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"Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds". A Book for anyone determined to succeed.

Guest LaWann Moses

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Guest LaWann Moses


My name is LaWann Moses and I am requesting a review of my first book, "Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds". It is available on my website as well as Amazon (Paperback and/or Kindle). You can also read it as part of Kindle Unlimited program. This is inspirational and motivational book designed to help the reader remember and live out their goals and dreams. It is a quick, easy read for the everyday reader in need of a little inspiration. Please read below to find out more about my book as well as the link to purchase. 




Title: Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds

Author: LaWann Moses

Link: http://amzn.to/2CM0d1Q

Synopsis: Step Outside the Box! Your Dreams. Your Reality.  Thrust into an unexpected situation? Unsure of your next step? Are you struggling to balance your goals and dreams with the demands of your family, womanhood, work, and life? Are you tired of the limits and labels placed on you by society? Are you ready to fight statistics, stereotypes, ignorance and reclaim power over your life?  Do you need inspiration, hope, encouragement, and a plan to help you take the next step? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you.
In Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds, new author LaWann Moses details her journey as a teen mother who rose above society’s statistical standards, created a plan for success, and succeeded against all odds. Using stories, tips, and guiding exercises, LaWann demonstrates how you can develop a personalized plan that allows you to rise above your situation, take control of your life, and reach your goals.
In this book, you will discover ways to:  Achieve your dreams  Live life on purpose  Succeed against all odds If you are a woman determined to succeed and rise above your situation, then this book is for you!

Book Info: Rising Above Statistics: Success Against All Odds

Publisher: Self-Published

Author: LaWann Moses

Cover Art: Strikingly Odd Media

Website: www.mochamasterpiece.com

ISBN (Print): 978-1539362746

ISBN (Digital): 1539362744

Release Date:  July 26, 2017

Rating: General Audience




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