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BOOK REVIEW REQUEST-Trampling of the Weeds

Guest Lajuanda Mitchell

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Guest Lajuanda Mitchell


Publisher’s Name:  Lajuanda Lilease G.


Book Title: Trampling of the Weeds

ISBN-13: 978-1532747823


Publishing Date: March 2016

Book Synopsis: Set in present day Harlem.  A family must come to grips with its dysfunction.  Zemirah has the support of friends, but is conflicted on if and how she should continue keeping them in her life, while moving forward into adulthood.  Clifford, a strong young man battling Agoraphobia is ready to be seen as a man and be independent, but how, if he does not know how to get out of his own way?  Ne’Shama the oldest sibling is trapped wanting to do more for her family, but when she has already been stretched to the limits mentally and physically she is challenged with what to do next.  What follows are a series of events which land the youngest, Zemirah in situations similar to the family she vowed never to become.  When everything around them seems to be spiraling out of control, who will step up to save this family and at what costs?


This self published novel would sit next to Push by Sapphire and Sula by Toni Morrison, if it were to be on a book self based on heaviness of strong voiced narrative, complexity of characters and sexual/violent content.


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Guest Quinton Gavan

5 out of 10. It was okay but not what I expected. As a Black Man, I wasn't impressed at all. Author sounds bitter, petty, and probably single. Typical 

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