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Eugene Allen Wilson

Deadly Artifact: A New and Orginal Science Fiction Novel

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Deadly Artifact
A new and original science fiction adventure novel by
Eugene Allen Wilson
(400 years in the making)

Greetings everyone,

     I wish to present to you a story about three urban high school teenagers; Vernon Clark, Ronald Clark and Victor Williams. These teenagers are in serious trouble with the law. You see, two Air Force military officers have alleged that these teenagers stole a military grade  communications device. These teens, if caught, could face a stiff prison sentence.

     Actually, the teenagers are in possession of two devices. The first is a highly advanced device that establish two-way communications with people on other worlds. The second device in their possession is a weapon, a weapon that is inconceivably more powerful than any other weapon, conventional or nuclear, known to earth science. In time, worldwide political turmoil erupts due to what these teens finally do. Thus, the potential for all out thermonuclear war is high.

     You can see why these teenagers are in serious trouble. Things get worse, though. Two powerful, yet opposing alien forces are coming to earth to retrieve these devices. The outcome of this situation sets into motion a series of events that will, within several centuries, push the entire inhabited galaxy toward its deadliest conflict.  You may it astonishing that this entire situation was set into motion by a murder that occurred on September 17, 1860.

     Prepare to experience science fiction adventure in a manner that few people would have dared to imagine possible.  

The eBook version of Deadly Artifact ($3.99) can be downloaded from the following sites: www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com

twitter: https://twitter.com/Vausteau
email: eugeneallenwilson@yahoo.com


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