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Who Hears Here? On Black Music, Past & Present by Guthrie Ramsey (requesting book review)

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Publicist: Nanda Dyssou

Author: Guthrie Ramsey

Title: Who Hears Here? On Black Music, Past & Present

ISBN-13: 978-0520281844


Guthrie P. Ramsey Jr., is an award-winning musicologist, music historian, composer, and pianist whose prescient theoretical and critical interventions have bridged Black cultural studies and musicology. Representing twenty-five years of commentary and scholarship, these essays document Ramsey’s search to understand America’s Black musical past and present and to find his own voice as an African American writer in the field of musicology. This far-reaching collection embraces historiography, ethnography, cultural criticism, musical analysis, and autobiography, traversing the landscape of Black musical expression from sacred music to art music, and jazz to hip-hop. Taken together, these essays and the provocative introduction that precedes them are testament to the legacy work that has come to define a field, as well as a rousing call to readers to continue to ask the hard questions and write the hard truths.



Who Hears Here_cover image (3).jpg

Ramsey Headshot 2022 (3).jpg

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