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New books explain why HIV/AIDS did not originate in Africa

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Hello - I also posted the press release about these books on New Book/Press Release forum. I hope I am not overdoing. However for this forum, these books undoubtedly qualify as they relate to the well-being of the African peoples and perhaps other people in tropical, indigent settings.

Given the proper attention, these books could affect the lives of millions of African people.

Before I go further, allow me to relate my pedigree vis-à-vis writing about HIV/AIDS and scientific/medical material. Here's my biography as listed on Amazon.com:


Chris Jennings (Harvard, B.A., Biology 1976/77) excels at writing scientific books that fulfill the needs of professionals while rendering the science accessible to the average reader. His prior book, Understanding and Preventing AIDS: A Book for Everyone, was favorably reviewed by the New England Journal of Medicine, adopted for staff education and reference by Massachusetts General Hospital - the hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the Walter Reed Army Medical Institute; city, state, and federal health agencies; and utilized as a textbook at colleges, nursing schools, and public health schools.

In addition to conducting investigative research of the scientific and medical literature, Chris Jennings provides writing services to the pharmaceutical, medical, and diagnostic industries. He has written HIV assay (antibody test) specification sheets, articles about the juxtaposition of the HIV assay in the diagnosis and clinical management of HIV infection, articles about diagnostic assay architecture, and clinical trial reports for submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on several antiretroviral drugs and drugs versus AIDS-related opportunistic infections.


The review of HIV/AIDS - The Facts and the Fiction (the primary book) can be viewed on AABLC.com at: http://aalbc.com/reviews/hivaids.html

Far more information on both books (HIV/AIDS - The Facts and the Fiction and it's smaller companion HIV/AIDS in South Africa - The Facts and the Fiction) are available on Amazon.com.

To summarize my research findings, the scientific literature is clear: (1) New York City is the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic; (2) the theory that HIV came from monkeys is a fallacy – the theory that AIDS originated in African monkeys arose from an incident of laboratory contamination; and (3) the African AIDS epidemic-as-holocaust never manifested.

I hope that some of you may appreciate and enjoy.


Chris Jennings, Author

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Will definitely check that out.

I think that so many people, because of fear of being labeled as "conspiracy theorists" are hesitant to offer that which is not at all an illogical educated guess, which is that HIV/AIDS = biological warfare/eugenics. Then again,it seems that much human illness is manufactured as much as is human thought.

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Thank you Waterstar. I am going to duplicate this reply to your comment her and also in the Press Release section.

From my point of view, HIV/AIDS is not a genocidal effort to destroy Africans as, in my point of view, HIV/AIDS is not epidemic in Africa. Remember, all the statistics for HIV/AIDS in Africa and African AIDS deaths are estimates generated by computers. In South Africa, for example, the number of HIV/AIDS deaths tabulated from death certificates are much smaller than the estimates. Specifically, in 2007, there were 13,000 AIDS deaths recorded by the census bureau of South Africa while UNAIDS (or perhaps it was WHO -- all this from memory) estimated 350,000 AIDS deaths in 2007.

The problem is Africa, as I understand it, is that a number of deaths due to disease and malnutrition have been steadily increasing over the last couple of decades, but these deaths are now being classified as AIDS deaths. Also, the "AIDS blood tests" also generate a very large percentage of false-positives. I can not explain the exact cause of these false-positives, but given the rate of heterosexual HIV transmission during vaginal intercourse (without condoms), African men would require hundreds of different sex partners each year, while African females would require up to 1000 different sex partners each year to give rise to AIDS rates of 17% of HIV infection in the population (as purported for South Africa) or 25% of the populations (as purported for Botswana).

As for HIV, it is a retrovirus and it was only the 3rd known retrovirus to infect humans. Other disease-causing retroviruses were known to infect animals before HIV appeared on the scene, but there were no effect cures. When a group of animals (horses, goats, sheep, or cattle) were known to be infected by these retroviruses, then answer was to slaughter the herd. There were no effective cures. So HIV is on the cutting edge of human understanding and medical experience.

There is endless more to say, but that is why I wrote the books. There is a lot more information available on Amazon.com. Each book listing on Amazon.com contains much more information.

Thanks for your reply

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