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This is a story about a boy's evolution into manhood, from street smarts to intelligence. His street smarts helped guide him out of the ghetto. His intense quest for knowledge and education made his path unique. His accidentally acquired business skills helped shape and make him comfortable. It is also the story of an organization which became so powerful no one dared to cross them. When they got together, they both grew and learned that sometimes when you get everything you want in life, it may not have been worth the cost. Experience the journey of being rich and poor, tempted by good and evil. This story is told with wit, masterful insight, humor, and precise analogies. Both were willing to work hard for the success they achieved except when the path to success was suddenly paved with golden opportunities and shortcuts. They both became ruthless and cunning, but the boy, still deep inside the heart of the man he became, listened to the voices from deep within which kept trying to remind the man of the teachings of all those who tried to steer him toward the good he was exposed to. Much of what you are about to read was inspired by true events.

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