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Spring Into Action! Writers Empowerment Series

Guest Inspired Ink NY

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Guest Inspired Ink NY

Hello All,


Please Join Us!


Spring Into Action! Writers Empowerment Series is an interactive panel discussion with authors, Guy Jazzy Rainey and Julia D. Shaw. Hear their perspectives on writing, get tips on publishing, principals of success and overcoming obstacles. There will be an interactive Q & A session following the discussion. There will be door prizes and authors’ books for sale.

The Early Bird Sale Ends on Friday April 12th!


About Guy Jazzy Rainey:

Guy Jazzy Rainey is a Harlem native; happily married with four children. His passion is his family, motivating people, life coaching for the past 10 years, DJ’ing and public speaking. Guy is better known in the music business as DJ Jazzy G. and in the Hip-hop world as The Hip-hop historian (and he wears that title proudly). Back in the days, Guy made his bones as a DJ and club promoter in some of the top clubs, retail record shops, radio stations and indie record companies in New York City (Harlem World, The Rooftop, Downtown Records, Downstairs Records,107.5 WBLS and Select Records) just to name a few. He is also producing a documentary film about the life and time of the New York City club DJ's from the past & present.

Throughout all of his success, Guy Jazzy Rainey felt like everything was going wrong when His wife had tested positive for breast cancer, his mother had congestive heart failure, his real estate business had taken a nosedive and his best friend was murdered. Despite it all, Guy remembered the principles he was thought and shares that in His book is entitled: "The FACTS of Life....Faith, Action, Change, Truth and Service."


About Julia D. Shaw:

Julia D. Shaw is the Lead Consultant at Shaw Biz Consulting (SBC) formerly Shaw Literary Group. SBC provides traditional and non-traditional consultation services supporting business growth and development. Shaw's insight has proven beneficial to entrepreneurs, small businesses, publishers, authors, corporations, radio stations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Shaw's professional experience spans over twenty years. Her latest business venture is a publishing partnership with Toni Coleman Brown compiling Delayed But Not Denied: 20 Stories About Life and Resiliency.

Julia consults with the Network Journal Magazine's -40 Under Forty Achievement Awards and the 25 Influential Women in Business Awards. Shaw and/or her clients have been featured in the NY Amsterdam News, NY Daily News, NY Times, USA Today, the Network Journal Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine among a host of newspapers, blogs/websites, TV and radio shows. Shaw is a contributing author to the Amazon Bestseller, Network to Increase Your Net Worth, compiled by Toni Coleman Brown and was featured in Steppin' Out with Attitude: Sister, Sell your Dream, by Anita Bunkley. Julia is the proud mother of two daughters with three grandchildren, residing in Queens, NY.






Inspired Ink NY

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