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Book Review Request - African American History: The Untold Stories

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I am hoping to obtain reviews of my book, African American History: The Untold Stories.

ISBN -  978-1687527806


African American History: The Untold Stories was written to connect Americans who could benefit from understanding and connecting with their history. An understanding of history helps us to understand who we are while providing direction for who we are capable of becoming.

African American History: The Untold Stories will aid African American boys with the interest of having insight into a narrative of their forefathers and a more accurate perception of themselves and their potential. 


The truth is, if you don't know your history, you lose your sense of self and your culture. If the primary history that African-American children are taught boils down to “we came from slaves,” we not only lose the rich complexity that is African-American history, but we start children off with a “less than equal” subtlety that disengages them from wanting to learn their history or to be a part of system which stands for principals of justice and equality but yet lives according to a much different system, one of corruption and profits at all cost. This needs to change.




There are online lessons to accompany the book as well https://africanamericanuts.info.


Thank you so much for your consideration.

Yvette Long


African American History Book Cover.jpg

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