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“Mema’s Pretty Little Black Girls”

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            New Jersey native, Author Sherabim Joy, releases her second Christian fiction novel with After the Storm Publishing, a subsidiary of Peace in the Storm Publishing. Author Sherabim Joy boasts several fiction and non-fiction titles which are available for purchase via her website at www.soarwithsheri.com

                “Mema’s Pretty Little Black Girls” narrates the prolific and infinite impact that a Matriarch’s influence has on shaping the lives of her progenies. Sherabim pens a captivating and inspirational tale that is sprinkled with wit and relevance that is sure to please Christian fiction lovers worldwide.

                “Mema’s Pretty Little Black Girls” is the second publication of the “Church Girl Series.” Emphasizing the necessity of prayer and faith, “Mema’s Pretty Little Black Girls” chronicles the journey of three sisters and two cousins who were all privileged to be raised by their beloved Mema.

                 The family matriarch, Mema, was a woman of great wisdom and faith. When her daughter and son-in-law perished in a plane crash, she assumed the responsibility of raising her three granddaughters, Yvonne, Sheree, and Joy, as well as caring for her nieces Carolyn and Monique during the summertime. Mema spent years laboring in prayer over her pretty little black girls, as she affectionately referred to them, and prophesying over their future. However, as these young women blossomed into adulthood, they experienced many heartaches, disappointments, and personal struggles that challenge their individual belief in God. Addictions, divorce, depression, and betrayal cast a dark shadow over their lives. It would appear that Mema’s prayers for their success were null and void.

          Mema has passed away, and this year marks the eighth year that the girls gather for her annual memorial celebration. Eight is the biblical number of new beginnings. Will this be the year that Mema’s prayers are answered, and her pretty little Black Girls allow God back into their lives? Or will the words of prophecy that she spoke over their lives fail?  We invite you to take this journey with these five young women on their journey of faith and self-discovery.


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