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Guest Casandra Charles

The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles

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Guest Casandra Charles

My name is Casandra Charles, and I was born and semi-raised in Brooklyn, New York (I moved around a great deal throughout my life). I enjoy reading and writing, but due to my adult dyslexia (which I never allowed to be a crutch in my academic achievements), I am able to proudly say I’ve completed four out of six of the books in my series over three years. My plan is to complete the series by 2020 and maybe start a spin-off afterwards. I currently hold a master’s degree in arts and work as a program coordinator for a not-for-profit in Brooklyn by day, and by night I find myself lost in my own world as I write my series. I currently self-publish, and I want to share my books and a little about myself with you.


The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles (JRC) is a six-part fictional series of books starring a number of characters that impact Jamie Reynolds, aka JR’s life. Over this series you will learn all about the truth behind the drama and haters in her life. Will this drama and hate make or break JR? Readers will read the rise and fall of an independent woman.


Book 1: Lust and Lies is just the beginning as JR tries to find balance in her life; however, finding a happy balance is never easy, especially when it’s full of lust and lies. 

Book 2: Secrets Revealed takes the readers back into the past as JR understands and obtains a better understanding of who and why she is who she is.

Book 3: Pillow Talk is a different twist as the men of the JRC have their voices. There are three sides to every story, her side, his side and the truth, as the men of the JRC tell all.


Book 4: Too Good To Be True?  Just when JR thinks life is great, she gets hit with a twist that will turn her life upside down, but will she stay trapped in this unwelcome stage in her life?


Book 5: Tinder Love and Care (TLC). In the final book of the Jamie Reynolds Chronicles, JR tries to rise above and reclaim her independence and her sanity as she reflects, learns and grows to live her best life but not without the occasional twists and turns life has to offer.


The target audience for this series is women in the age range of twenty-one and up who enjoy the work of authors such as Zane, Sister Souljah, Terry McMillan, Eric Jerome Dickey and Omar Tyree to name just a few.


Many thanks for reading this post and I am hoping to seek any guidance and support in marketing my book series. 



Casandra Charles
The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles Book Series


Instagram & Twitter: theJRChronicles 

Facebook: JamieReynoldsChronicles 


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