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Bringing Your Audience Outside of the Book

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Consider this: According to scholastic professionals, a vast majority of people learn best when presented with a combination of audio, visual, kinesthetic and reading/writing materials. Thus, incorporating various aspects of the aforementioned tenets into my literary publications is a humble nod to educators kicking up dust in virtual classrooms across the world. For example, I will perform this exact paragraph while utilizing a variety of formats below. Peruse the  multifaceted content and share which presentation was most enjoyable for you...


(1) Visual: https://youtu.be/e-HVUmCKlfI


(2) Audio: https://soundcloud.com/user-410823802/aambc-question-2


(3) Kinesthetic: You moved to select the links, right?


(4) Reading/Writing: See original paragraph.


Essentially, if audience members are prepared to think outside of the book, I would be honored to serve as their tour guide! 🎊

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