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Kingdom Vision for Audacious Women : Wisdom from Our Mothers & Others

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Kingdom Vision for Audacious Women: Wisdom from Our Mothers & Others

ST. LOUIS -- Years ago, women of different generations lived in tight-knit communities where they naturally received the wisdom needed to encourage, support or cradle each other through the joys and pains of womanhood. However, today women are challenged with geographically dispersed families, the Me-Too movement, social distancing and other factors that create a gap in acquiring the wisdom and direction they need.

Kingdom Vision for Audacious Women, fills this gap by giving women the confidence and firm-footing they need through teaching stories and uplifting tales based on real-life experiences.


Are you searching for insights and truths about love, life, work, womanhood or men and money? Are you ready to live your life audaciously? Step into the light and let this wonderful collection of “woman wisdom” guide you along your path.


In a personal and profound way, this book will give you the confidence and reassurance you need to “do you” and find your place in the world.

Assembled by Marie Chewe-Elliott and featuring the voices of multiple writers, from age 24 to 84, the book shares their unique life experiences and the raw lessons they learned along the way. Their stories, poems and testimonies are as different as the many positions they hold in their families, professions and communities. They are doctors, preachers, principals, writers and everything in between. They are also mothers, wives,  grandmothers, sisters and aunts and claim residency in 6 states. They share their combined wisdom to usher others safely into and through the travails of womanhood.


Writers included in this collection include: Heresh Boyd, Auther Mae Chewe, Marie Chewe-Elliott, Antoinette Crayton, Charlotte Dailey, Lydia Douglas, Mikale Elliott, Kenosha Hobson, Pat Hobson, Katina Davis Holland, Rose King, Kimberly Moore, Melesia Roberson Lindsey, Karen Taylor Liggins, Martha Ann Roberson, Debra Small, Stephanie Small, Tonya Smith, Shaunda White, Nina Thompson with cover art by Rhonda Armstrong Gibson.


Purchase “Kingdom Vision for Audacious Women: Wisdom from Our Mothers & Others,” is available on Amazon at: _https://www.amazon.com/Kingdom-Vision-Audacious-Women-Lessons/dp/B085D6ZJQZ/ref=sr_1_


Contact Marie Chewe-Elliott or any of the authors for interviews, book signings or speaking engagements.




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