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Debut Novel: Glory Bishop by Deborah King

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Contact: Deborah King









December 8, 2015 – Red Adept Publishing will release the debut women’s literary novel Glory Bishop from Chicago Area author Deborah L. King on June 4th, 2019.


On the South Side of Chicago, Glory Bishop lives her life in pieces. At work and with her friends, she devours fiction, is bold and outspoken, and sneaks away to enjoy slow dances and stolen kisses with her secret boyfriend, JT. But at home, Glory follows strict rules and second-guesses every step. Though she dreams of going to college and living like a normal teenage girl, her abusive mother has other ideas. When JT leaves to join the navy and Glory is left alone and heartsick, she catches the attention of Malcolm Porter, the pastor’s son. Her mother pushes Glory to accept his advances and Glory is torn between waiting for true love with JT or freedom from her painful life by giving in to the overzealous Malcolm. When a stranger attacks Glory on the street, Malcolm steps in to rescue her, and her interest in him deepens. But the closer she gets to him, the more controlling he becomes. Glory must eventually decide whether to rely on others or to be her own savior.


Deborah L. King is a native of Chicago, Illinois, born and raised in the Englewood, South Shore, and West Pullman neighborhoods.  She is the author of several short stories and three novels in various phases of the publication process, and is the 2018 winner of the Chicago Writer’s Association First Chapter Contest.  She works full time as a graphic specialist for a medical journal and her hobbies include photography and freelance graphic design. Deborah has lived in Bolingbrook for the past twenty years with her husband and two youngest children.


“This story has been a long time coming,” Deborah said.  “Glory came to me in 1992, and it’s taken this long to get her whole story to the page.  I’m especially grateful to the staff at UW Madison for their retreats and workshops and invaluable guidance.”


Red Adept Publishing is a small publisher of fiction in all genres with a proven track record of success.  Their authors include New York Times bestselling authors Kate Morretti and Claire Ashby.




For interviews and further information contact deborahloi@dloisvision.com



Deborah L. King

Trade Paperback, 342 pages $15.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-948051-32-3

All eBook formats $9.99

Summer 2019

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