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PRESS RELEASE – Announcing New Book Release, The Kokuran

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PRESS RELEASE – New Book Alert!


Requesting AALBC.com and others to consider my book for a review.


The Kokuran


Author: Jordin Mack

Title:  The Kokuran

Genre:  Fiction - Contemporary, Urban, Dramatic, Romance

ISBN Information:

§  Softcover: 978-0-9971544-0-5

§  Hardcover: 978-0-9971544-1-2

§  eBook: 978-0-9971544-2-9

Page Count:  375

Publisher: Vaughn Publishing

Sales Information:

§  Retail Print Distributors:  Amazon, (Barnes & Noble pending)

§  Wholesale Print Distributors:  Createspace, IngramSpark, Vaughn Publishing

§  eBook Distributors: Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. 

Summary - Astrid, a naïve teenage girl, marries Philip, who loves and praises her yet later abuses and tries to break her. Fate then steps in and reveals the lie that gives her strength and the wings to fly. In the aftermath, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads her down a path of uncensored sexual encounters, love and despair. Only to discover that she was already in possession of what she was searching for. 


What they’re saying about The Kokuran:

"Get ready for a suspenseful emotional ride, you will feel joy, sorrow, anger, intimacy and love before you exhale."


"It reads like a modern-day "Color Purple" with sexy, hip hop swag."


“The characters and story-line are so real that you forget the story is fiction.”


"A powerful female protagonist and an unforgettable cast of characters."


About Jordin Mack – Jordin, born and raised in a Detroit low-income community developed an interest in fiction writing at the age of ten to escape from the harsh realities of impoverished urban life. While her dreams of becoming a writer like Maya Angelou and Zora Neale Hurston never came to fruition, she continued writing as an occasional hobby. After completing college and embarking on a long career in Corporate America she decided to revisit her passion for writing and her dream of becoming a serious author. Shortly thereafter, she started writing her first novel. It is the trilogy of her experience in urban, academia and corporate life that provides the unique style in her literary expression, and is vividly exemplified in her debut novel, The Kokuran.

For more information about The Kokuran, please visit the author’s website at www.jordinmack.com.

For all other inquiries, contact the author directly by email: jordinmack@yahoo.com

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