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Book Review Request

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Author: Tory Jones

Title: Teacher Chronicles: After the Bell Rings

ISBN: 9781790403158


Hello AALBC,


I'm excited to submit my new book, "Teacher Chronicles: After the Bell Rings" for review. I've been a teacher for 14 years and my experiences as an educator directed my path to writing novels. It is a fiction novel edited by author E. N. Joy, and here is the synopsis:


Three New Teachers. One New School. Will they make it through the year . . . alive?

There’s danger lurking in the hallways of Miami International High, and for one teacher, there could be death. Find out what happens when the outside lives of teachers spill into the classroom, and turns into a mess almost impossible to clean up.

Mariah Anderson never thought the life she left behind would follow her to her new position at Miami International High. But when her new principal, Anthony Reynolds, uses the dirt from her past against her, Mariah learns she can only hide her skeletons in the closet for so long. When Reynolds opens the closet door and Mariah gets buried beneath the bones, will she give in to his wicked demands?

Unknowingly, the roles get reversed when American History teacher, Nathan Miller, gets schooled by a shiesty eighteen-year-old student. When his book smarts can’t compete with her street smarts, Nathan can only pray that pictures revealing him at his worst won’t make it into the school year book.

Veronica Jacobs doesn’t consider herself a liar; just someone who omits the truth . . . a lot. Veronica finds herself in a compromising position of betrayal when she comes up against the person who knows her truth . . . and uses it against her in the vilest way possible.

With page-to-page captivating dialogue, Teacher Chronicles: After the Bell Rings, is a literary feast that’s going to leave readers full and satisfied. Although the suspense and gripping drama is laced with moments of comedic relief, as the tension builds, one teacher’s decision will devastate the entire school and nearly destroy it forever. 


Here is the link to the Ebook. The paperback version is in the process of being published.




I would be honored to have AALBC review my novel. Thank you for your consideration!










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