relatively new concept, born of the transatlantic slave trade. It is also a concept that will likely die with our generation people like you who will never let go of it. But if know Bezos is motivated by money not race, surely you can understand the similarly wealthy slave owners of the Antebellum South were motivated by money as well. Racism was a tool. Sure there will also be racists, just like there are people who still believe the earth is flat, but they will be perceived as crack pots by the vast majority of people.
  8. Maybe I think too much of humanity @Pioneer1 but I don't think any politician gets into politics to hurt people or the country. Some really do want to make a difference others, perhaps most, are in it for self-aggrandizement, wealth, power, fame. Any benefit, or harm, to people is incidental and only of interest which people start to bitch. The motivation of the politicians is important because they are the only entity that can stop Amazon. Sure people can stop Amazon but to do so outside the political process would require a complete boycott or violence. I'd put my money on government action.
  9. @Delano I see you got the news before I did. Still, unless it is revealed that 45 raped and murdered a baby, no one thinks the senate will boot him from office. Do I need to create another count down clock?
  10. I was unfamiliar with marvin's song and Baby Huey. Baby Huey sings off key in one of those songs :-) Cosmic Slop is classic.
  11. Where does all the activity in the Bible actually take place? Are you familiar with Osiris, Isis, and Horus the principles in the Egyptian create story? Christianity borrows quite liberally from this.., What technology would that be? It would take Europeans several millennia to build anything on the scale of the Pyraminds Yes, but all of these people are "white," using your language. We can continue refuting each other statements @Pioneer1, but let me ask you this question. Do you think Jeff Bezos is motivated more by money (and the power it brings) or race? He was what you'd call Black.
  12. In reaction to my article about I no longer send readers to Amazon's website, someone sent me this interview. Here Stacy Mitchell explains, in layman's terms how, Amazon became so dominant and how they are adversely impacting our society. I believe as long as people perceive they are getting inexpensive goods easily and quickly, Amazon's dominance will only grow. The ultimate damage will be incalculable. Our politicians have utterly failed us on this one. Unfortunately give the ease at which consumers are manipulated, the government is the only entity that can stop Amazon.
  13. Hanif is a talented writer his book, Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest was just nominated for a National Book Award. A Fortune for Your Disaster is one I need to check out -- thanks!
  14. Nice poem from an old school sister. I was born when these roles were seemingly universal. In some quarters today women are viewed as equal to men. This is a mistake as we are clearly different. The bible says women are the weaker vessel. I didnt know that, but i wonder what that means? It does not sound good for women... Obviously the average woman is physically weaker than the average man, but one could argue they are mentally stronger... The rules for males/female relationships have and are changing. This poem reminds me of thus change. I'm not sure if the changes are all for the better or just different to what I was accustomed to.
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