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  1. This cartoon was apparently in Michael Moore's 2010 movie Bowling for Columbine. It would be hilarious if it were not so sad.
  2. Well I saw Black Panther last night. I was definitely a step above the typical action flick, the plot was a bit deeper. Sure it had all the requisite battles, explosions, fast cars, and attractive women and muscular men engaging in death defying feats aided by super powers -- all of which gives it its universal mass appeal. I thought it was an excellent film. I was not the greatest film ever, but for a superhero action fick it was as good as they come. Certainly better than any that I can recall released in the last decade. The audience I watched the move with, in Tampa Florida, which was virtually all white applauded at the end of the film.
  3. Actually @Cynique our mansplaining debate was not a draw. Given the fact that mansplaining is in the Oxford Dictionary, I'm forced to accept it as a word. Now I don't have to like it, and I'm really not a fan of it, but if the English say it is a word, it is a word.
  4. Hey Cynique, you asked if Pioneer was on drugs.  But I have been seriously considering asking Del the same question.  He seems off lately.  I honestly don't understand what he is talking about lately.  It that just me or have you perceived that same thing.  I'm not going to ask him the question but I was curious to know what you think.


    Perhaps I'm giving off the same impression :o

  5. The New Religion

    That last post was both profound and insightful @Cynique. (I'm using the "admin" account because I'm using a different PC and I don't know my "Troy" password, which my laptop has saved -- in case anyone was wondering)
  6. @Cynique, maybe that is what I found appealing. I never saw anything like this before. I would rather see programming ike this than see the new Black Panther flick (or any film from Disney). Today these types of conversation are not even being had -- at least not to the degree that they were 50 years ago. This type of TV programming was a special broadcast of the Tony Brown's Journal, which was on TV at the same time that Gil Noble's Like It Is broadcast. In my mind, this was the pinnacle of Black TV. If anything came close to it today I'm not aware of it -- if you are please share.
  7. The Science Delusion

    You know, you are right @Cynique I'm sorry for the hand I had in continuing this "debate." Thanks for being a much needed sane voice of reason
  8. The New Religion

    Del I'd discourage you from ever critiquing anyone's writing. As far as the other stuff, I give.
  9. I discovered this video reading an article about Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor on Munchies I'm still listening to it -- not even halfway through (Nikki Giovanni just read a poet to and for Lena Horne and they just started a conversation. This is just a great video featuring different Black women in conversation, singing, dancing, poetry -- a terrific compilation and demonstrates why we need Black media. The following a from the video description on Youtube: Inspired by the book by Chester Higgins, this special episode of Black Journal features a discussion between Joan Harris, Vertamae Grosvenor, Martha Davis, Marian Watson and Amma Baraka. A separate conversation between Nikki Giovanni and Lena Horne. Poetry by Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez and Kali. Plus performances by Roberta Flack, Loretta Abbott and Novella Nelson. Interview with Albert Cleage, Jr. of the Black Madonna Church. Executive Produced by Tony Brown. Directed by Stan Lathan.
  10. The Science Delusion

    Perhaps, but it seems unlikely. Del do you believe you write with perfect fidelity and clarity at all times?
  11. @Cynique the people who create movies and build the hype behind them are really very good at what they do. This more than anything else explains why people are in a frenzy over the fictional country of Wakanda rather than Tulsa Oklahoma. The marketers who get us all hyped about a film could use this talent to generate hype over actual Black history, which in my opinion is far more fascinating, but uplifting people is not as lucrative as selling movie tickets. @Delano, Have you seen the film?
  12. The New Religion

    Pioneer you know Black people invented science. Why do you insist on making it a western presumably European thing? Also don't confuse science with it practitioners. Science is a monolith, but there are practitioners who are liars and would pervert science to their own purposes. People do the same thing with religion. Voodoo and science can coexist it does not have to be science. Why make it an either/or proposition? Del, your question, "Does that mean Christians can't be mathematicians? Since reliqion and science are incompatible" is almost bizarre. Who said religion and science are incompatible? Of course a Christian can be a mathematician, but who was talking about Christians and Mathematicians?! Again that was a very odd question...
  13. The Science Delusion

    @Delano as previously mentioned the time I spent talking to you here was invested in an attempt to work on communicating with you more effectively. Communication seems to break down whenever you think I disagree with you. No I did not create my own search engine, I simply configured a product that Google used to sell. Regarding Zaji understanding you, I dunno she understood my request straight away... I guess I could ask you the same question Maybe Zaji can serve as our interpreter :-) @zaji, I appreciate that whenever you get a chance is fine--thanks!
  14. ...well it is an old book that was never published. I had not heard a peep about this book before last night, when I discovered it trolling for interesting books on my distributors website. Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo” by Zora Neale Hurston is a never-before-published but which tells the story of a Brother you endured the middle passage -- yes the Middle Passage! He was kidnapped from African 50 years after the practice was outlawed and enslaved in the American south... those slavers really were devils huh?