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Book Review Request-The gods of women have gone mad

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Hello All,

I am Wole Akosile an African-Australian writer of Yoruba heritage. I will like to introduce my debut novel; the gods of women have gone mad published through the Australian Self-Publishing group. It is a contemporary women’s fiction and coming of age genre.

The synopsis and my Author profile are below. The link to the Amazon page is also below. I will greatly appreciate a review by you all and AALBC.  Thanks for supporting my book.







Rolami is a place where culture and tradition hold the fabric of society together. Its custodians are the gods of Rolami and their servants, the elders and the chief’s council. This council ensures no one dare defies them. The Chiefs have the spoken oracle of the gods. Lami, the young daughter of a village chief leads a revolt against age-long traditions which seem to marginalize women. Her fight is much to the chagrin of the council of chiefs and her family. They had great difficulty managing her insurrection because of her privileged status and the growing sentiments for change in the youths. This discontent is ignited by her message of enlightenment. Her severe punishment sets up a cataclysmic set of events that lead to irreversible changes in the village of Rolami. Are these changes for better or worse? It depends on who is telling the story and who is listening.



About author


Wole Akosile is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist based on the Gold coast, Australia. He is also an African-Australian author, novelist, and playwright. His works have been performed in several sold-out stage plays at the University of Ibadan and University College Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria in his undergraduate years by theatre groups he founded. When he is not writing, he loves to spend time with his family, and he is a gym enthusiast who likes to beast It up. The gods of women have gone mad is his debut novel.



Kindest regards,



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