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Book review request / Tyronne Carter Kid Scientist

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Author:  Tyronne E. Carter

Publisher:  America's Fun Science Books

ISBN:  9780997415001

Publication Date:  May 13, 2016

Age level: Grades K-6

Tyronne Carter is a kid scientist who uses his humor, the library, science and his love of reading to problem solve and win the day against bullies!  Fun science/STEM project included in the back of the book for kids to do at home.  Hard-bound, excellent quality.  My local library system liked it so much they are now carrying it in all of their branches.  The book is also available for sale on our website, americasfunscience.com as well as digital download on Amazon.

My company, America's Fun Science, provides affordable, hands-on science enrichment activities and STEM programs to schools, nonprofits, libraries, preschools, community recreation centers, nursing homes/adult care facilities, scouting organizations and parents throughout the Twin Cities metro area.  We can also travel to other communities by special request.  Our instructors are experienced, licensed K-8 science teachers and certified STEM instructors.  We make science fun, and we support girls in science.  America’s Fun Science is a veteran-owned/minority-owned/woman-owned company.

The book came about as a result of a school client request, to provide a reading list for various grade levels that included science and a story line involving students of color.  During my research I found there was a dearth of such literature.  I had long been mulling over the idea of writing a science-themed book around my childhood experiences growing up in Philadelphia.  Thus, "Tyronne Carter Kid Scientist" was born!  Through my writing and my classroom instruction I hope to be a positive role model, particularly for students of color who need to believe in their futures.

I also hope to write more books in a continuing series, themed around "Tyronne Carter" and his adventures in science.  The books will be multi-cultural, have positive messaging and include effective use of humor to get points across.



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