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Writing & Producing During The Lockdown

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When the lockdown haulted my region to a grind, I was consumed with news reports and deciphering propaganga from reality. The sureal nature of our existence prompted me to do the only thing that elicited a sense of calm admist the chaos. Write. Each day, I wrote about our evolution as a species from a socioeconomical perspective to the emergence of distance learning within the public school system. I searched databases at nauseam for photos and videos with people who looked like me, to share a tale of our new reality.


You guys know my motis operandi by now, it's audio, video and everything in between. Regardless, the final chapter of the interactive novel comes equipt with a video companion that was scheduled to release 04 July 2020. Yet, in light of recent events, I have decided to share it now. Don't ask me how, because honestly I have no idea how the parallels between producing the video a few weeks past and recent events crossed. I was just writing and producing...  


I'm at owshowe.com. Where are you?




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