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CLANDESTINE - Exciting Historical Novel That Inspires

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Thanks to the participants in the "Introduce Yourself / Newbies" thread in the AALBC Forums.

Y'all encouraged me when I first came and told you a little about our (my wife and my) work in progress.


We have now self-published: CLANDESTINE: The Times and Secret Life of Mariah Otey Reddick.


I am pleased to share the Press Release.  [Oooops, sorry no Word docs or pdf's can be attached!]


So, here's the cover instead...



Here's a quick summary of some of the story lines:




An enslaved Black girl - ripped from her mother's embrace as her sister screams in horror - is given away as a wedding gift and, emboldened by memories of her armed freedom-fighting Ancestors, grows up to become a spy for the Union. She and her true love struggle against KKK violence after the U.S. Civil War, and must thwart a Colored blackmailer and abort the deadly plans of a crippled deranged ex-Confederate and then his fanatical deserter son both sworn to revenge.
Inspired by true events and chronicled by her great-grandson and his wife.



If anyone would like to receive a FREE excerpt of CLANDESTINE, just drop us a note at knowledge@Clandestine-Life.com.


All the best to everyone...



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