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The grand relaunch of Happy Nappy Storytelling!

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Sankofa Video, Books & Café, the neighborhood institution that has nourished the minds, bodies and souls of the Georgia Avenue community in Washington, D.C. for nearly 20 years, is relaunching its weekly childhood literacy program, Happy Nappy Storytelling. The event will take place on September 25, 2016 at 3 p.m., with a reading by renowned historian and children’s book author Glennette Tilley Turner. She will engage the Happy Nappy children, ages 6-10, with her most recent title,  "Billy the Barber's Mirror: Reflecting on an Untold Lincoln Story" and "Fort Mose: And The Story of the Man Who Built the First Black Free Settlement in Colonial America."


The historic tales will be enhanced by interactive storytelling, key word and vocabulary exercises, corresponding art projects and a skit that will employ the full use of the kids' imagination. Come for an epic storytelling adventure amongst the largest collection of African-American children's literature in D.C., and stay for a tasty meal in our healthful cafe! The Happy Nappy Storytelling series will be held each following Sunday at 3 p.m. Follow us at Happy Nappy Storytelling on Facebook and @HappyNappySt on Twitter to stay up to date!


Named after the internationally acclaimed film called SANKOFA (produced by the founders), Sankofa Video, Books & Café carries with it an expectation of quality and discovery. Founded in 1997 by filmmaking couple, Haile and Shirikiana Gerima, Sankofa Video and Books specializes in videos and books about people of African descent around the world.  

Sankofa, which is an Adinkra term for "going back to our past in order to go forward," aspires to educate, enlighten and raise the consciousness of its surrounding community, and Happy Nappy Storytelling is a vital part of that mission. With each session, we engage children with age appropriate materials with the goal of igniting their imaginations, and teaching them knowledge of self through African-American history and literature.

Contact: HappyNappyStorytelling@gmail.com / 202-234-4755

Facebook: Facebook.com/HappyNappyStorytelling

Twitter: @HappyNappySt



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