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Me, You, & A Married Man

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I hope everyone is having a blessed day. I will be excited if someone from AALBC took the time to review my fantastic novel Me, You, & A Married Man, written by Pledge. This novel will be published on September 10, 2019 (978-0-9988941-0-2). Below is the synopsis. If you want the book sent to you, please email me at turnerbuler@gmail.com


Twenty six year old Symone Tate is a registered nurse at Northside hospital. She has worked at the hospital for three years, along with her best friend Felicia and role model Dr. Thompson. Since Jonathan’s death, her deceased boyfriend, Symone has been depressed and is having a hard time adjusting to life without him. Until she meets Derrick, the God-like man who's appearance infatuates her. Derrick is smooth, smart, and charming. She wants him in every way possible, but Symone is reluctant because Derrick’s wife, Farrah, is fighting cancer and Symone is obligated to treat Farrah while she is in her care. Going against her judgement, Symone becomes intimate with Derrick, while befriending Farrah. Which leads Symone to the choices of helping Farrah fight for her life or leaving Farrah to die, to be with Derrick.




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