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A Balm in Gilead

Guest R. C. Webber

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Guest R. C. Webber

Some of your readers might be interested in A Balm in Gilead:  Eulogies of Comfort (ISBN13:  978-1-946111-95-1), my anthology of African American funeral sermons that was published in Nov., 2019.  Each chapter begins with my historical and rhetorical introduction and continues with the sermon.  The book is annotated and indexed appropriately.  My contributors are Winston George Bennett III, George and Shirley Burke, Robert O'Keefe Hassell, Gerald J. Joiner, Martin Luther King Jr., Nicole Danielle McDonald, Barack Hussein Obama II, and Pompey.  Even if you get only through the title of my intro chapter (The partial acculturation of American funerary practice), you will be aware of my hypothesis.  Readers interested in history or musicology might find the book a good read, whether or not they are interested in the religious aspects of Protestant funerals.  My last submission attempt ended with a failure notice owing to the detection and blocking of an SQL insert.


I am interested in having the book considered for a review.  The one missing piece of information that you requested is a cover image.  Given the last failure, I am trying this time without using the insert image from URL block.  I can e-mail a cover image if you would like.  Thanks for your interest.

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