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"Love's Promise" with Opal Palmer Adisa

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This Saturday, June 17, at 2 p.m., Sankofa Video, Books & Cafe will be hosting noted Caribbean author Opal Palmer Adisa for a reading of her latest collection, "Love's Promise." 
Angela Y. Davis, legendary activist and educator, called Ms. Adisa's collection "stories for our time, evoking feminism that has as much to do with the quotidian life as with radical social transformation."
Indeed, "Love’s Promise" is sweet respite from the often publicly-displayed hate that has become a staple of public discourse. This work displays stories of innocent childhood love, of couples meeting up again after years of being apart and finding each other still with the passion of earlier days; older women finding time to enjoy body and companionship and sex, parents ensuring that a daughter was prepared to rekindle past connections; a wife whose love for herself takes her to another zone of self protection. Love’s Promise refreshes our faith in humanity, a way of being naturally in the world, flaws and all; full of gains and losses.
Adisa, Jamaican born and reared, has won numerous awards for her poetry, prose and non-fiction. She has lectured, facilitated workshops and read her work throughout North America, West and South Africa, Europe, South America and Latin America, an addition to being a resident artist in internationally acclaimed residencies. Currently, she is a distinguished professor of creative writing and literature in the MFA program at California College of the Arts. She has been a visiting professor at several universities including Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley and University of the Virgin Islands. 
Sankofa Video, Books & Cafe - 2714 Georgia Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.
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