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A White Christmas: Happy Blue Year Black Poeple

Guest Kalexander14

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Guest Kalexander14


400+ years of social & economic disparity, white supremacy has dazed Black folks psych and focus.  Now, ineffective struggles for ‘change’ have transformed Black demands into a monster, with an eye on ‘replacing’ White hegemony (with our own brand of oppression) as a solution to Black disparity.  Power does, indeed, corrupt!

Instead of continuing a united fight for control over Black lives as a whole, we struggle for equality, equal opportunity to oppress; alongside White folks.  


In Libya, Blacks have reverted back to the slave trade (selling their own people), some Europeans and other countries are buying them.




“Oh, but they are animals.  That could never happen in America, not again.”  It’s what White folks say too!  Really?


Education Secretary, Betsy Devos, policies furthering aspects of the ‘hidden curriculum’ in schools is already preparing Black children towards a (forced) labor market permanent policy.  Many Black parents, Black education leaders support these efforts (they’ve been duped into believing is good) will benefit the Black community at large.


And that’s just one of the many first hints,  a revelation of the larger and more complex struggles to come!


From Harriet Tubman to Malcolm X, they feared something was not right with the freedoms we sought or equality available only to the controlling White class. But we struggle to get it anyhow, “if you can’t defeat them, join them.” By any means necessary is the age-old rationale, for survival; a justification for spreading evil.

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