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There's An Alligator in Audubon Park! - Press Release

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What would you do if you saw an alligator on your afternoon stroll? Would you run? Would you warn everyone? Or would you fire up the gumbo pot? That’s what is explored in the children’s picture book “There’s an Alligator in Audubon Park!”

First time author/illustrator Gina Minor Allen lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where alligators are iconic - both feared and enjoyed as a tasty treat. “There’s an Alligator in Audubon Park!” is a fun-to-read tale for children ages 3-8 that explores the many and conflicting reactions to confronting an alligator in our environment. The book's official publication date is December 1, 2016.

“Everyone in Louisiana has an alligator story, “ says Minor Allen. “I was just able to visualize mine and set it to rhyme.”

Gina Minor Allen is an alumna of Washington University in St. Louis where she earned her BFA in graphic design and Illustration. She also holds a M.B.A. from the University of Miami. She lives in New Orleans Louisiana with her two sons and her extended family, but no alligators as of yet.

<strong>Title:</strong> There’s An Alligator in Audubon Park!
<strong>Author/Illustrator:</strong> Gina Minor Allen
<strong>Publication Date</strong>: December 1, 2016
<strong>Price:</strong> $17.95 Hardcover
<strong>Category:</strong> Children’s picture book, ages 3-8
<strong>Binding:</strong> Hardcover, 26 pages
<strong>Imprint:</strong> Impossibility Press • New Orleans, LA
<strong>ISBN:</strong> 978-0-692-66697
<strong>Library of Congress Control Number:</strong> 2016905887

Please send all inquiries to
Gina Minor Allen



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