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The Durbar’s Apprentice by Remington Blackstaff - Book Review Request

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Good evening! 
I’m a British Nigerian family physician, independent mental health doctor and the author of The Durbar’s Apprentice, a historical fiction novel set in 17th century pre-colonial northern Nigeria. My debut novel is about a warrior and the trials of loyalty, betrayal and sacrifice he and his young apprentice must endure to prevent the bitter rivalry between two kingdoms descending into a bloody war. My beautiful and generous wife describes it as The Woman King meets King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It’s available from bookstores worldwide in paperback, ebook and on Audible. 

The book was inspired by a painting my then infant son stared at while I rocked him to sleep. Due to the time constraints of work/life, I wrote the entire novel on my iPhone. The Durbar’s Apprentice is both a love letter to my son and our Nigerian heritage. My goal as a writer is to tell gripping stories that feature, uplift and celebrate people of colour, while being accessible to people from all backgrounds. With the Durbar trilogy (I’m at the end of writing book two) in my own small way I want to reset the global perspective of African history outside my continent. 

The Durbar’s Apprentice was released on May 25th 2022 and the publisher is RIZE, an imprint of Running Wild Press LLC. The ISBN is 9781947041868.


I would be honoured if you reviewed my debut novel.


Kind regards,


Remington Blackstaff



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