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DC BOOKDIVA: Can you tell our readers a little about your most recent book?

MIKA MILLER: What do you get when you throw a “Bitch”, a “Whore”, a “Basketcase”, and a “Dyke” together? You get GHETTOHEAT's latest page turner, AND GOD CREATED WOMAN. AND GOD CREATED WOMAN chronicles the evolutionary journey of four feisty, fascinating, yet flawed African-American females, as they overcome their individual struggles to become beautiful, stronger, and phenomenal women. Melanie is a sassy, hardcore 'round-the-way-girl, with sexual identity issues, and more hang-ups than the local cleaners. Mekka is a bold,sexy exotic dancer, who tricks more then she treats, in her desire to create a better life for her kids; not realizing that without an "exit" strategy, the road she travels leads her nowhere. Shawn a private school teacher, with a weed habit that puts Snoop to shame, is letting her fourth graders run wild while she tries to smoke and sip her problems away. Then there's Tristan, THE BITCH, with a Magna Cum Laude Harvard Degree, and killER Manolos to prove it! Tristan, who's icy," I got all the right answers" demeanor, may prove to be the catalyst of her fall from the top, in both her professional and personal life. AND GOD CREATED WOMAN is an excellent marriage of both the Urban and Contemporary lit genres. It's a book about real womens' issues, told from a woman’s perspective. The story is told with an urban contemporary flair...it's gritty, contains profanity, and has sexually graphic imagery, but I implore you to delve deeper...because beneath the surface of the provocative language is reality, truth, beauty and inspiration.

DC BOOKDIVA: What other books, if any, have you written?

MIKA MILLER: Although AND GOD CREATED WOMAN is my debut novel, I have already penned the sequel; scheduled for release in time for Christmas 2007. On the heels of AND GOD CREATED WOMAN, I am excited to present several future projects that are currently in the works: Erotica, Conspiracy Theory, a soulful love story, a motivational book for women, as well as a line of childrens books. The sky is the limit for me!!! Writing is my passion, and it is my intention to make my mark by producing authentic, quality, entertaining, realistic, inspirational stories, that are trendsetters, and not limited to any genre, age, or ethnic demographic.

DC BOOKDIVA: What inspired you to write?

MIKA MILLER: My elementary school principal was an advocate of reading. He was an award-winning educator who emphasized not only reading for entertainment sake, but to further literacy in the African American community…to educate and empower. As a young child, delving into the fantasy world of books of all genres, nurtured my desire to write creatively. I began journaling my thoughts at a young age, which turned into poetry and short stories; which, as I grew older, transformed into plays and novellas. Writing is my true passion, and a vocation that I would do for free, because it's what genuinely makes me happy. It was a natural evolution for me to leave the corporate world behind to pursue my dream of writing.

DC BOOKDIVA: Is your storyline based on a past experience.

MIKA MILLER: No, my storyline is entirely a work of fiction. The four women in this book are intended to be a general representation of African-American women of varying ages, social status, and cultural experiences. AND GOD CREATED WOMAN is about the essence of a woman. It is not a representation of my life, nor any one woman in particular.

DC BOOKDIVA: How did you come up with the title?

MIKA MILLER: The title was inspired by the book of Genesis in the Bible. I wanted AND GOD CREATED WOMAN to showcase the beauty, the vulnerability, strength, tenacity and vivaciousness of African-American women…because that's the way God created us. The title is intended to inform readers that although women may have flaws, we must remain balanced, beautiful, and brave, even if life, people, or circumstance challenges who we think we are, and pushes us beyond what we believe are our limits.

DC BOOKDIVA: What authors or novels do you admire most?

MIKA MILLER: A few of my favorites are Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Arthur Golden, Ntozake Shange, James Baldwin, Shakespeare, Sonia Sanchez, Nabakov, Mario Puzo, Eric Jerome Dickey, Dan Brown, Thomas Harris and their respective works…the list goes on-and-on-and-on.

DC BOOKDIVA: What can we expect from you in the future?

MIKA MILLER: Great things!!! (Smile) With me, it’s not just about writing a good book. It extends much further than that. It is about a movement; which is what drew me to HICKSON of GHETTOHEAT. For me, the future holds merging my literary works into college curriculum, motivational speaking, empowerment seminars, mass media, merchandising, and much much more.

DC BOOKMAN. What is your favorite pastime?

MIKA MILLER: I enjoy live music and live theater venues. I love to cook. And shoe shop! I’m really into vintage stores, flea markets, and art galleries. I am very family oriented. I love spending time with my son at museums, bookstores, the waterfront and playgrounds …and oooh, I love the outdoors, especially going to the shore and laying on the beach with a good book; a cool drink and the man I love. Corny, right?

DC BOOKDIVA: Did you self publish or are you with a publishing house?

MIKA MILLER: I am with the greatest publisher on the planet: GHETTOHEAT, and I say that with the utmost respect and sincerity. HICKSON, the founder of GHETTOHEAT, is not only a mastermind at what he does, but he's also a pleasure to do business with, because HICKSON's heart is in everything he does; and he truly respects his artists and their vision. I have never seen any other publisher out there on the frontlines with their artists, and HICKSON is out there not because he has to be, but because he wants to be. Mark my words, the other so-called “major publishing houses” better watch out for GHETTOHEAT, because HICKSON is a rising star, and The GHETTOHEAT MOVEMENT is a force to be reckoned with! S-S-S-S-S-S can you feel the "HOTNESS" rising in the streets? ...I can!

MIKA MILLER is author of Essence Bestseller, AND GOD CREATED WOMAN. Contact her at MIKA@GHETTOHEAT.COM

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