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Guest Carmen Hendrix

What happens when honeysuckles fall?

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Guest Carmen Hendrix

...they bloom again, of course?


My name is Carmen Hendrix and I am the author of the independently published book series entitled When Honeysuckles Fall.  The first book in the series, is entitled When Honeysuckles Fall and is a collection of short stories based loosely on my life.  I am now introducing the second book in the series, entitled Eight Moments (ISBN 978-0-9978080-2-1) on September 19th, 2017.  I am both excited an nervous as this book follows the character, Donna Catchings (the second short story in the book).  It not only follows her initial story, as it picks up where the short story left off, it explains Donna's character and why she is the way that she is.  Blamed at age 9 for her brother's death, Donna's relationship with her mother went sour soon after.  Vowing to never go back to her hometown in Georgia, Donna is shocked when her dying mother requests a visit.  Now she has to face several painful moments in her life which lead to the eighth moment that will change everything.  Will Donna ever be the same?  Is she ready for the truth?  After all, eight is the number of new beginnings…


I'd like to ask for consideration to have this book reviewed and look forward to any feedback given.




More information can be found at WhenHoneysucklesFall.com.  Watch this honeysuckle bloom.

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