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"The Meindulce Project" and "The Well...". New author. Your feedback please?

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Hello everyone.  I'm new to this forum.  I've just self-published my first two novels, and I'd love your feedback.


My first novel is called "The Meindulce Project".  It's actually very timely, as it deals with a fictional take on America after Donald Trump is

re-elected.  America is consumed by coast to coast violent protests, and for all intents and purposes, the country is in civil war.  Political and racial 

divisions have resulted in the the formation of hundreds of militias, representing the far right, the far left, and everything in between.  All of them are at war 

with each other. The main plot involves an Asian rookie reporter, named Frank Lee, who falls in love with a young leftist militant, named Yvonne.  frank learns Yvonne may have ties

to a corrupt, insane prison warden who will oversee a series of capital punishment executions set to be carried out in America's 51st state, the Republican dominated 

New California.  The reporter's best friend, an African American vet reporter named Marcus, gets sucked into the war the war as he mentors Frank.   But Frank

falls deeper and deeper into a shocking scandal that involves the warden, Yvonne, Marcus, and eventually the entire country.





My second novel, "The Well From Which We Draw", a story about a mother and daughter, vilified by the small town they in, and eventually at odds with each other.  After a tragedy occurs, one of them is thrown down into a deep, dark, abandoned well and left to die.  Will her desperation to live prevail, or will the black murk of the well consume her...





Would love any feedback you can give me, your honest reviews, and any help/support you can offer to a new African American writer.



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