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New YA Fiction - Tito Johnson's Diary

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Tito Johnson’s Diary is the multicultural coming-of-age story of a precocious fifteen-year-old who finds himself adrift in a world he’s struggling to figure out. Tongue-in-cheek in tone, the novel is set in 1995’s rural Michigan where Theodore “Tito” Johnson grapples with issues from his older brother’s homosexuality to his own racial prejudice to his parents’ divorce.

Personally, I like this novel because it’s one of African American empowerment. Even though Tito is poor, black and from a broken home you understand that he’s clearly a smart kid who’s in control of his destiny. He’s in no way a victim. I also appreciate the novel because it manages to address heavy subject matter is a light and funny way.

Tito Johnson’s Diary is available through Amazon.com and other online retailers.


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