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A New Subscription Box For Black Only Products is Out!

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There is a new site called the woke box at http://thewokebox.com where people are able to support black businesses each month through a subscription box type model. even though the site isn't fully up as yet, I expect big things from this platform as you are able to support up to six black businesses each month by subscribing. The site was started by a black family of six out of North Carolina and is aimed at helping to bring awareness to black products, businesses and services. Based on what I know so far, we don't only receive products but also coupons, nuggets for navigating the financial landscapes and a follow along, month by month vision board of what's the next move we should be making as black folks. They have a quiz so far on their maintenance page that figures out what you like in products which will help to determine the kinds of surprises we receive in our boxes. This is definitely a game changer in my eyes because they seem to be about bring quality products for a price we can afford. I spoke with the CEO Shanika and she seems to be focused on quality first, prices second and customer service third. This has definitely been a problem in me supporting black businesses and it helps that someone is identifying these problems and making the attempt at solving them. She also mentioned a WOKE University which will be training the vendors on business etiquette and about how to better serve their communities. here is a link directly to the quiz which will take you to the subscription plans which I believe is very generous compared to the fact that I have paid a similar price on their months plan for one T-shirt (black owned). I hope you guys see this and check it out. We need more platforms like this especially in these times.

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