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Author Release: Dear ___, Are You Missing Your Calling?

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Press Release




Sheila McCoy                                                             

Mo Better Publishing                                                                




Book Release Dear _____, Are You Missing Your Calling?

“Please accept this invitation for the Most Important Event of Your Life!”


Atlanta, GA – January 2014 – Independent Author, Peer Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Sheila L. Agnew released her second non-fiction book, Dear ______, Are Your Missing Your Calling? In the book, Sheila uses the invitation as a metaphor to encourage readers to chronicle their most significant and important life events whether joyful or painful to help develop a clear path and direction for understanding our true callings and purposes. She says “addressing the pain helps eliminate our fears and clears the way for placing our attention on a “now focus,” a step closer to accepting the invitation. Some accept with an RSVP and others send regrets, I cannot come!”


Reverend Dr. Augustus T. Curry of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA says, “This book is an inspiration even for experienced pastors. You can pick it up five years from now and it will still be relevant.”


Stephanie Barnett of Upper Marlboro, MD says, “I accept the invitation and place this book on the level of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.”


Sheila L. Agnew, formerly owned a successful event management and decorating company in Chicago and Columbus, OH prior to writing her first book, All About the Vets, A Sharing of Life Experiences for Women of Honor (2007), which received rave reviews for inspiring and encouraging women to pursue their dreams and passions in spite of age.  She is currently the Chapter Director of Over 40 Females Atlanta where she resides and continues to create opportunities for mature women to have a voice through her blogs, workshops, seminars and speaking platforms.  She writes a daily inspiration blog, Our Season and has received numerous recognitions for entrepreneurship and creativity. For more about Sheila visit http://www.sheilaagnew.com or email sheila.agnew4@gmail.com for bookings.


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