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  1. This platform was created on November 8. Starting the last week November, survey participants who expressed an interest in supporting a boycott will be emailed about the creation of this platform and invited to join.
  2. Who knows?

    @Delano we are differing on the definition of the word "valid." The definition says based upon logic or fact. So technically you are right. But this is a technically, and at this point unnecessary, as I have already reworded my question (which @Pioneer1 continues to dodge). Pioneer makes declarative statements on premises that are either; patently false (which I assert is illogical, or just dumb, as in the case of multiple races), or which can not be proven to be true (as in the case with there being a creator (implying an very powerful sentient entity) of the universe. Now all I've done is ask @Pioneer1 to respond to a question which I think will expose a flaw in his reasoning (perhaps that is why he is dodging it), and you are bogging this down in technicalities. As far as you send question about how an opinion can be invalid, I already answered that question. Is anything still unclear? Del, do your think there was a creator of the universe Del? If not, why not. If so, why? val·id ˈvaləd/ adjective (of an argument or point) having a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent. "a valid criticism" synonyms: well founded, sound, reasonable, rational, logical, justifiable, defensible, viable, bona fide;More
  3. This video was originally Published on Nov 21, 2017 on What's The 411. In this video, Ruth J. Morrison, CEO and Executive Producer, What's The 411TV; and Troy Johnson, President, and Webmaster, AALBC.com; discuss Amazon's detrimental effect on the Black book ecosystem and how digital search has and is affecting Black web properties.
  4. Below is a video of a conversation I had with Ruth Morrison of What's the 411 on the impact of Amazon on the Black book Ecosystem. The conversation is an hour long. I think Ruth raised some good points regarding my proposed boycott of Amazon's bookstore. If anyone decided with watch this please provide any feedback you might have. Lurkers may email me here: troy@aalbc.com
  5. Who knows?

    @Pioneer1 where do you think "The Supreme (most powerful) Being" came from? How did they come into existence? For now your opinion is just an opinion. We can argue where it is valid or not. Because while you demand proof to the contrary, your position can not be proven either. I'm arguing the position is also unreasonable. If something can not be proven to be true, or is it reasonable or logical then it can not be valid. For example your opinion about multiple human races is not valid because it is have been proven to be factually inaccurate.

    Cynique my debate with Pioneer is different in that there is actually a right and wrong answer. The mansplain issue is much more subjective. I have not problem with you disagreement. But again when you couch my disagreement as playing victim that is just so far from the truth that it is silly. My debate with Del regarding climate change is more more in line with that of Pioneer--in that I believe the answer is pretty clear. As far as the most recent issue about the origins of the universe hey anything is possible I'm glad you did not take my, "My grammer is impeccable." bait. Was it that obvious @Del is there something in the stars that might suggest why everyone is at each others throats at this time, and why you and @Pioneer1 are now enjoying a bromance.
  7. RIchard Murray Creative Table

    Hi Richard for those interested in a physical copy maybe I can help make this happen. Let me read through the information you have shared here what you have shared here.
  8. If you can get to Harlem and want to celebrate Black literature with the folks who create and produce it, join us at our annual Harlem Fete. When: Monday December 4th 2017, 6 to 8 p.m. Where: Settepani 196 Lenox Ave (at the corner of SW corner of 120th street), in Harlem New York More information: 919-492-4806 RSVP: annualharlemfete@gmail.com Just a few photos from last year's celebration:
  9. Who knows?

    LOL! @Delano I would think less of you if you would not to disagree with me simply because it puts you into the same camp as Pioneer. So I'll ask you the same question Del. If the universe has a creator, is it logical reasonable to assume that the creator of the universe must also have a creator? If yes why. If not why not?
  10. End of Poverty?

    {sighs with exasperation} @Pioneer1 The dictions just describes how the roace is used it is not a scientific definition. Wikipedia is not the best sources of information, but if you read the entire document, you will see the evolution of the word over time and across cultures. It also describes how the science has evolved leading to the knowledge that race is purely a social construct. There is no basis in our genetics to allow us to categorize us into "races." All of this information is in the document that YOU referenced Pioneer. It is amazing how people can read a document and come away with completely difference conclusions. But why am I surprised people do this with the Bible, and Cynique can do the with a Merrian Webster article Now I know old habits die hard, and I have had to change my thinking in race too. Dude there is only once human race. I know stubborn and uninformed people will continue say brown skinned people are in the Black race and pink people are in the white race. They will continue to apply all of the racial stereotypes that go with the categorization (i.e. people whose eyes don't have the epicanthic fold are better at math) long after we are gone...
  11. The Tuskegee Experience was evil and terrible, but it was never proven that the men were given syphilis, they were simply not treated for it. To make matters worse, when the men got some other illness, that required antibiotics, medication was withheld as not to screw up the "experiment." So it was a statewide conspiracy. The monster in charge (I forget his name) went to work in (for) NYC... Now we have kids here with not just lead poisoning but all kinds of dysfunction resulting in hyper-incareation, low graduation rate from crappy schools....hmmm @Pioneer1 maybe you are on to something.

    I'm not playing the victim. I do not feel victimized nor did I ever imply such a thing. I simply expressed my feelings on the issue. I'm not sure where you are getting the "playing the victim" sentiment from. I can only presume it is your imagination, a reflection of what is in your head. Are you trying to victimize me? You must know by now I've been harassed by people, on this forum, who are far more vile than you might imagine, some of this stuff has even made it onto the board, some I've even shared because i thought it was comical. Playing the victim is not my role, or nature. I'm surprised you would try to pull that one on me My grammer is impeccable, but you already know this. It is also the reason why I generally refrain from using words like f*uck, bromance, or mansplain.

    Well @Cynique, I've said my peace on the word. I'm not sure if you understand my point since your entire reaction was spent picking apart and rejecting what I wrote. I'm surprised you did not go after my grammar again...Nuff said. Hi Sarah, do you have a website? Why don't you post a link to it, and save anyone who is interested a step. Thanks

    OK let me try a different approach @Cynique: The reality is that I dislike all words in the "mansplain" category. When we artificially combin words like "Bromance," "Manbun," and "Manslain" We become less clear. Besides words like this are inherently sexist. If two men love each other it is just love. If a man wears a bun it is just a bun. The male gender qualifier diminishes the thing it is applied to as if it is only for women. Does this make sense? If a man carries a bag to hold things, it is not a "manbag." it is just a damn bag. If a man explains something it is just an explanation. If the mans does it in a condescending manner it is an explanation done condescendingly It does not matter if the target is a woman or a man; condescension is gender neutral, for women can be condescending too. We do not need words like mansplain, womansplain, Blacksplain, gaysplain, jewsplain, or any of these useless combinations. Again, applying the gender qualifier is unnecessary at best and sexist at worst. The later is virtually always the intent. So cynique you may disagree with the sexist nature of this type of language or may have been completely obvious to it. But when a racist behaves in a racist manner they too can be caught off guard and surprised by the reaction. Hey @Del that is very interesting--maybe you are right. I think my reasoning above may explain why. What do you think?
  15. Well that would be true if you buy into the premise that this was a conspiracy in the first place. I do not believe that white people got together and say hey well can damage some Black people if we introduce led into their environments. I do not believe white conspired to do this. Now hite folks have conspired to to some really devilish sht against Black folks. I dn not think this is one of them. The world already knows the U.S. does not give a crap about the future.