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Tituba The Intentional Witch of Salem

Guest Dave Tamanini

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Guest Dave Tamanini

ISBN: 978-1-7348308-0-4  Pub. date: 5/2020, On sale at Amazon print and ebook, B&N, Indiebound.org, and other fine bookstores.


Hello, everyone. Last month I published my debut novel about the enslaved black woman, Tituba, the first person accused of witchcraft in Salem, in 1692. I would very much like to have a review of this novel by aalbc.com. The aalbc website instructions page directed me to post here. Hopefully, to get noticed and perhaps receive an invitation to be reviewed. I’ve attached a link below to Goodreads.com for an image of the cover photo. Here’s a sample of the promotion information:

Think you know the Salem story? Revisit Salem’s Terror in a Provocative New Retelling

Tituba explores the emotions and reasons driving unstable times in 1692. With its magical point of view, let Tituba cast its spell with a unique and tantalizing tale that will have you wondering “what if.”


A Promise and a Hope

Enslaved Tituba has been faithful to a promise to her dying mama in Africa. She has appeased the masters from Barbados to Boston to Salem and waited for her magic.

A Mother’s Agony

When Tituba’s only son dies trying to escape slavery, her life changes forever. After enduring the crush only a mother can feel, she rages and turns to vengeance.

Witches Tear into Salem

The villagers see witches and demons everywhere. Their ministers say the Devil has sent them to steal souls. But they are wrong. It is Tituba—disobeying an ancient rule—conjuring terrifying images with magic that sparks the infamous witch hunts of 1692.

A Woman’s Dilemma

As neighbors accuse neighbors of witchcraft, hysterical trials follow. And Tituba gloats in her power. But when hangings begin, her conscience arises. Can she confront her secret crime? And when a chance for redemption presents itself, will she take it?



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