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Grow Thin While You Sleep

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Can You Release Weight While You Sleep? 


(February 24, 2017)  Deltona, FL - Daya Devi-Doolin’s latest book, Grow Thin While You Sleep! can help hundreds of thousands of people reclaim their faith in themselves, reclaim their health, enthusiasm for life and release unwanted pounds while gaining spiritual strength.

You can utilize her 7 day plan or gear it for 21 days for convenient healthy plan to jumpstart your program for releasing.

The title of her book is “Grow Thin While You Sleep!” and the subject matter contains information on how to FINALLY release unwanted poundage and the cause for staying overweight in the first place besides overeating.

Her book is based on the journey she has taken to release excess pounds and remain free, based on the certain way of thinking that is presented in her book after a devastating near death accident.

In that near death car accident she was bed-ridden for a long period.  She relied on being cared for and fed by her three guys, her husband and two sons.  None of them were or are cooks so she received what they could prepare for her.  She received mostly fast-foods which was the easiest for them to do as they didn’t know how to cook and two were involved in full time jobs.

Here are some brief points that she covers in explaining how to use the Power given us through by Creative Mind and what is actually Creative Mind, in Chapter 1.

  • The power of thought is our inherited natural gift and God is always in Total Agreement with whatever thoughts we hold true and entertain as truth.

  • We are given the power and knowledge to work with thoughts and utilizing them as we align with them.  Consciousness is IT!  It creates the world we see and we are the directors of this VAST creation as God is always in Agreement with all our creations!

  • Ego’s use of guilt, anger, blame, judgment or criticism keeps us in a prison and what we give out we receive while in that prison.

  • Changing our perception of what we see shows us the miracles that are before us.

  • You can become empowered enough to know you can change your life, relationships, any illness or your weight simply by the positive way you feel about yourself and by believing that you can do so through your imagination working with creative mind.


In Chapter 2, she points out the main points that got her to a healthier, leaner, happier space and place in her mind body and the same can happen to those who utilize these universal principles of the Law of Attraction that were applied by her for success.  She brings out the following points:

  • Using the same thought patterns, choosing to eat in the same way and the same foods which haven’t worked for you is not benefitting you.

  • We must train our imagining faculty our creative mind and give it new instructions and new directions.

  • Imagination precedes the desire fulfilled if the desire is not cancelled out by our disbelief. Start seeing in your imaging periods or sessions exactly what you want to see, feel as if it is real.

  • Be specific in what you desire to be as a millionaire or to have millions for example. To be thin or to be slimmer, healthier and more flexible and mobile.

  • Stop wanting and feeling you lack your desire, start appropriating it.

  • Feel yourself as that thing you desire.   See it in your mind.   Fall asleep with this mind and practice during mid-day in the state you desire to be in.


    "A faith-based and enlightened approach to overcoming life’s challenges, Grow Thin While You Sleep proves a powerful catalyst for positive change. Highly accessible, Daya Devi-Doolin isn’t an author to persuade her readers with undue complexity or make outlandish claims, but by candidly sharing her own experiences she invites her readers to take a step back and consider an alternative perspective. It’s certainly compelling, and whilst you might find similar texts on the subject few authors inspire on the level that Devi-Doolin does, or more importantly succeed in making the vital connection between spiritual and bodily wellbeing.  In clear and concise prose her guidance is easy to visualize and follow. Through her own transformative experiences, both concept and execution are easy to incorporate in our daily regimes. She includes recipes to compliment her holistic methodology, but it’s in the cleansing of body and mind that she opens us up to the possibilities of long-lasting and transformative change in our lives through influences we might otherwise not recognize or act upon." BookViral


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