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"Your Book is Done, Now What?" 2nd Annual Show Your Success Conference

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Show Your Success Conference Offers Writers the Chance to Succeed


Upcoming conference gives both published authors and aspiring writers the opportunity to shine while learning more about the writing industry


(Fort Lauderdale, FL Press Release) June 12, 2018 – While many people aspire to write a best-selling book “someday”, very few actually experience success at writing, publishing, promoting, and selling a book.  The Show Your Success Conference will change that by providing 150 plus authors with an engaging, informative, and fun weekend event. Attendees will be coming from all over the United States in addition to a youth group from overseas. This event promises to not only showcase those who have succeeded in the writing industry, but also provides attendees with the necessary skills to write, publish, promote, and sell a book to its highest potential.  


The conference will kick off with American Idol SuperStar La'Porsha Renae, author exposure, and recognition during the Black Tie Award Ceremony.  This ceremony will showcase all authors who have published a book including exclusive recognition and awards for those with the highest sales.  The focus of the conference is to recognize, empower, and educate authors on how to monetize their efforts. The conference will include key proven strategies on over twenty ways to market a book, best ways to publicize a book, how to make instant money from writing, how to access the media to make sales, how to earn multiple streams of money from the same book, and VIP breakout sessions.


The Show Your Success Conference speakers include Taurea V. Avant, Angie Renee, Dorothy Travis, Cekeita Murdaugh, and Martha Cooper Hudson. Each speaker has experienced success in the writing industry and will share their expertise on how to truly leverage books for financial success. These speakers are leading experts in their respective fields and have all been successful using the education and strategies that will be provided at the Show Your Success Conference. Not only does the conference focus on making money, but it also presents authors with the chance to relax, refuel, and have some fun.  To make sure authors are enjoying themselves, the SYS Conference includes a free happy hour on Saturday. Aside from enjoying beverages together, the networking happy hour provides authors the opportunity to get one on one interaction, gets questions answered, and meet with the SYS team.


The Show Your Success Conference will be held at the high-class Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from August 31 to September 2. Those interested in attending can pre-order tickets to the event on the Show Your Success website at www.ShowYourSuccessConference.com. VIP tickets are available.  The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort is a high-class 4-star establishment that will provide authors and aspiring authors with the best accommodations.  The Westin boasts an outdoor pool, serene deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, beach access via skywalk, indoor and outdoor dining, and spa treatment. Authors can truly relax and refuel while gaining the tools they need for success.  

You can learn more about the Show Your Success Conference by visiting their website at www.ShowYourSuccessConference.com


About Show Your Success: Show Your Success was founded in 2012 by Taurea Vision Avant. Initially, this movement was created by having bi-monthly lunch and learn meetings for entrepreneurs. In 2014, Show Your Success conducted its first ever Show Your Success Workshop where attendees were educated on Book Writing, Public Speaking, Social Media and more! Since then there has been workshops all over the United States in front of more than 5000+ people.


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