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A Book Review Request-Narrative Journeys of Young Black Women with Eating Disorders: A Hidden Community among Us

Guest Stephanie Hawthorne

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Guest Stephanie Hawthorne

Greetings Everyone,

I am submitting below my recent book for a review. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Author´s name:  Stephanie Hawthorne

Book´s title: Narrative Journeys of Young Black Women with Eating Disorders:  A Hidden Community among Us

ISBN: Hardback 978-1-4985-8983-3 / e-book 978-1-4985-8912-3

Publication date: November 2019

See book cover here.

Synopsis:  Narrative Journeys of Young Black Women with Eating Disorders: A Hidden Community among Us explores how the realities of three young black women who have experienced eating disorders since childhood were transformed, discussing the larger implications of disordered eating in underrepresented populations. People of all ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds are susceptible to their grips, yet black women and children are experiencing eating disorders and suffering in silence due to shame and stigma. Due to barriers such as the conventional thought that eating disorders do not occur in the black community, they are often not acknowledged, discussed, or treated properly. Stephanie Hawthorne argues that these women’s lived experiences substantiate the need for culturally sensitive and inclusive prevention, intervention, and care when it comes to mental health, and offers recommendations to schools, clinicians, parents, and adolescents to accomplish this goal.

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