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Bio Narrative

Guest Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr.

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Guest Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr.

Bio Narrative: Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr.


Limited Introduction


His Excellency, the Ambassador, Professor, Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr, (Epulaeryu Master), is a prolific author of over 200 published peer-reviewed articles, ten poetry books, studious educator and student, professional world-wide award-winning poet, creative reviewer of over 50-books posted in multilingual pedagogic mediums, recipient of world-wide accolades, dynamic man of God, and servant of world-wide humanity.


Specific Publications


He has authored over 200-scholarly peer-reviewed articles in various genres, with over 200,000 thousand world-wide researched inquiries.  He has authored ten inspirational poetry books: His first, "A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose, and Thoughts for the Mind, Body, and Soul" (2004), was a best seller. His second, "Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul" (2006), won the Best Christian Poetry Award. His third, "The Awakened One Poetics," won 2nd place in the Critters Writers Workshop Best Author's Pool, and was the publisher's bestseller, and his tenth is "Sincerely Speaking Spiritually" (Feb. 2020).


Five of his books published with The Worldwide Poetry Alliance, U.K., while serving as co-founder and poetry Chaplain are as follows: "The Magic of Michael Jackson" (2009), "Passionate Patriotic Poetry" (2009), "Patriotic Poetry to Support the Troops" (2009), "Practical Poetic Anthology: Styles, Forms, and Peganted Portrayals" (2009), and "Celebrating in Poetry: The 20th Century, 100 Years of Music" (2010). One hundred percent of the royalty from these books were donated to charity to help 9/11 first responders assisting those needing help from the terrorist's aircraft attacks on the World Trade Center, NYC, and Pentagon, Washington, DC, with medical care.  His recently co-authored book with The League of Poets, Nigeria, Africa, titled "The World's Biggest Poetry Anthology: Songs of Peace," was published March 2020.


Certain Educational Achievements


His writings are published globally. He has taught at Bryant and Stratton University, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and the American Baptist College, Wisconsin.  He was named "Apollo," the Greek mythical God of poetry and music by his military comrades for his inspirational poems. He studied English literature, creative writing, African Diaspora, Japanese linguistics, and poetry at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM). While at UWM, he invented: "Epulaeryu," "God's Dynamic Steps," "Seventh Heaven," and "Linking Pin Sonnet," poetry forms. Epulaeryu poetry was developed from his world-wide travels and sampling of delicious delicacies. The "Linking Pin Sonnet" was invented after studying 20 different sonnets forms. He was inducted into the following International Scholastic Honor Societies at UWM for his studiousness: Golden Key International, Phi Theta Kappa, and Phi Theta Phi.


He studied operational military science at Howard University, while serving as the Special Assistant to the Professor of Military Science, and second in command of the ROTC Cadet Corps. He received the Distinguished Military Graduate and Daughters of American Revolution Awards at graduation and was commissioned as a second lieutenant infantry officer in the United States Army. His first assignment was a rifle platoon leader with the renowned 82nd Airborne Division, Rapid Deployment Force ("Devils in Baggy Pants"). He served 26-years of honorable and courageous world-wide military service with special operation units. His final assignment was an Assistant Professor of Military Science, U. S. Army Cadet Corps, Marquette University, Wisconsin.


Unique Accolades


He retired from the U.S. Army as a highly decorated field grade officer. He was appointed, as a Goodwill Ambassador, for Arkansas, by Governor Bill Clinton, for his dedication in assisting the University of Arkansas students to enter graduate school and helping local citizens to meet their perceived inspired goals. 


He has received many world-wide poetry awards and distinctions including: Who's Who in Poetry, 2005-2007 (USA), Timbooktu Featured Poet, 2006 (USA), Poetry Ambassador Medal, 2007 (USA), Independent Poet Laureate, 2007 (USA), Distinguished Poetry Student, University of Wisconsin, 2008 (USA), Poetry Bard, 2010 (UK), Global Icon of Humanity and Spiritual Services, 2019 (India), Living Legend of the 21st Century, 2019 (India), World Peace Ambassador, World Institute of Peace, 2019 (Nigeria, Africa), Honorary Doctorate of Peace and  Humanity, 2019 (Nigeria, Africa), Pentasiv B World Friendship Poet, 2019 (Philippines), Master of Creative Impulse, Philosophique Poetica, 2019 (India), World Poetry Star, World Nation Writers Union, 2019 (Kazakhstan), Ambassador of Human Rights, World Peace and Diplomacy, 2019 (Indonesia), Ambassador of Humanity, 2020 (Morocco), Order of Shakespeare Medal, 2020 (Oman), Inducted Indie Poets Wall of Fame, 2020 (USA), Doctor of Excellence, 2020 (Nigeria, Africa and India), and many others. He served as Poet-in-Residence, St. Andrew's Scottish Society, and is a member of Robert Burn's Scottish Poetry Bard Club, Wisconsin.


Worldwide Humanitarian Service


He tutors poets world-wide in writing and is an advocate for military veterans. He has membership in Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and Christian Legal Society, an organization with legal advocates across America, advocating religious liberty rights for Christians. He prays more than seven times daily, and is like King Jehoshaphat, II Chronicles 20, praying for the deliverance of humanity from suffering with God's grace. He considers himself a people person, who operates where the rubber meets the road.

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