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"A Child Raising A Child"

Guest Odessa White

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Guest Odessa White

With the way of society today more young girls are faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Motherhood can be an overwhelming blessing but when faced with the obstacle of being young with no formal education, no financial stability and no career many young mothers feel hopeless. Mothers are faced with an even harsher reality when raising a child in a poverty stricken environment.  I was a teenage mother and statistics were wrong for me and can be for you. After reading this book you will feel empowered to take action and start planning for the future. With the steps listed in this book you can begin to beat the odds and find the strength I found to achieve success. Its time to release the fear, break the cycle and gain the control needed for success. If you find yourself unsure of what the future holds and not knowing what steps to take to get on the right track this is the book for you. Written by Odessa White. Available on Amazon. Print copies available also, this make a great gift. ISBN:978-0-9973171-0-7, print edition published 5/2015, ebook 3/2015. Also interested in a book review. Follow me on social media at Author Odessa White on FB, ogw_writing on IG. For bookings contact ogwpublishing@gmail.com. http:// amazon.com/author/odessawhite




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