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Commitment, Service, Betrayal

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Contact: Brenda Toomer-Frazier,(803) 360-0449 or email-btfrazier54@gmail.com




                                  THE BETRAYAL OF A PUBLIC SERVANT

Columbia, S.C. ---August 10, 2019 --- When a Police officer takes a sworn oath to serve and protect their community, there is a reverence in knowing that part of fulfilling that oath may mean making the ultimate sacrifice. This reality formulates a bond of honor among law enforcement officers from the highest to the lowest in rank. In her book, Commitment, Service and Betrayal, Police Officer Brenda Frazier illustrates how the unforgiving cold steel blade of injustice severed the chord of commonality between she and her police department.

Commitment, Service and Betrayal is a read that captures the subtle undercurrent of sexism and racism that occurred in a South Carolina police department forensics lab. Brenda Frazier walks you through her first-hand account of how the venom of the modern-day Jim Crow south still exists even though their actions have moved from the public square to behind closed doors. The Jim Crow South’s painful remnants still prevailed in the treatment she received as a female black chemist in their crime lab. Despite her exemplary track record of commitment and service, the very system she was sworn to honor and respect, betrayed her when she needed it most.

This part autobiographical sketch reads like a Life Time Hollywood movie filled with lies, deception, corruption, familial pain, death and betrayal. This is not a script from someone’s imagination but the true story of a woman who worked hard to pursue her dreams and despite the sabotage that existed in all areas of her life, she held on to her God-given drive to survive and prosper. “As a professional and law enforcement officer, I quickly realized, at the end of the day, I was only viewed as a black woman in this toxic work environment”, says Frazier. “I am of the mindset that it is better to go where you are celebrated than where you are tolerated. My hope is that someone who reads my book can draw strength and encouragement to move past adversity.”

Frazier is now retired and moving on to the next chapter in life’s journey. Commitment, Service and Betrayal is published by True Perspective Publishing House and is 184 pages and retails for $19.99 and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.



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