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Guest Cassandra Durham

Interested in Book review

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Guest Cassandra Durham

Wrath (Seven Deadly Sins Series Book 1) by [Durham, Cassandra Baker] 

Cassandra Durham

Wrath  ISBN# 1973397218

Pub date: 11/24/2017

Synopsis: Wilson Calloway stopped believing in God a long time ago.

Devastated after his father is killed in the line of duty he refuses to believe in a deity unable to stop a mad man’s bullet. Growing up he assumes the task of guardian and protector of his mother and two sisters.

Natasha, the baby of the Calloway family is the all-American girl next door. She is beautiful, intelligent and charismatic, with a bright future ahead of her. All of that is changed in an instant when she is pulled into a deadly cat and mouse game of revenge.

Juarez Durante has spent the last few years consumed by grief and retribution. He watched and waited patiently for Natasha to reach adulthood before he snatched her away from her family and friends.

Desperate to uncover the truth and haunted by his own demons, Wilson vows to bring Natasha home- even if it costs him his career.

These three lives become uniquely intertwined in a red-hot rage tinged with vengeance, retaliation, and payback.

This story of faith, hope, and redemption reveals the internal struggle against the external forces of darkness as one man comes to terms with God’s grace, mercy and love before he can find his sister.

Interested in a book review



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