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The Israelites Were Black!

Guest Karen Sloan-Brown

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Guest Karen Sloan-Brown

About five years ago at a funeral, the Lost Tribe of Levi was mentioned during the service. I googled it a few weeks later and learned about the Lemba Tribe in Kenya and Zimbabwe. This tribe has the priestly DNA of the Levites, the tribe designated by God to be the protectors of his word. I had always heard about black Hebrews all around the world, so I thought it might be interesting to write a book about how that migration might have taken place. The legacy would end in the United States with a black woman. When I started the book I had no idea that this was a story over 3000 years. In order to finish it in my lifetime, I spaced it out every 14 generations. I was amazed at the amount of history I would discover and how much I would learn about how religion was spread around the world through war. My epic story is a three-book series. Part 1 is "The Designated Ones: From Jerusalem to Ethiopia, Part 2 is "The Struggle: From Kenya to Jamaica, and Part 3 is "The Last Tribe of Levi: Richmond, Virginia, which ends in 2014. Because we can never really know the whole history and all the individuals involved, I've created characters with historical ones to tell the story. It's hard for me to give a synopsis of the books except to say they are "Roots" on steroids. I think it is important that when we tell stories of black history we remember that it was thousands of years before slavery and it still continues. 


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