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Shaniqka T

Lonely Fools

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Lonely Fools 


A lonely fools search for love, is long and hard...They've yet to see...loneliness is not the issue.


Lonely fools search for love...forgetting to search within themselves; viewing things and people with the eyes of their world, rather than the eyes of their soul.


A lonely fools search for love becomes easier as they pray. After a few or several tries, they see that God gives you what you pray for, only to show you that he always has the best road... Sometimes what you want, isn't what you need...

Lonely fools fight too hard against loneliness...

They don't value the beauty of being alone...

Are they really "alone"...

The word says that we are never alone, and The Most High created the word...


Therefore, the battle of a lonely fool is a waste of precious time...

Time that could be spent alone... with The Most High

A Lonely Fool is never lonely...



Love, Be Peaceful & Search For Truth! 


Shaniqka T.

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Hi Shaniqka.  I'm JonRenee, I really enjoyed your poem!  Great job!  I also wrote a poem called, " I Am Alone Not Lonely, don't confuse the two." It also brings you back to the very presence of God :D which is so important during your alone time and I'm glad you brought that point out.  Good luck on your future endeavors !!!

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Hello JonRenee',


Thanks so much for your feedback! It's appreciated! I had a chance to look at your author page today, and Butter Lyrics, is hot! I love it! Good luck to your as well!!

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