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  1. Troy

    On the same page

    @Delano Why isn't anyone suggesting that Mark Zuckerburg is colluding with Russia? Is it completely implausible? Trump is getting all the attention while Zuck was busted running a smear campaign against detractors, demonstrating no willingness to prevent Russian influence or even admit a role in facilitating the influence, all the while talking about connecting the world -- phulese!
  2. Troy

    White. Man. Kills,2,Black. People!!!

    No, I dont get it. As far as all the stuff about the "ancient scripts" you've used to substantiate your argument, im not impressed. Where'd you get that stuff anyway?
  3. Troy

    On the same page

    You Probably never heard of Alibaba @Pioneer1, surerly you've heard if Starwoods and AMC. A lot of companies you think are Anerican are owbed by the chinesse. I did mention that the US is into China for several trillion... I'm not sure why you are discounting that fact. So the US, China, and Russia are all on the same page? ...you are probably right as the oligarchs running things are in alignment. Meanwhile our silly media are running around wondering why Cheryl and Zuck aren't doing a damn thing about Russian influence on Facebook. They connect the dots with 45 but not with Mark.
  4. Funny I actually watched this press conference. It was the only one I ever watched as I avoiding listening to anything coming out of his mouth Trump. Actually I did watch the fiasco with Kanye and Jim Brown. I guess in both cases my curiosity got the best of me. At any rate, the whole press conference is BS anyway. 45 dodged questions, lied, or otherwise obfuscated with eagerations and hyperbole -- what is the point of it all? So he banned one CNN reporter they have like 50 who cares? They should add a journalist from the Amsterdam News or the Chicago Defender.
  5. Troy

    Michelle. Obama,Becoming!

    Yeah one of our interns will be reviewing this book. Honestly, I'm somewhat conflicted about this book, but I'll hold my tongue as I'll come across bitter and nothing constructive will result.
  6. Hi John. Manie passed away tragically in 2011. In fact he passes at the age I am now. I think about Manie from time to time because he was a cool Brother. Harlem born and bred, like myself. He was "down," but above it all at the same time... He was well respected figure in the industry.
  7. @Milton Fantasy is treated as it's own fiction category, at the same level as Science Fiction, here are the Fantasy books on AALBC. Art / Subjects & Themes / Science Fiction & Fantasy Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy Fiction / Erotica / Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure Fiction / Fantasy / Collections & Anthologies Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy Fiction / Fantasy / Epic Fiction / Fantasy / General Fiction / Fantasy / Historical Fiction / Fantasy / Humorous Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal Fiction / Fantasy / Romantic Fiction / Fantasy / Urban Fiction / Romance / Fantasy Games & Activities / Role Playing & Fantasy Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic Literary Criticism / Science Fiction & Fantasy Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Epic Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / General
  8. Troy

    On the same page

    An armed conflict between teo nations where people die is a war. The euphemisms our government creates are merely to dup the public. Don't judge the nation based upon the ones who live here in America. It is not like the U.S. is making military moves again China or Russis either... don't be fooled into thinking were are invincible.
  9. @dlgrowe and Dajé here are the links to Christian Books for Children (boys and girls) on AALBC: Juvenile Fiction / Religious / Christian / Family Juvenile Fiction / Religious / Christian / Friendship Juvenile Fiction / Religious / Christian / General Juvenile Nonfiction / Religion / Christianity Juvenile Nonfiction / Religious / Christian / Inspirational Religion / Christian Ministry / Youth Related: Religion / Christian Education / Children & Youth
  10. Troy

    Goldie Is Confused

    Tell me how much you were being paid to do it and I'll give you a response.
  11. Troy

    On the same page

    So you believe the US wanted to lose a war... OK This is simply factually inaccurate. The US owes China trillions in debt. China owns far more US real estate than we own in China and we by more of China's stuff than they buy of our ours. Our technology is largely dependent upon China's manufacturing, engineering, and manpower. Again don't sleep. Americans -- even the Black ones -- think too much of themselves relative to other countries. Yes look at it. But also THINK about it....
  12. Troy

    Goldie Is Confused

    @Pioneer1 I said I have dinner with her in a group this was in 2009 I did not know she was at the time, but found her to be smart witty and definitely a sista 🙂 It is difficult to know a person from an article. Image someone trying to judge me by asinglee discussion forum post. Yor can disagree with the article but the whod have to read a lot more to even begin to judge the person.
  13. Troy

    Black. People,After. The. Election!

    Yep it was a choice between enslavement or torture and death. Slavery works when the mind has been enslaved. @Pioneer1 something tells me you and Kanye would be picking cotton along with almost everyone else...
  14. @Pioneer1 in terms of the "race" mixing in MS absolutely. Also African Americans holds a STRONG majority in Jackson something like 80% of the people in Jackson are Black. Only Detroit has a higher percentage. On a recent visit I was struck how few Black peopled attended the Jackson Book Festival. @Delano No revelations in that article it was mostly white folks reporting on white folks talking about Black people.
  15. True. Seriously, at least I can't imagine anyone willing to lie and say anything to win. However if the democrats would be willing to go the low road and run Oprah -- they'd have a great chance. The masses would be happy to vote for her and everyone else would be willing to hold their noses and cast their votes for her as well. We live in a celebrity driven culture 45, won not just because he appeals to racists, white men interested in wealth (and their spouses), and evangelicals. He got so many votes because he was a celebrity -- we LOVE celebrities. Oprah 2020!