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new book "Sit Your Dumb Ass Down"

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ISBN-13: 978-1481934862

ISBN-10: 1481934864

BISAC: Humor / General


Date: 01/14/2013


Contact: Derrick Durrell Dixon, 443-474-4694,


The funniest book of 2013 that will
keep you laughing all day long.  Author of “Sit your Dumb Ass Down”


Baltimore, Maryland – I would like to introduce, Derrick Durrell Dixon, the author of Sit Your Dumb Ass Down, available www.amazon.com   Take a voyeuristic view into the world of the
airline industry through the eyes of one of the most memorable personalities
you will ever meet. Derrick Dixon takes you through the life of a flight
attendant and his 28 years working for the airlines with his hilarious daily
true stories. After reading this extremely comical novel you will stand up and
cheer until he tells you to Sit Your Dumb Ass Down!


  Derrick D. Dixon, born in Frankfurt Germany,
and now lives in Baltimore Maryland is the creative mind of 3DDD
Productions.  Derrick is a Proud Father,
Playwright, Director, Producer, Actor, Singer, and Author.  He has attended the performing arts school
Loretta Heights College in Denver Co. and studied dance, acting and
singing.  After college he started a
career working with the airlines.  Still
following his dreams, Derrick appeared in his first short film, “Total Control”
as lead character Mr. Hightower with Dominion Films, Directed by Abiiba
Howell.  He produced, wrote, and directed
his first stage play Rags to Riches (watch what you ask for).  3DDD Productions Motto: ALL THINGS ARE


Mr. Dixon’s
best quote as an airline employee is “My BEST Customer Service is when my mouth
is shut.”


 S.Y.D.A.D talks about the everyday questions a
flight attendant or airlines employee on a daily basis or while in the air,
“What are we flying over right now?”, his answer to that would be “Over the
United States” Always been quick witted, but in a way he could put a smile on
your face. 


 Review from book “The book had me giggling
about what's encountered while flying the "friendly skies" and I'm
hoping for more stories in another book. It's a difficult job sometimes and
that what makes it a good read, all the interesting people he comes into
contact with. Good job Derrick!!”   Derrick Dixon can be
found on Twitter @derrickddixon Facebook/derrickdurrelldixon and website


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