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Horse of a Different Color: The Tallest Kid in the Class

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Horse of a Different Color: The Tallest Kid in the Class is the second children's book in the Horse of a Different Color Series written in English and Spanish.  Bullying is an important issue that needs to be resolved.  Teaching empathy is a good start. 




Madison wanted her upcoming birthday celebration to be the best one ever. There was just one problem: she wanted to invite Kasey, a girl the others made fun of because she was so much taller than the other students. Madison wanted all of her friends to get along, so she sought advice from her wise grandmother, who explained that what the other kids were doing to Kasey was called “bullying.” When a police officer showed up at school to give the students a presentation on that very subject, Madison understood the choice she had to make. Find out how all of Madison’s friends helped her have the best birthday ever in this poignant tale of courage and true friendship.


Madison quiere que su próxima fiesta de cumpleaños sea la mejor. Pero tiene un problema: quiere invitar a Kasey, una niña de la que otros se burlan por ser mucho más alta que los demás alumnos de la clase. Madison quiere que todos sus compañeros se lleven bien, así que pide consejo a su sabia abuela, quien le explica que lo que los otros niños le hacen a Kasey se llama “acoso escolar”. Cuando un oficial de policía va a la escuela a realizar una presentación precisamente sobre ese tema, Madison se da cuenta de lo que debe hacer. Lee esta conmovedora historia de valor y amistad leal para descubrir cómo todos los amigos de Madison ayudaron a hacer de este el mejor cumpleaños de su vida.



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